How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You

Either You Are Doing The Assignment You Were Created To Do Or You Aren’t.

What is convergence? It is the technical word researchers use to describe what many have called “destiny.” Years ago I had the privilege ofteaching a graduate class at the same time as the renowned Dr. Robert “Bobby” Clinton. He was talking about convergence—and the term sparked something in me. Spanning a 30-year period at Fuller Theological Seminary, Clinton is the only academic I am aware of who compiled data on destiny. That makes his commentary on “destiny” more valuable than any source I know.

I have worked with this subject for over a decade coaching leaders globally in the 7M World (touching the seven mountains of influence). Here is my take on Clinton’s 6 LIFE STAGES and how they tie into a prophetic destiny:

1. Sovereign Beginnings: This represents your time in history, your family of origin, nation, birth order, and natural talents.

2. Spiritual Formation: This is the journey that formed your spiritual values and perspective.

3. Gift Discovery and Development: This is what you do best and what you love to do most.

4. Life Maturing: This is the process of how the pressures and experiences of jobs, finances, marriage, family … life and how it forms you.

5. Convergence: Convergence happens when your gifts, talents, and acquired skills “converge” with a role that empowers you to do what you do best—smack dab in the center of Gods prophetic purpose!

6. Legacy or Afterglow: This occurs during the years lived when you watch over your contribution in convergence. You become a model of possibility for others.

For me, convergence is not just a life phase, it’s the ultimate state of feeling alive – it’s the “actualization” state described by the brilliant Abraham Maslow…its Abundant Life!

AND less than 20% of leaders studied in a 30-year group actually felt they entered into this place of destiny!

  • You have visited “convergence” whenever you enter the “zone:” a place where you feel as if you are walking in the script written for you by heaven before you were born.
  • It is the intersection of God’s purpose and your life.
  • When you enter this zone your path is overtaken with strange and meaningful coincidences.

Cracking the Convergence Code™ starts by asking some incisive questions:

1. Looking at the six stages, what stage are you in? (1. Sovereign Beginnings, 2. Spiritual Formation, 3. Gift Discovery and Development, 4. Life Maturing, 5. Convergence, 6. Legacy or Afterglow)

2. Can you remember times in your life when you entered the convergence zone? What were you doing? How much time are you spending there in your current work?

3. Do you know this seasons assignment? Notice, I said “this season” assignment, because the convergence zone is entered throughout your life in a series of promotions from one assignment to the next. You will change career paths at least four times – and each life stage has endings and beginnings connected to your assignments. What’s your assignment right now?

This last point about assignments is important and may need a future blog post. I used to hyper focus on the issue of convergence as a goal wrapped up in one significant life stage…. at the end of life, but not anymore. Every season is an invitation to convergence at the level of “being” if not fully in the work you are “doing.”

  • Your whole life isn’t about just one moment … it is about EVERY moment. You have numerous “micro-convergence” phases and stages and promotions along the way.
  • Your life is like a great symphony that builds to a climax—many individual notes with crescendos and decrescendos, developed across several movements to tell a moving story!

Consider this: Daniel would have never made history in the lion’s den had he failed the competition with the other Babylonian captives in his role at the King’s court.

Nail your current assignment!

At the end of your life only one thing will matter: Did you do the thing God put you on earth to do? Did you finish the work (credit delaney)? Did you become all that you were gifted and capable of becoming? Jesus was only 33 when he summarized his life in a final prayer: “Father, I have finished the work You have given me to do.”

There it is—the most important statement you could ever make is “I FINISHED THE WORK!”

Therefore, the most important question you will ever answer is: “What is the work you are called to do?”

I am going to show you how to get total laser like clarity. I don’t want you to be in that 80% company who never crack The Convergence CodeTM in fact, I want you to be code crackers for others!

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262 thoughts on “How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You

  1. Yes I find this so helpful. I really need to chew on everything you say to get it deep down. God uses you to speak to me right where I am at. I really need help and clarity to nail it and walk fully in all that god has called me to be. thank you for being a powerful mouthpiece for christ.


  2. Love Lance and all of his teachings. They always remind me to live and then live some more. there isn’t just one mountain…there are many many mountains and views to see. THANK YOU.

    • Lance. Love your talks, they are enjoying and growing in the Lord for me. The many times you make a person laugh and give me a new look on life. GOD bless you and your family. You sure do have a beautiful daughter. I have a daughter who is 63yrs and she wants nothing to do with God, of course she is so far on the other side, but I cast my children over to the Lotd because I can not even talk to them . I pray and lift them up to the Lordl God bless love in Christ. Ann from vegas


    • Lance I need to hear these words, they have been residing in my being since I can truly remember “Well done you good and faithful servant ” as I look into the beautiful eyes of my beloved Father so grateful that you are indeed preparing us for that moment steering us so that in the end we can enter with full confidence having completed the race of the Kingdom.
      In the name of Yeshua


  5. This information is not only perfect timing for me as a 67 year old grandmother, but also for my two adopted sons, 20 and 22. God moved us to the Dallas area a year ago from what I call “Egypt” Rhode Island where the boys were born. I got them as new Born crack babies. i’m not skilled on Facebook or Twitter, can I get your Blog on regular email? Glad to see you too now live in the dallas area. I caught up with your ministry via the covenant church in carrollton. I knew God was moving me into a whole new season of my life when he moved me back to dallas (my place of childhood). I look forward to watching his miracle continue to unfold for my family. Your teaching will no doubt be a piece of the puzzle of my destiny.

