The Favor Backlash

Smear tactics, persecution and misrepresentation are all part of the peculiar fall out that accompanies anyone who is actually anointed with favor. It is hell’s way of letting you know you are important. Everybody wants favor but few calculate the “push back” that comes with the promotion. Most of the “processing” that goes into our […]

How to Ride the Creative Edge of Chaos

The world is entering the “chaordic” age. It’s a word used to describe the point where “chaos” and “order” collide. It is a place pregnant with hidden opportunity, but like navigating rapids, you can hit rocks or even lose your kids in the turbulence. In 1970, a 39-year-old decided it was time to create a […]

How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You

Either You Are Doing The Assignment You Were Created To Do Or You Aren’t. What is convergence? It is the technical word researchers use to describe what many have called “destiny.” Years ago I had the privilege ofteaching a graduate class at the same time as the renowned Dr. Robert “Bobby” Clinton. He was talking about convergence—and […]