The Favor Backlash

SmearSmear tactics, persecution and misrepresentation are all part of the peculiar fall out that accompanies anyone who is actually anointed with favor. It is hell’s way of letting you know you are important. Everybody wants favor but few calculate the “push back” that comes with the promotion. Most of the “processing” that goes into our private lives is understood when you realize that anyone who seeks to be an opinion shaper is a target for opposition … how much more so when you are anointed to deal with a prevailing spiritual force.

The body of Christ is coming of age–a corporate convergence, and God is raising up leaders in seven spheres of influence, I call it the “7M World” … 7 mountains to take, 7 mission fields to penetrate, 7 markets to master, 7 message zones for a new generation to occupy. Here they are: family, religion/church, education, government, media, arts, economics/business.

Advance with favor and prepare for the backlash. It is hell’s way of saying you are dangerous.

  • Daniel had his lion’s den
  • David had to dodge Saul’s spear
  • Elijah had his Jezebel
  • And you? … Stay tuned!

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26 thoughts on “The Favor Backlash

  1. I am pondering on the Judas post yesterday and the Favor one above as well. When we are stepping into favor and things/people come against us, I know I have given in and believed their truth for my life, instead of THE truth for my life. I know who my backlash person was and crippled me for 10 years, not any longer, there may be more that come, but their words of death will have no hold on me!

  2. Yes. Most of your blogs are helpful. How ironic my troubles are actually more source of power and dominion.

  3. Just finishing A.W. Tozer Pursuit of God, If we bring God into each and every moment of life and quit separating church or ” God” from family and state and work and pleasure, maybe we could take our mountains….just thinking. Love all your posts they always boost me up!

  4. Perspective is everything. It’s easy to allow ourselves to feel weak and more like a victim than a conqueror when things are difficult, but that’s because we don’t have God’s frame of reference. My mom used to say “God doesn’t pay off every Saturday night, but He always pays off!” Life is a process, not an event!

  5. “Everybody wants favor but few calculate the “push back” …now thats an understatement !
    Along that thought, its been my observation that the “push back” more often than not,
    is internal, & less external…meaning, like Israel, many Christians implode because they do’nt handle favor & blessing well, succumbing to the debilitating error that either they aren’t deserving ( & none of us are) or the corruptible flip, it’s all about them (self absorbtion) Certainly a young & impetuous Joesph modeled the latter ..
    One of the top rules in sales is to never create your own objection(s)”
    I find great joy & freedom when I come into agreement to what God deems clean & favored. Its also been a liberating joy to be grounded & to understand that apart from Him, I / we can do no-thing —-by Heavens definition.
    God has lavishly provided man a path to “greatness” ..regrettably so many of us, particularly in the body,find ourselves confused &/or conflicted with the term. Thank God that sanctification is not merely a high minded theological concept or propositional truth & musing. Bottomlune, Favor rocks..Fully embrace it. Steward it well. “Greatness” requires it.

  6. lance i have remained annomous as to share the gospel of jesus christ and to penetrate into darkness and to win the souls for the kingdom of god…and face book can not be trusted… i have only used face book to share..your web cites along with others the get the gospel out and they have blocked me…and even wipped out my face book….. i have done no violations…this needs be known and exposed…will share more later…. blessings…please keep up the messages….amen selah….

  7. Yes! Not an excuse but a reason! It puts things in perspective looking back and continuing to move forward!

  8. This is very encouraging for us who are constantly experiencing the push back. Standing on your own strength, this resistance will wear you away to nothing. Luckily we believe in a God who is all powerful and that is with us. Lean into Him, and receive the strength and the grace you need to stand. Spiritual resistance should only encourage us to fight harder.

  9. I’ve dealt with smear tactics, continual persecution, misrepresentation, attempts to financially ruin me, threats on my life and multiple attempts to physically harm and/or kill me over the years. Nevertheless, each time one or more angels have intervened and have protected me.

    Back a few years ago, the Lord sent me a message through a pastor which commanded me to “always walk in love” and that’s what I do. I once asked the Lord why I was doing battle everyday and He told me that He made me to be a soldier.

    So I am convinced that I am highly favored and I convinced that the Lord intervenes every time danger comes around because at the end of the day, He keeps me safe.

  10. Love, love, love this. Was a little upset this morning because someone is lying on me. This puts it in perspective! On-time word!!!

  11. Thanks for the great word Lance! You always have challenging, thought provoking insight into what Holy Spirit is doing on the earth. Blessing and increase on you