  6. I find your teaching to be right on time and right in the season of where i should be. yet i do need clarity and pray that god has sent you my way through my covenant partner carmen to press toward the purpose for which he called me. i look forward to hearing more and learning more as i mature to be the saint i am in christ jesus. amen

  7. thank you for this post first of all. I recently saw you on daystar and my spirit wouldn’t let me change the channel. I know that I’m definitely in the life maturing stage and i have been experiencing a lot of pressure (mainly internal) by means of finances and my career path. hearing you speak on identifying our passion from our values really gave me light bulb moment because a man of god once prophesied to me that my work was in the ministry which i can agree with but i also have a passion to pursue a career outside the church doors and this has created a major internal conflict for me. i really look forward to your future posts, and thank you having the boldness to step into your passion (calling) do the work of edifying the church (believers) by helping us to discover our ministries.

    be blessed

  8. As a believer i am always asking god to move me forward and not to let me get ‘stuck’.thank-you for your work.

  9. Lance this is great information and I Read dr. Clinton’s work. I understand the various steps along the way but I am still let with how dO You find your assignment and accomplish what god has destined you to do.

  10. As I Am on the cusp of convergence this is a timely message for me. I am looking forward to further instruction and insight. Thanks lance.

  11. Have greatly enjoyed God putting you Into my walk with Christ! I look forward to absorbing all you have to share….and walking Out my Kingdom purpose!!! Very encouraged, thx. FYI, pleasUre mTg you in Harrisburg Pa. This past feb. Blessings!

  12. This was super helpful! Forgive my caps this is A new phone. How do we recognize the aSsignment for the season we are in?
    How do we constantly live in convergence?

  13. I will say it was refreshing to hear you speak of convergence in stages. Like “joseph’s crown” and the ups and downs that bring rulership. It is in those “decrescendos” that make the lower part of the crown’s point feel like you’ve missed your convergence moment. I’ve embraced the convergence message for years but bringing the reality of it to my day-to-day with “micro-convergence” makes it much more germane to my every day life. Love the blog and look forward to interacting and passing it on.

  14. I love and need the clarity that you bring to concepts and thoughts. They are very powerful and allow me to pass them on and bless others.

  15. I’m in the lagacy part.Co-Founded a copany 30 years ago that now employees 100 people. Modeled it after “the church in the marketplace”. There is no better way to live than to know that you have been created, called, and prepared to carry out a mission and expand the kingdom of god on the earth.
    Thank you for your contunued commitment to your calling.

  16. Thank you so much for this blog. it is helpful to pin point where i am on life journey. Also helpful to know that there are many zone moments then I dont feel like I have failed an assignment. bless you for being obedient.


  18. It was great and so helpful sir, even though I am pastoring a church, god is opening many business Oppertunity in my life and now I am running a restaurant and also a school in city. I need to hear more from you sir about the convergence and cracking it

  19. Love it!
    In this season things are so crazy and seem To be so unstable. Your teaching always re-energizes me to stay the course. Stay on my assignment even when it seems Like I’m getting more work than less!
    I would love to hear what The Lord says to you about the Sigmoid curve sometime.
    Curious too….how many markers do you go through…:)

  20. Thank you Lance – you are a lifeline! I am in the fashion industry, so I guess that is somewhere on the ‘arts mountain’, but i also know God has made me a teacher, because I love teaching those skills to people. I am in the ‘life maturing’ phase. I feel like I’ve had my head continually pushed underwater for the past 25 years, but God is strengthening my ‘swimming muscles’! Praise Him for your ministry I look forward to your new posts.

  21. Lance, thank for your inspiring & timely blog – I sense in 2013 i am ending one season to enter a significant new season and “cracking the convergence code” is exactly what i need to hear! Looking forward to your future blogs on obtaining “laser-like clarity”!

  22. I was asking god for what the next step Was for me to reach my destiny and my prayer got answered by your blog. Thank you lance. Looking forward to geT more of your teachings.

  23. Thanks so much, Lance. We are very excited about sharing this with our peers! you are right on when you say that the hour is late and we need to get our unique god-ordained “messages” out to the world.

  24. Amazingly, I was reviewing Clinton’s timeline material only a couple of hours before I received the invitation email to sign up for your blog. I read Clinton’s “The Making of a Leader” a few years back and have felt somewhat compelled as of late to pick it up again. This material has come at just the right time! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to more.

  25. incredibly timely lance! this is just the fuel and food i need to ‘cross over’. i’m in the convergence zone and it is as you have described. blog on dear friend.
    “as one”!
    ~of the tribe

  26. Thank You for this post, an answered prayer as I was just trying to articulate for myself what you describe here as stages 1-5.You hit it dead on and now I can finally put to words what the Lord has been preparing me for, this season: convergence! I’m so excited! Thank you for your insight!

  27. The video punctuates the written content and makes the message even more powerful. Thank you for communicating this way. I always am encouraged and challenged by your teaching. god bless you as you continue to share this important life application!

  28. Thank you for sharing your giftings and talents with us so that we can fully enter into convergence ourselves! This is one of the greatest gifts we could be given. I appreciate all you are so generously sharing with the body of christ to help her mature fully! Blessings to you!

  29. This was so on time. I was just feeling discouraged about some decisions i need to make and some circumstances have challenged my faith. this post reminds me that i am most likely closer to a solution than i think.

  30. Thank you lance, this is an awesome teaching. where you are practically (and prophetically) showing us where we are coming from, where we are now and where we are going. I know I’m personally stepping into number 5 but i really think its very important to have a mentor or someone that has been there to navigate you because we don’t have much time to spend…thanks again!

