Surprising Facts

Surprising Facts: 1. Iran has a significant Christian population and they are very much moving in the spirit. I hear it is one of the best harvest fields. Their prayers are playing a big part in shaping what is unfolding. 2. These are small-town uprisings, which means there is less fear than usual. In a […]

A Weekend of Destiny: The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

This year at one of our “Destiny Weekends” I am going to be talking about the five behaviors of a cohesive team. It will focus on the building of a Micro Church and the type of organization that God can bless. These behaviors include being able to accept questions about your area of responsibility, to […]

Moral Dilemma – Does God Restore Virginity?

Discussions From The 7mGen Camp

Moral Dilemma – Should you still obey a law, if the law isn’t working? Does God restore virginity?  Can the Lord restore a virgin spirit?  A virgin identity? There must be revival in the land!  The youth at the 7mGen Camp said that they wanted their parents to experience it.  Can you imagine a revival […]