Who hired Judas?

who hired Judas

Who hired Judas to be the treasurer of the ministry? Jesus, of course. Now think, Jesus gave an opportunity for a greedy man to handle His money. Did He not know that Judas had a problem with money? Certainly. Which makes for TWO important discoveries:

  1. The area of gifting is the area of temptation,
  2. God will give you responsibility and opportunity in that area in spite of your weakness.

Does God want to set you up to fail? Actually, He is setting you up to succeed. The only way you can break through a weakness is to face it and overcome it. To break off the iniquity – you must face off with the iniquity.

God doesn't tempt us – yet the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Why? Meeting the tempter seems to be a right of passage into promotion. Did the Father want the Son to fail? Obviously not. He wanted the Son to be tested and qualified to drive the enemy out.

Maybe you and I are tempted most in the area we are called to drive out the devil? Look at the thing you struggle with now and consider if it isn't a spirit somehow associated with the territory you are called to occupy. Judas had a gift for money and therefore had to overcome a spirit of greed. A strong leader may struggle with control, a great persuader with manipulation or seduction.

Temptation reveals weaknesses and “Owning” a weakness actually makes you more authentic. It makes you more generous with others who fall and the humility you experience creates a vacuum in you that draws in greater grace! God gives grace to the humble. Grace is the word that describes a current of divine energizing power from Heaven. As you draw near to Him, He gives you grace and this creates energy to overcome. Heaven creates a table for you right “in the presence of your enemies.” You “occupy till He comes.” You don't run from the pressure. Heaven wants you to win. You'll never meet a temptation you do not have ability to resist. (read 1 Cor 10:13)

And you'll never be held back from promotion because you might be tempted. In fact your weakness and your strength are so intertwined that you will surely meet temptation as you advance. Don't let it stop you.

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150 thoughts on “Who hired Judas?

  1. That’s awesome, Lance! I love the grace of Christ – meeting us where we are.

    In my study time last night, Father showed me something related to this that I thought was cool: Jesus was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. Thirty is five times six – five being the number of grace and six being the number of man. The cost of Jesus’ sacrifice brought grace to man.

  2. This is really good Lance and It helped me out a lot. I have struggled for years thinking that I must not really be a leader because I have trouble with control and letting others that I lead do things. It never occurred to me that wanting to control was a weakness of leadership. And while knowing this doesn’t immediately solve my problem; at least I am encouraged now to own it and ask God to help me with it whereas before, I was simply tempted to give up trying to lead.

  3. This helps me a lot. I was praying to The Lord last night about my thoughts.

    I have an ex-fiancé that I keep having thoughts of. I have repented repeatedly, yet I can’t seem to have real victory in my thoughts.

    My ex-fiancé, when in town, will walk in front of my house. I tried to talk to him to get “closer”, for the both of us, but he won’t talk. He just looks at me as he quickly walks away or I’ll see him looking at my house through a window inside. I can discern that there are feelings still there. This is also difficult bc he is the one who lead me to The Lord.

    Look, I understand there are a lot more important issues than this. This just seems to be my weakness. My thoughts, at times, get so frequent that as soon as I have rejected one there’s 3 more to take its place. There were a few times I thought I was going insane with torment. I have noticed through this lust and idolatry for this one man, it opens doors for other evil spirits to come in my thoughts.

    I’m not sure how this area of weakness would be used as a gift from God to use through me.

    However; some how, some time I know Jesus will give me complete victory in this area.

    • Hi Theresa,

      I know how you feel, because I had a similar experience.

      I used to complain to God: “Why cannot you keep me from the temptation? You know this is my weak point. ” But you know what, I have overcome it! With the strength from the LORD.

      Not easy and not within a short time. I think the first step is giving up the faintest hope of “being together”. (Of course, only if you have talked about your marriage already and agreed the relationship should not be kept).

      And another very important thing is to fall in love with Jesus. Other people or things will all faint in the glory of the Lord. And you can be passionate for Jesus, your faith and devotion will grow too.


    • Theresa, there is an excellent book called Breaking Soul Ties by Terri Savelle Foy her website is http://www.terri.com you may find it helps you. It talks specifically about this situation. Hope it will help you.

  4. Totally agree – great word. In inner healing, we often say that the area where you have struggled the most is where you are the most gifted. The enemy overplays his hand – you don’t have to guess where you are gifted, just look where you’ve suffered the most pain.

    ““Owning” a weakness actually makes you more authentic…and the humility you experience creates a vacuum in you that draws in greater grace!” Yes, so true.