  31. I am 72 and believe I’ll be able to glean something from your teaching to help with my latest assignment which is to watch and pray and mobilize others to do so as well. I received this call 5 years ago and so far have not been happy with my success at mobilizing others. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    • Gloria, you just touched my heart by what you have said. I wanted to say thank you for taking up that role and want you to know that it is such a special call. May God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!

  32. Thanks lance for your informative discussion. Your information is helping me put a visual map on my destiny with god as I am at the beginning of a new season. I am very interested in learning more.

  33. I following you since a couple of years on I really can confirm that I experience what you were teaching all this time.

  34. As always Lance is right on time. What stood out the most to me at this season in my life is the career path change. I am on my third, I was pondering a lot about what is happening in my life right now and God spoke through lance. Thanks

  35. I am from south-africa, and this is just wow God!! i have so many dreams and vision some of my family and friends think i am living in some other world! and i am. i have been praying to god to help me to understand how to get started with my destiny i know it’s in me and i know what it is but to make it happen, that is my challenge and i can wait to step into my dreams and my vision because i know that my visions and my dreams is the platform for the next geneartion. god will use the ones the world think is weak. i can wait to stand on a stage one day and help milions of lost princess to know who they are and who their king is. god is going to use the things of the world to bring out the gold in people. thank you so much for sharing your heart with me and your vision and your dream. i honour you. thank you. thank you

  36. this is great stuff! it is speaking to me right where i am at. it is answering questions that i have asked god in my secret place with him. thank you!

  37. Thank you So much for the connection lance. i am almost 50 and i know i am at that place of convergence. i have always appreciated your teaching and it has already inspired me to find out my true calling but have not really been able to benefit fully due to my financial situation. so thank you for the free material until i can finance a dream weekend etc and more information.

  38. Hi Lance,
    Thank-you so much for your cutting edge prophetic teaching. You have helped me so much in my life journey.

  39. You have been a MAJOR blessing in my life for the last half-dozen years or so, more than limited words can express. You have helped me make sense of many things and I am NOW in CONVERGENCE and walking out the assignment God has given me!

  40. I am really looking forward to your blog!! My question is if you are not always able to do your calling alone how do you influence others and excite them to join you? Example; trying to do a play that involves a few people and they show up late or not at all for practice, say the will but they dont’t.

  41. Wow Lance! It is weird and you might not even believe me, but it’s like I have known some of this stuff, only a tiny bit of it. I have actually said before hearing this and told people that their gift will make a way for them. You are confirming so much that has been swirling around in my head and heart that I sometime couldn’t find words for. Thank you for doing this. Each day I am more convince that I am here “for such a time as this” There has been a major shift in my life this year. What an exciting time we live in.

  42. This is outstanding! I have often seen you on TBN and Daystar, and what you said resonated with me in the deepest way. I am at the convergence place, and God is doing mighty things in me and my life… It is my honor to walk with Him,…to partner with Him and I am so excited to see what happens, for I walk by faith… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this opportunity to learn from you. I will be attaching your blog to mine…and sharing it with friends.
    Most Sincerely,
    Val Reaves

  43. Have had numerous professions. Dealing with cancer now. Still yearning to use my gifts, esp.writing,editing. Seeking opportunity.

  44. I am so amazed at how God works. The Lord gave me the exact word “Convergence” about one year ago. I am in a transition from my role as stay-at-home mom to something amazing. I have been seeking God, and trying to pin that down for a while now. It has been a series of mini-breakthroughs for me.
    Thank you for posting this info! It is so helpful!

  45. Thanks for this on-time resource. Just been going through soul-searching moments asking God what I am here to do. I have a great job in a international company…but I feel there is more…I want to make a contribution in government and in society…but I just can’t figure out where. All my psychometric / personality profiles say I am a communicator. And that’s my job at present. My mum called me a “storyteller” when I was young coz I couldn’t stop talking 🙂

    At one point, I was convinced my purpose had something to do with children living with disabilities and now I’m not so sure… #PrayingforClarity and #SoulSearching.

    God bless

  46. Excellent article. I met you last October at Heart of the Samurai in San Diego. I have listened to all the material I purchased and have derived so much from your gifted teaching. However, I am having trouble discerning what work the Lord has called me to do. I have spent the last year, completing my incompletes, decluttering and ridding myself of the baggage I have carried most of my life. I know I am gifted to do amazing things and am anxious to discover the next step. I am a Realtor ready to step up to the next level. Thank you for your powerful insights. I’m on a quest and excited to walk into my next season!!

  47. Thanks – helpful but also scary – it is hard to think of reaching the end of this life with so much regret if I miss my own destiny as one of the 80 percent. It makes me sad that so many of us do not get there.

  48. I like this. Thank you for sharing it. Yes, my life long prayer and desire is to finish God’s complete purpose for me and my childre/grandchildren, as well.

  49. Thank-you, Oct.2003 I decided no T.V no newspapers. The Message, New Testament I hear 2-3 times a week on MP3 with and – God instructs Prophets teach and equip. I receive Gods’ Prophets. Honor & learn how to be in the anointing- God’s Word in me .

