5777: The Year Of The Clashing Of Swords

Passion is a strange phenomenon. Less than 48 hours ago I sat in my hotel room in Jerusalem. I took a break from training I was doing with First Ladies, Diplomats, and members of the House Lords—all amidst terrorist attacks happening around me that left 5 wounded and 2 dead. As I flipped on the […]


You Are The Light Of The World

When the spirit of injustice and terrorism raises its ugly head over our nation we must stand together united—as a country and as the Church—to stop it in its tracks.  In the Last Days Jesus said: “Because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:11). In the face of all […]

Democracy cannot exist unless there is a capacity for self-government. Self-government cannot exist without a strong societal commitment to a shared sense of what is right and wrong.-5

September Prophetic Update

Tonight (Saturday) ends the Holiest of all Holy Days in Israel – Yom Kippur. I am at Moravian Falls,  North Carolina, where Rick Joyner and others go to write their books. It is an “open heaven” property purchased by Count Zinzendorf in the 1700’s for the purpose of a global mission movement. Bob Jones told […]

A Special Gift: 2013 HOTTEST COACH TIP

I JUST TAPED THIS FOR YOU. IT’S THE HANDS DOWN MOST POWERFUL COACHING INSIGHT OF 2013! Oct 10 – 14, 2013 All-Inclusive Meal, Lodging and Recalibration Training with Dr Lance Wallnau at Sheraton Hacienda Resort, Spa and Golf Course in Mexico.   The idea I introduce at the beginning of this video is worth more […]

How to Ride the Creative Edge of Chaos

The world is entering the “chaordic” age. It’s a word used to describe the point where “chaos” and “order” collide. It is a place pregnant with hidden opportunity, but like navigating rapids, you can hit rocks or even lose your kids in the turbulence. In 1970, a 39-year-old decided it was time to create a […]