    Thanks for posting this. It makes us rethink our perspective.
    – Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach
    P.S. I’m on IE9 browser – the formatting is a little off on this post.The first 6 words got wrapped into the picture of Judas – makes it a little hard to read. And all the comments are blocked from view on the left side by the “profile picture” icon of a head and shoulders. Thought you’d like to know. 🙂

  5. My “temptation” really bowled me over. Never thought it was an area of weakness but, (silly me), the Lord was kind and loving to reveal that big stinker. It’s been awhile trying to prayerfully figure out how to deal with it, . and your post put some focus right smack-dab where I needed it. Thank you, Lance.

  6. Thank you Lance, for kicking up the ministry blogs. I love your marketplace wisdom and influence, but need your provoking and insight in the church realm. The birthing of the end-time church and all the required transition/transformation is challenging to us vision-leaders. Your vision and word is vital. Thank you, thank you.

  7. I would like to hear more about your area of temptation being your area of gifting. I have taken your courses, watched too many of your videos to count, and I cannot figure out what my area of gifting is. I think my problem is that I want to do a lot of things, and I am good at a lot of things (sorry, just stating that as to why I am uncertain – there are also a lot of things I do not do well!). But the things I want to do don’t line up with any area of gifting I can think of. I just can’t connect the dots. Thanks.

    • There is a difference between doing what you “like” and pursuing your passion. What are you passionate for/over? Could your weakness be not being able to commit to something? When we commit to something, everything else gets thrown into that pot not thrown away as sometimes we are led to think. Everything gets revitalized.

  8. This speaks to exactly where I am and answered some questions I’ve had recently, but with such unique insight! Very helpful. Thank you!

  9. Some people may sometimes misjudged,criticized ,wrongly accused of something because of jealousy,competition,which they thought that testifying what the Lord has done in our lives would mean to them nothing or unimpressive.They don’t want us to testify,thinking that we are out of our mind.
    The grace of God is sufficient and HIs power is made perfect in my weaknesses,so I am not ashamed of it instead I will boast all the more gladly,so that the power of Christ may rest in me.Paul said ,For Christ sake he delights in weaknesses,in insults,in hardships ,persecutions,in difficulties.For when I am weak ,then I am strong.I am saying it also . It wont stop me because I know the grace of God is sufficient in my life

  10. Some people may sometimes misjudged,criticized ,wrongly accused of something because of jealousy,competition,which they thought that testifying what the Lord has done in our lives would mean to them nothing or unimpressive.They don’t want us to testify,thinking that we are out of our mind.
    The grace of God is sufficient and HIs power is made perfect in my weaknesses,so I am not ashamed of it instead I will boast all the more gladly,so that the power of Christ may rest in me.Paul said ,For Christ sake he delights in weaknesses,in insults,in hardships ,persecutions,in difficulties.For when I am weak ,then I am strong.I am saying it also . It wont stop me because I know the grace of God is sufficient in my life. When I am tempted the Holy Spirit in me give me the ability to resist it.It is not by might nor by my power but by the power of the HOLY Spirit in me.

  11. This is completely backwards from anything I have ever been taught. You have no idea how freeing and empowering this is for me. thank you.

  12. This makes such great sense…and I can attest that this is so true in my life. The place where I feel the most vulnerable has seemingly become the open doors that I am meant to walk through..and what I would rather not face..I find myself addressing continually.

  13. I so get it! This is so right on with what the Lord is dealing with me in my next phase of market ministry. Thank you Lance!

  14. Excellent! as always! i would also like you to discuss marriage, family, the big launch of parents sending their kids to college and advice for the college kid(s).

  15. That sounds reasonable. Now I am trying to figure how the area of temptation translates into the area I am to minister in. I need to pray about this. I think that as one sees an optical illusion suddenly I will see it. Thanks for your ministry!

  16. And by the way I worked 35 years in a God anointed marketplace ministry. I have retired this year and looking to see how God wants to use me now. I had the best time working in the marketplace , God helping me!

  17. Good insights,,,owning a weakness..Grace, a current of divine energizing power from heaven…Don’t run from pressure…Heaven wants me to win.
    Thanks Lance!

  18. Brilliant Lance, thank you! This happened to me last week and this time round, praise God, I passed the test!! woo-hoo! Do not want to go round that circle again 🙂

  19. Lance, you are doing a great job. God is teaching me lots of thing through your writhing. I am praying for you that God may use u in wide area of this generation. May God Abraham bless you according to Philippians 4:19.

  20. Great post Lance – this is a great encouragement for those of us in the “transition zone” where at times we can seem to be heading in the totally opposite direction to our calling. It reminds me that I have to remember that it’s critical to remain especially close to God when He allows me to move into territory where my weaknesses can be exploited by the enemy.
    Many thanks Lance – looking forward to your next post!