  50. I have just listened to you and am encouraged. I have moved through all the stages leading to convergence and the questions that I have been asking the Lord, have been leading up to what you have been saying. To say I’m encouraged doesn’t quite cover it…more like the reality that there is Hope resonating in me that what has been ‘brewing’ in my soul has substance and potential. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  51. Shalom Lance,

    Absolutely wonderful. It is DIVINE PERFECT TIMING FOR ME. Four months ago I entered into CONVERGENCE and I am so excited as I celebrate my 51 years of age, I feel much younger, energetic and ready for all that God has for me and my family. The Best is yet to come and I am so grateful for you sharing the wisdom, knowledge and quick drawings which the Lord has given you. One can capture the message instantly – I have been following you from the south of SPAIN watching you on God TV. Praise the Lord!

  52. The work God has me for me concerns Abraham the tescher of ancient astronomy, high energy particle physics, Harvard university, the Nobel prize, the Templeton Foundation, Quantum Faith and ancient China

  53. Wow…I am so consistently amazed at how the spirit works in our lives….right now in this season I have been hearing the very words….new beginnings, new opportunitys and asking questions around this part of the process, how to move forward etc etc,I have only recently joined your community Lance but the timing of it is divine, I have a rare business opportunity that has come my way of which is also divine timing, I’m just sitting back and watching all these divine connections taken place and in the process just seeing from a place of rest and peace.

    On one hand it’s almost too good to be true, the reality is though that’s exactly what the father has for me and always planned for it to be this way! I’m so thankful for your revelatory and prophetic insights I don’t know how one gets a chance to talk with you, but as I have this very unique business opportunity in front of me right now and even the timing of your book Success Keys to 2013 is just incredibly outrageously divine, I wonder how we might connect as I would be honored to share with you this opportunity as I’m sure you would be as excited to hear it and knowing your prophetic nature I would be very interested to hear your perspective….either way Lance I thank you your genuinely amazing I look forward to coming to one of your retreats in Mexico one day soon…..

    Peace, love and joy to you and your family


  54. My goal for this life is to hear this words from Jesus , well done thow good and faithful servant
    This is a very good teaching !!!!

  55. I am certainly going to listen to this several times and be prayerful for three people I can share this with. Thanks
    Lance this is powerful and the first time I have heard convergence explained so I get it!

  56. Dear Lance, thnks for your book “Success keys to 2013-seize your season.” i use to watch you on Daystar and GODTV, and enjoy the 7 mountains teachings. thnks for inviting us to “tap into the power of the age to come” and more to come. may you increase in wisdom and uderstanding to teach others. blessings.

  57. Thank you Lance! What a powerful and concise synopsis of what’s happening in our lives! I am looking forrward to learning about the “total laser like clarity.” Blessings, pressed down, shaken together and running over to you and your family.

  58. Dear Lance: The clock is ticking, I`m 54 and I still haven`t found what I`m looking for. I`m sending this message from Cali, Colombia. I`m depressed and I really don`t want to live anylonger. failure is a subject I don`t want to study anymore. I`ve tried so hard but nothing seem to be working. Please send me the free stuff to check if it can help me process and assimilate in an efficient way these feeling that are killing me. Divorced, children are grown and living their lives, business failed and church life is not working for me and God seems so far away. I`m stranded and I`m without orientation. The Bible is always the answer I know, but I`ve seen you many times on God TV and at Morning Star and I really want to give it a try. Remain blessed and thank you.

  59. I am not connected with twitter or Facebook but very much am interested in your set. The clip I just viewed was very insightful and I very much would like to receive more from you.

  60. Your insights, and the kindness of you & Annabelle have brought me to tears! Happy tears!! Thank you’all for the depth of your caring!

    • I have been asking God for years what my calling is and have recently started the 7m university course online and I, at age 63, am finally realizing my destiny. Thank you for all the wonderful insights that have helped me to recognize what God’s call is on my life and what I need to do about it. The mountain that God has called me to is Family. .

  61. Thanks Dr. Lance. indeed it was helpful. Actually I have been following your perspective on convergence through tour DVD series. It has stirred in me the need to enter into convergence. As I read through this blog though, I learned afresh that I can enter convergence many times, that it is not what I wait for for a time. this is sort of an encouragement to press on. Blessings.

  62. Lance this is very helpful to direct me to where I am supposed to be at this season and time in my life. I think I am in the stage before legacy. I often ask myself what can I do to impact the next generations and what wealth of knownledge can I compile and in what format can it be done so as to get the messages across………………..

  63. Lance, thank you for this teaching. It is both challenging and inspiring to get on purpose about our destiny and God ordained assignments.

  64. Convergence is a new word to me. It is an eye opening to my life. I wish to learn more with Lance learning center. This will help me more personally and to train my church believers. Thank you and God bless

    • Thank you for sharing. I am glad to be a part of your legacy. This message has come at such a timely moment in my life I believe I am exiting the Life Maturing stage and brinking upon total Convergence.

  65. Hi Lance, Being a pioneering visionary, I seldom encounter people that I can receive from on a regular basis but you are ALWAYS shinning a light on the path. Would love to connect again.


  66. This has been really helpful and has given me another level of understanding to where I am at. I now understand that I have recently entered convergence, which I understood while you we’re speaking at my church, revival fires, Dudley. Your teachings have helped me unpack what I thought were crazy thoughts, now I understand. You are a great gift to the body. Thank you

  67. Lance your message on CONVERGENCE is so powerful, so practical and so needed. Thanks for helping me come to the place of true personal CONVERGENCE. Thanks! Brad

  68. I think I am being called to take Water to Israel and to share a better qaulity of life for those who have illness and who have no hope by giving them good water and a suppliment that will restore and repair tissue. I say ok Lord, its your mw how. Meanwhile, I wait for his quidence and how to make it through my world and needs.

