I feel like thumping good is about to happen! | December 28, 2017

I think that the pit they dug they are about to fall into themselves. If hurting Israel creates negative national impact then blessing Israel (as the POTUS did in the face of U.N. rebuke by moving our embassy) can result in Gods blessing. Which is to say, Trumps enemies are about to get thumped. I […]

The Solar Eclipse and the Need for the American Church to Mobilize

A study on the solar eclipse caught my attention recently. The study focused on how this eclipse ran from the northwest to the southeast, and then how seven years from now another solar eclipse will cross from the south to north with the epicenter being in Kansas City. That is a fact that I am […]

Stock Market drops as CEOS insult Trump

The CEOs of some of America’s largest companies are patriots in name only. These waffling, spineless CEOs are walking away from Donald Trump due to the liberal media’s attempt to link him with white supremacy. Why are they doing this?  Because they can’t handle the pressure. God sends us a president who helps Wall Street […]

Free Speech in Jeopardy and the State of Mind Control in the United States

Tucker Carlson has been nailing it on his late night talk show lately. It is quite something to watch. He has been exposing how Google and a handful of other web hosts have been censoring out news from anyone who is conservative. Things are crazy right now. Apple’s Tim Cook and George Clooney have donated […]

Trump takes aim at North Korea with General’s Appointment

I was recently in Aruba, one of the first places where I received supernatural validation that God is going to do something in a nation. Aruba is now taking its place on the right side of history in the coming confrontation between world systems of government (i.e., the goat and sheep nations). It is clear that […]

Trump’s Rollback of Obama’s Insidious Social Engineering Project

It is the hour for the church to arise! I have been studying a powerful transformation model on my recent travels that I will be sharing with you in the weeks to come. Donald Trump has been talking about things lately that simply do not get talked about in our current political climate. He rolled […]

The Truth Behind The Oval Office Prayer Circle

This is a really powerful picture courtesy of Rodney Howard Brown and it captures the beautiful reality that this President embraces not only the simple priorities of the American Christian community but it’s belief in the power of prayer! This alliance is the strongest one any sitting President has ever had – and it’s the […]