  21. Wow! I am going through this right now. I am a temp manager and I am having trouble with employees who don’t perform well. I am not one who takes or gives constructive criticism well. Nor do I deal with hyper defensive people well. So guess what I have to deal with this week? My weakness. Thanks for giving me a starting point for prayer and forward movement.

  22. Dear Lance,

    Do you ever come across people for whom desolation is ultra resistant, including for a very long period and despite every known thing to shift it?

    Thank you for this post – I decided to be thankful for the temptations that come my way.

  23. Hi papa Lance,
    Every time I read from you something breaks off me or rather power is being released….awesome! intertwining of suffering and glory, temptation and weakness, temptation and owning/victory, humility and power….Lance this is what I was just asking this week why are people ganging up to kill me because of my prayer/tightening of finance and I’m sensing an increase of authority and power and doors opening…This is just amazing but I thank God in everything, even for the persevering power. Yes I would love to watch and read more on this subject.
    Thanks a lot for calling out hidden things out His people.
    As one!

  24. Dear Lance, I like your perspective on temptation. Although I wonder when Jesus taught the disciples to pray Our Father, Jesus also asked God not to lead us in temptation/test but to delivers us from evil. I wonder why Jesus taught us to pray that.

  25. I thank you! Before reading this blog piece I was re realizing that as He is able to make ALL Grace so must He have made the WAY where there seems to be NO WAY to Walk in IT — in & through Him–

    That it is HIM who works to WILL and to DO it, is to me truly a SOUND of the AMAZING nature of Him — a SWEET sound —

  26. I WAS MOVED BY GOD TO WRITE THIS WORKING MANUAL FROM MY LIFE STORY SIMILAR TO ABRAHAM in that I left my comfort zone of relatives, life time friends , secure position with the largest refinery in the world, was second in command in overseeing all construction . I moved away from a small city of Baton Rouge to Houston, Texas, at that time a fast growing and now, one of the largest metropolitan cities in the America.
    After 40 yrs of corporate management in managing and building A/E projects in (11) states and (2) countries for some of Forbes top 100 corporations exceeding now $900 million, and overseeing 125 professional engineers/scientist and 350 construction personnel on a $300 million projects at refineries
    I was the senior project manager for a 240 man engineering/construction firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was responsible for managing/building a $300 million EPA controlled project for a large refinery in Borger, Texas. I leased a leer jet for (14) months to carry me & (10) of my project engineering team to the plant site, saving the client $13,000 per month)-I was told by everyone to forget the idea, that the client would never agree, …..but he did!

  27. Lance Wallnau, You are for sure, a gift from God to the body of Christ.
    Everything I have ever seen or read, has always brought a revelation
    that penetrates to the marrow of the bone, and gives us all great
    opportunities to be transformed, by the renewing of mind, and propels
    us into the transition of becoming more like Christ. There are always
    nuggets that will propel us unto the refiners fire, to bring forth a vessel
    unto The Lord, that can be an offering to the Lord, in righteousness. Please continue to do these things. They are His light, His life and His
    Love to me, as I seek to serve Him in a dark area. Blessings abundant to you and yours. June

  28. this is a great encouragement to even see my weaknesses as a positive area in my life, an area I can work with rather than trying to hide it!
    I thank God for you insight and wisdom!

  29. Lance: this is a great article and much needed. For your next one tell us how to do it. Is it will power? Relationships? Biblical provisions? Mentor? Prayer? Fasting? I will look forward to your answers.

  30. This is a good one Lance! It makes me think of Paul’s confession in 2Cor. 12 – In my weakness His strength is made perfect. Owning my weakness, is admitting that apart from Him I can do nothing. Which is the best place to be.

  31. Brother Lance, thanks for this encouraging teaching about Who Hired Judas. The point about facing your temptation head on and understanding about our giftings was helpful.

  32. Good article, I have learned this through my life. Going deeper, God gives you more of the thing that is your weakness, e.g., addictions, codependencies,etc., so you will get sick and tired of being sick and tired. More of what I’d like to learn: for me, for more years than I want to confess (ok, like 18+), on the job, I’ve been more gifted than all those around me getting promoted left and right. Recognized by most except my direct top mgmt. The dream I always had (or I thought) is deader than dead, and has been it seems forever. I really don’t care anymore, it’s obviously not what I thought. Lance, everytime I catch you on tv I get so excited, so i know you’ve taught about these situations before, but I don’t see you enough. I’d love to get more by email. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter anymore, God will do what He will in His timing. I’ve tried everything through the years to hurry it it, nothing worked of course. Anyway, that’s what I’d like to read more of.