  69. I’ve been praying for some time that God would show me the reason I was born and would be able to specifically complete what He created me to do….and then I found you. WOW, huh? He’s so amazing!

  70. I see sonship resulting in whole communities taking a leap forward. Convergence gets us toward sonship.

  71. Thanks for this helpful info, I’m thinking about the tunel excited about hear all these messages from you to help us to accomplished what God’s wants us to do….many Blessings!

  72. Have the thought of presenting things froma a perspective of description rather than definition?
    Jesus said in Joh 5:19 “In most solemn truth I tell you,” replied Jesus, “that the Son can do nothing of Himself–He can only do what He sees the Father doing; for whatever He does, that the Son does in like manner. 20 For the Father loves the Son and reveals to Him all that He Himself is doing. And greater deeds than these will He reveal to Him, in order that you may wonder.
    When you see something you describe what you see and with God it is a living description so you constantly see a new perspective. Would that be the reason that Jesus said “in other words”?

  73. I am glad that you have the notes for reading as well because for some reason your video keep cutting off when you get to talking about the “sovereign beginning”. Thanks for sharing with us your expertise.

  74. Sent by a precious sister I just absolutey thank God for this insight on convergence and destiny realizing that Gods people perish for lack of knowledge knowledge of the truth. I have been praying and seeking God for his will and purpose in my life I want to be exactly where God wants me to be and to do exactly what I was born to do on this earth this is my greatest desire to do the work he called me to do and to complete the work before I leave this earth!! OMG how I thank him for this!!

  75. I lost my husband 2 weeks ago and God is really speaking to me about my future, so I found this extremely helpful because I do know that I have a definite purpose for the rest of my life.

  76. Saw you present in 2010 and your insight gave me the understanding and courage to act in my sphere of influence, education. I am truly amazed at the results and at the joy it has brought me! I’m all in with this next step!

  77. I do know what my assignment is – to raise up sons and daughters for God’s Kingdom business and help them crack their convergence code. I have never been in convergence like I am right now. God is removing hindrances and showing favor in ways I’ve never experienced before. I’m 71 and determined to walk through every door God opens for me. I’m excited to put your materials to work.

  78. This is especially helpful when I realize that I have gotten sooo far along in my life and am only to Stage 3 and should be at Stage 6. I have hope that I will find my “built in” assignment. I DO believe I have one even Now! Thank you so much, Lance!

  79. “less than 20% of leaders studied in a 30-year group actually felt they entered into this place of destiny! … You have visited “convergence” whenever you enter the “zone:” a place where you feel as if you are walking in the script written for you by heaven before you were born.”

    I would still be frustrated with time running out, searching for something that I couldn’t even define, if people like Lance hadn’t found the research and called it “convergence”. Having a label for it and markers for its boundaries is a big part of why I feel I am now in it.

  80. Thanks for fulfilling your calling, Lance. If it wasn’t for the continual confirmation you give me, I would think I’m going nuts because I can’t find anyone around me who understands what God is training me in and with what you are teaching. I’m looking forward to more. God bless you, Brother!

  81. You always inspire me to keep pressing in and on. The comments regarding the seasons of life are very settling for me. Especially that they have a beginning and an end. I have experienced that over the past several years without clarity that the past season ended. I kept thinking the path I am now on is simply a continuation of the old season. I realize now that mindset has put me in a holding pattern in many areas. Blessings.

  82. Living on a small island, the internet is a huge blessing to see what’s going on around the world concerning God’s Kingdom. I prayed that I would stumble upon God’s mouthpieces, so I can hear His voice and receive what He wants me to learn and He surely listened as I stumbled upon your blog. I am grateful for your eye opening information. You are a blessing of the Master to the body of Christ.

  83. Hi Lance, thank you for teaching us on “Convergence”. Things are a lot clearer to us now. And yes we are sharing this with our friends. Don’t want them to miss out on the good things 🙂

    Blessings to you and family.

  84. This passt week has been one of the most important weeks of my life.My daughter and I started a bible study in the women’s correctional centre in our city,I went to the streets to pray with people with a team from our church and on sunday afternoon I preached at a friend’s church.Oh!The Father is wonderful when you pursue Him passionately.

  85. Thanks Lance for all the resources/training you provide. Looking forward to having a “focus” on destiny in life instead of feeling like I’m spinning my wheels going nowhere.

  86. This is so timely, Lance! It is just where we are in our faith journey and wanting to see our convergence individually and as a couple. We are so close! This is a bit like rock climbing and we haven’t been sure which rock to reach for next but this will really help clarify! Thanks and many blessings!

  87. This is very helpful to me, a “late bloomer.” Some of the changes of my life have come painfully, so to be able to squeeze out significance by the 6 stages is quite helpful. I always look forward to what you have to say, Dr. Lance!

  88. Dr. Wallnau is one of the prophetic voices I need during this phase of “Life Maturity” and possibly a little more “Gift Development.” His wisdom in this area is not seen elsewhere and can only come from God. This is his “convergence” zone.

  89. My line of work is so other than what I feel gifted in doing, and I’m not a star in this present career at all. I feel so clouded and unclear in comparison to everyone else. Do I need to risk all and move on into the convergence zone…professionally I would have to get another degree which would cost $ and time.

  90. Love the statement you made “You are probably closer to convergance than you think you are”. Hope springs eternal. I totally get the steps prior to convergance, the last 18 months have been an incredibly rough learning experience for me…sorta like being dragged through a knothole backwards, bringing up stuff I didnt know was there, but realizing that someday,the stakes will be much higher. I am new to your teaching, but feel like the timing is perfect. Thank you so much,I am praying that God makes a way for me to come to your destiny conference.

  91. Bro. Lance I feel that you have located me in a very stuck place in my life that I’m trying to get out of. I’ve been saved and in the ministry for a number of years but right now I’ve myself working in a secular job that has helped to keep me from moving into a place of destiny for my life and ministry. Please continue to send the blogs to my email. I greatly appreciate you.

  92. I am a realtor Intercessor, Pastor or Prayer at Shiloh…I was at Pat Chens conference. I just loved everything you said. The Chelist Doug McClure is like a son to us. We can wait to take the Nations..


  93. I have found this helpful but I need a practical assignment. I am at the point where, with a bit of guidance, I can move into and through convergence, where I am longing to be. Please help me, what is my next step?

  94. Great summary! I so appreciate the ebook. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight for this year. It so witnessed to me and helped me become more focused for the year! God bless you and your beautiful family and staff Lance! You are all greatly loved! Gail Ciarrachi

  95. Lance, Thank you for sharing and I want to learn so much and I catch myself soooo lost in all this! I listen to you then I listen to Graham Cooke and also Authur Burke and you three guys make me crazy!! I feel like and Island all alone but no I’m not but please help me understand!! How do I find who I am in Christ and know that I am in the right place and at the right time!!

    • Vicki do you know your redemptive gift? i too love all three of the teachers you mentioned! God is pouring out His wisdom so we can know who we are and do what we are called to do…to attain our birthright!

  96. Dr. Lance Perfect Timing! Exciting days ahead! Zeal WITH knowledge makes me feel confident and unstoppable towards unlocking my convergence!

  97. Lance, I first was introduced to you at an MLM function a few years back. You were then and continue to be inspirational and spot on with your teaching. Thank you for living out of your calling and helping others do the same. It gives the rest of us hope and the necessary tools!

  98. Lance, I am wondering how redemptive gifts will expand this teaching? I know I have reached convergence at times but wonder if we can move back and forth in life maturing too?

  99. Thank you Lance, I have been following you for some time, this venue is amazing. thank you for the book it’s very timley as is the teaching I have just listned to it for the 2nd time and heard things I missed the 1st time around thank you again..

  100. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lance, for allowing those of us who aren’t in a position to attend one of your conferences, access to the valuable insight God has gifted you with! I know a workman is worthy of his wage, and I pray the day will come when I remain in my convergence spot, and acquire the income to be a total follower of you, as you follow Christ!

  101. Lance you are a kind brother. Thank you for sharing your gift with your other family members. I will visit this blog often til I “get it”……and am asking God why He put me here…..for I do want a “well done, my good and faithful servant/daughter/child. ” Blessings to you!

  102. This Amazing Dr.Lance. This is really helping me grow more in Doing what God has called me to do. Praying for you and Please keep giving solid Nuggets to Keep pressing on.

  103. I am in convergence and although I am doing what I love and I can see that God has brought me to this place, what he is asking me to do I know I cannot do it. I somehow keep going back and forward, the outcome he is showing me is actually a place I have never been before and I know it will be great,can you help me
    God has some how brought me out and up though the ranks passed everyone into the place of the palace I recognise that I am in convergence my ability to do this job is all that has brought me to this place I am doing what meny have studied for years and Liase with great authorities in universities and meical bodies. I can see where this is leading me. I am offten overwelmed and want to run back to a place I am more familiar to.can you help

  104. Dear Lance, It is so interesting to me that what you teach I want in my life and asI read this blog. I am delighted. Delighted to see I passed my last season with flying colors and was promoted by God. My new boss called me and asked me to work for her and of course I said yes but I knew in my heart it was time to leave my old job. My new job is so fun, not always easy. My heart just floods with joy as I am doing my job. I really have come to a place in my life for the first time where I love my job. Do you know others get mad when you love your job?
    As I look at my life I don’t understand all the peices but in every season I do my best to hear God’s voice and be obedient. I think I’m in the 80-90% group how do I finally crack the code? I believe it would be a great joy for me to help others crack the code as well.

  105. Lance your revelation and diligence within your personal convergence to affect all 7 mountains, inspires and encourages us to press into our high calling to manifest excellence within our spheres to the glory of God. My first Cabo Dream trip forever changed my thinking, life and business.

  106. Thank you Lance,
    This is a powerful confirmation of my journey to convergence – having just codified a strategic framework/foundational structure from which I can consistently deliver authentic business value. I have become very acquainted with “Divine Stretching” and the divine access/purging experience that comes with it. Just prior to reading your blog, I had been praying for the Holy Spirit to direct me to the alliances/place(s) – where my gifted legacy can reach its divine potential. The spiritual and sociopolitical context you’ve provided is indeed a timely and powerful confirmation. Lets talk about next steps!!!

  107. Enjoy all the postings, wonderful insight, well articulated, problem is at this time in life I have no idea what my gifts and talents r – have had many life maturing and spiritual formation experiences, parents directed most of the education and career and so had no place in time where, we personally stopped considered personal desires and made decisions.

  108. My daughter and I were blessed by your teachings at Chavda Ministies in Charlotte, NC. I am shocked by the assignment Father has given me. I think it is even more unimaginable than Davids killing Goliath. The moment you finished your teaching Saturday, He dropped it into my spirit and said I might as well start with you. Hearing it put that way might have offended some. Not me, I just heard from the KING OF THE UNIVERSE for the first time. Maybe I should get advice on how to proceed.

  109. Awesome, I see myself nearing the convergence stage, as I proceed through some laboratory experiences that will enable to steward the responsibilities of my role, and deal with success and failure. Love it

  110. First time reading your post. Thank God I “somehow” found it….how do I hear/watch/read more material on Cracking the Convergence Code? A book or conference audio cd to buy? I’m so interested! Please let me know 🙂
    I’m blown away!

  111. Yes, I’ve looked up your resources this weekend & just finished your “Successful Keys for 2013”. In regards to these blogs on convergence (I’ve watched all 3 – the 3rd one about David was amazing!!), which resource of yours do you think is mine and my husbands next step?
    The 7M university? I just found you on Thursday but am so jazzed about learning more, I just didn’t know which resource to pursue….thank you!

  112. I was lead to your sight in this perfect time. I can’t get enough. I have been struggling trying to figure out this new season I am in and what it all means. It seems I am exactly in the life stage. There is so much going on within me and that just can’t be explained. It only in hindsight that I’ll be able to describe it. So I’m thankful that with MOST of your posts I’m getting the directions and landmark indicators that I desperately need. I’m amazed at how you have almost touched on everything that I have spiritually been through and or have thought of, especially the “micro church”. Thank you for the blessings.

  113. Yes, this did help but still not sure what it is, I have the gift of helps but a passion I don’t have a passion except to see my family saved and family healed and restored. Yes, I have asked the Lord many times.

  114. Very exciting material! We take all of these aptitude tests to see what our strengthens and abilities are and I think these are useful but this material is very exciting material. I am interested in this journey to learn more. Jesus said I have authority to do all things but I only do that which pleases the father. Wow my life is not even close to that, I think this material will provide me with tools and knowledge to becoming closer to what God wants me to be.

  115. Hi there Lance,

    This is very insightful. Only if yiu have an ongoing program where we could adapt a systematic teaching method for us in my city then it could make a radical positive change in my nation. Do you offer such programs?

  116. CAN YOU ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION? : “What is the work YOU are called to do?” If you can’t answer that question Lance Wallnau can help. Please do yourself and your LIFE a favor and get connected to Lance. He will help you FIND YOUR TRUE LIFE PURPOSE and give you the tips, tools, strategies and the PRACTICAL ACTION-ABLE STEPS to take in order to help you TRULY LIVE LIFE to the FULL. Enjoy a fabulous New Year, Love, Brad

  117. Lance can you say more about cracking the code that unlocks you. Can you say more about nailing your assignment. How to figure out this season’s assignment? How long is a season? How to realize a transition season and the entrance to a new season? What does witnessing and bringing others to Christ have to do with nailing an assignment?

  118. I am excited to hear more about determining what my assignment is now and how I can flow in the convergencetoward my destiny in Christ! Thanks, please more information on howto crack this code. Thanks

  119. Hi Lance! That was such a perfect explanation of convergence! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing and for “feeding” His sheep! God bless you!! Gina

  120. Thank you for all you do and share.
    I came away from a Destiny Conference at the Airport in Toronto disappointed because I still didn’t know what my Destiny was…. and the Holy Spirit arrested me in the parking lot on the way to my car and said, “You are called to take people, places, and things to their next level.” That was it. My destiny is what I have been doing all my life…. I LOVE helping people, taking on challenging projects and tasks… I am a master at doing the most you can with what you have!
    And now… I”m re-inventing myself, resurrecting parts of a consulting company I closed down in July 2009 to care for my parents until they passed away. Finding you, your teachings, along with Dr. Myles Munroe, Gary Keesee, and Dani Johnson, to mention a few I am encouraged to rise up and take my place again where I LOVE to be… and it is my Destiny… it’s all that I love to do that gives me the most energy, life, excitement, ‘quickening’ and a feeling that this is what I’m born to do.
    I’m just developing a blog and formating my 25 years of consulting, instructing, public speaking and publishing materials into digital eproducts. I need lots of wisdom and the learning curve for the tech stuff is high… but ‘I HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST’ and I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! Hallelujah!
    Happy Hebrew New Year….

  121. Just came across your teachings and revelation on the seven mountains, very powerful and helpful as my calling is to touch communities.

  122. Im widowed , sick with lupus, as far as gifts, i cant even do crafts, but im 55 and not sure of gifts, i did get the gift of tongues, and discernment, but i didnt live for God when i was young and feel i lost out some how, we are told to dream big? But where im lonely, i dream of a companion. I live on 741@month. I wished i could afford some of your things to help or have wished a good brothern of God would prophesy over me. Wished i could get ur controlling spirits also. Sorry brother. Im in such a spiritual battle emotional, physical, im at wits end. Plz pray for me brother lance. Gby

  123. I went to Texas got a job and met a pastor of a church that helped me and my family, l started going to the church their was alot of elderly there about 10 and a young pastor, before l new it l was going to church 5 days aweek,the one day the pastor ask me to go with him on visiting people, l did every night for a year and half,all the people that came l new,because l ask the to come just once to check are little church,l lost count of all the people came intal,the church wasn’t big enough to seat all the new people, so they had raised enough money to build a bigger church and seat 2000 people and more,and all the out reaching programs that we a complimented are church, the community, helping 1000’s of people and families, and in one day l went to the pastor and said l’m done,and left back to California, and ending up in a divorce, two years later l remarried and had 2 daughters, l lost aset of twins, 5 years before l went to Texas,God had bless me,l lost my brother and the next day I lost my Mother in 12/24/1988 mom 12/25/88,God took two of my love ones and best friends, now my father died 5 years ago, now my girls are grown, now l feel God is tuding at my heart once again, l have a heart condition, and had a heart attack 4 years ago l’m sick and want to get out there and talk to people that are not saved ,can you give me some advice? Victor 530-440-6516

  124. This is amazing. The way you put all the puzzle pieces together in such a clear simple logical way that everthing seems to make so much more sense in my life now. Looking forward to following this teaching to discovering how everything in my life begins to wrap together and unfold. Appreciate every teaching on clarity in direction at this point!

  125. I’m willing and open to knowing more about how to get there, or just bring connected to the right path.
    Thank you can’t wait to hear more.
    Bless you Rosanna

  126. You’ve opened new doors I would never have realized without your help. I am 70 years old and have never realized my purpose. I am now trying to seek my true calling

  127. This is very insightful teaching. I am in the life maturing stage. Still coming toward convergence. Many different opportunities have been given and walked in. Currently seeking a church that believes what you are teaching. Was part of one before moving for work.

  128. Game changing message Lance. I still remember your speech at an event many years ago where you demonstrated how we can work together through the movie Gladiator. Lock shields, AS ONE! Thank you and God bless you and His continued favor for the amazing, life changing work that you do.

  129. This is just about the most interesting if not the best thing on locating your purpose that ever been told. I’m grateful.
    God’s blessings

  130. I find “How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You” to be an eye opening and common sense breakdown of how you get to get to where you are meant to be. I thank you for making this information available and giving opportunity to receive all future updates. Thank you, Lance, for your contribution to the Kingdom of God.

  131. God bless you Lance ! Your heart beat for helping others find their purpose and Destiny is pivotal for holistic spiritual and natural health!

  132. Thank you Lance Rich here. I am semi retired as a welder by trade. I remember praying as a 12 year old telling God I think I would like to work with my hands and be a welder. After 1.5 years of retirement I became a Uber and Lyft driver. Last June after being use to picking up people, I turned my driving into a ministry. From June to December I’ll lead 213 people to our Lord. This year I am at 106 so far . Praise God Hallelujah. Thinking it is what God called me to do. Thank you Jesus

  133. Good morning, thank you for your ministry and the opportunity to connect with you. I was looking for ministry with a meaning and found you. Please help me answer the most important question.

  134. I am so there, right in the center of convergence. December 2018 I told my pastor “This is our year. This is our year of jubilee” And it has been, one thing after another, hopes and dreams of over 6 years ago came to pass. This is a 50 year ministry started from nothing but faith. It’s been incredible even as we have faced what could be debilitating crisis. Now, WHAM, sitting stuck in the middle of this covid isolation thing. I’m here in the states. They are there in Haiti. And we all have this sense of waiting. But what you said in this article strikes a deep cord within me. We aren’t WAITING we are resting and preparing and it’s coming. I can feel it. I knew 6 years ago, that I wanted to be, no I passionately desired to be, where God was moving. And He was moving in Haiti. And it has all CONVERGED, everything all my life I have begged God. So, now I go back, whenever flights open up again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lance. You are a part of my journey and don’t even know it.

  135. Lance I need to hear these words, they have been residing in my being since I can truly remember “Well done you good and faithful servant ” as I look into the beautiful eyes of my beloved Father so grateful that you are indeed preparing us for that moment steering us so that in the end we can enter with full confidence having completed the race of the Kingdom.

  136. I’ve waited for this type of teaching for a long time and it’s finally here! Dr. Lance thank you for staying the course!!

  137. I was listening to one of your you tube videos with and your son 7/20 and wanted more information on the topic you guys were talking about.

  138. I am in transition. I want to return to international church planting but the current pandemic has interferred. Hopefully, my neurosurgeon can given the root cause of pain in my right hand and arm by the time the Covid pandemic has subsidec.

  139. I am a 63 year-old female. I feel that I am at the threshold of my convergence. I have held several jobs in the community support arena and have experienced some successes.
    I’m not sure how to pull this all together but I do want to share that since I was a little girl I never liked reading. However, I realized that the only book I can read wholeheartedly is the Bible.
    I have experienced a lot of heartbreak, and self confidence needs improvement.
    I can say that I broke the family tradition of women alcoholics in my family. My mother, her mother and her mother were all alcoholics. for a period of time I was too until I saw my daughter getting started. My mother was the last female to lose her life to alcohol. I Thank God for using me. Tired of going in circles.

  140. I see its been awhile since this posting but I keep seeing or hearing about this and when I read it just now -somehow it just made sense. I would love to know more.

  141. Hello Lance,
    I’m so amazed at how the Lord always brings the information I need at the right time. I thought I missed it. The information you gave has really inspired me. I realize I can do this and it’s not to late.
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. God Bless you for all you do for others.


  143. I believe I am in the process section of my life on the verge of convergence. Please help me with any teachings you can share with me. I am completely and whole Heartedly ready and willing to implement all that the Lord has for me to be. Thank you so much. And God Bless You!🙏

  144. I’m looking for my next assignment and asking for prayer from your family, friends, and ministry. Thanks. Jesus bless! Merry Christmas!

  145. I’m relieved to have a chance to get this right. There have been a few markers along the way. So I will listen and hopefully get it.

  146. LOL I actually felt in my spirit like a safe was being turned to unlock to crack the code! Thank you Brother Lance. Love in Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour

  147. I don’t even really know what to say…. I’ve wanted to run but God told me to stay. Getting my house in order for whatever comes next.