  33. It is comforting to know that we have what it takes to overcome the tempation. Can we also assume that people who are struggling with controling spirit might have a leadership gifting?

  34. As usual, you tend to “pop” my eyes open while at the same time causing me to inhale slowly with a smile on my face–the Lord knew all along 🙂

  35. That was so, HOLY COW, WOW! So good! That is so true! I know all that to be true but you gave me crystal clarity! Thank you!

  36. Lance, surely at this time, and from this time on, those of us committed to serve Christ and to advance the Kingdom, need Revelation re: our calling. I pray for all those who are passionate but unsure, that they will have patience but simultaneously a high level of expectation that God will move powerfully in and through us all, and reveal His plans. If any of us have closed our minds to certain possibilities, because demonic-influenced thoughts have condemned, discredited, demotivated and dissuaded us from moving into any area of activity for God, even though we may be convinced that it is our calling, then I thank you for your obedience on behalf of myself and countless others who are no longer bound by lies, the result being inactivity. I pray a huge blessing on you and your wife that your Spirit-inspired Revelation will continue to flow like a river, that we will all jump into and meet each other in the sea. Let the Voice of Truth shout loudly and drown out any and all negative voices. Also,may we reject complacency and wholeheartedly embrace challenge and change, becoming champions for Christ in the process. May we rejoice in an open Heaven and dance in the rain and rejoice with those being saved and yet to be saved. Amen

  37. So very true and encouraging Lance. We have always been tempted and blessed in the same area which proves that we are there because The Lord wants to teach us to overcome and obtain the total victory.. Hallelujah!! Thank you!!!

  38. I would say that the best way to beat temptation is to flee it and pursue righteousness. God tells us (many of Paul’s letters contain it) to avoid and flee temptation and to turn towards righteousness. E.g., battling with a gambling problem? Take the circuitous route around the casino and serve in your church. Have a problem with curbing profanity and curse words? Take active note of your speech, avoid scenarios that would incite such language (sometimes it’s the crowd you hang around, or a video game you play) and memorize Scripture. 1 Tim 6:9-11, 2 Tim 2:20-22, Psalm 119:9-11. Put on God’s armor and realize that you won’t be able to do this on your own strength. Take an intensive study of Ephesians 6 and have maybe a mentor or your pastor line out specifically what each item is (sword, shield, girdle, helmet, etc). Train yourself to actively think of such things in times when you cannot outright avoid temptation (1 Tim 4:7-11).

  39. Strongly agree and love the thought. Our weaknesses are for His glory so that others can experience generous grace and ability to walk forward with God in achieving their destiny.

  40. Someone will fill up all peophesies, none shall lack her mate. Someone must wear anti Christ names; we don’t have to be anything but HIS, the choice is ours. Judas had iniquity in his heart which led to him filling that word. He was betrayed by his friend.

  41. Thank you, Lance. This is a timely and personal encouragement. I’m struggling to start/build a real estate business to worship the Lord and fulfill vision. Confronted fear and greed and continuing… Now, must overcome another weakness – marketing. May the Lord help me conquer and grow in all areas so i may please him.

  42. Thank you for sharing, Lance. My husband and I appreciate what you are sharing. I especially said to him that in all my 33 plus years of knowing the Lord, I have never heard a better description of grace. I’ve also learned in my experiences with Him that before every promotion there is a test we must overcome: sense knowledge evidence or the Word? Revelations speaks of our overcoming by the Blood of the Lam and the Word of our testimony and loving not our lives unto the death.

  43. Your article gives me fuel to fight the enemy’s manipulation of progression into the area of my gifting. It explains a lot of issues I have confronted in my attempts to break through successfully. God bless you and all who read this information.

  44. This is what I have prayed for you since I first heard you speak. It is what I have observed in people, including myself.
    “Their greatest strength can be their greatest weakness.” Thank you for the confirmation. Will continue to pray for you that your giftings will be surrendered to the LORD for HIS purposes and not your own, that HIS strength is made perfect in your weakness.
    Am praying the same for myself. SHALOM

  45. I love this. I would like to read more. I have an ipad, where would i go to purchase or download this on to my ipad?

  46. This is a great blog. Very challenging, profound but yet true. I like studying the lives of great men and women and it’s always interesting to discover the truth in a statement by Dr.Mike Murdock that ” The ones with the greatest gifts seem to have the greatest flaws”. That’s why ‘God’s Generals – why they succeeded and why they failed’ by Roberts Liardon is my favourite book. This blog seems to validate the statement and book.

  47. This goes along with the scripture that has been resounding in my heart, James1:2-5. Read it in he Amplified Bible. It blew me away after reading the definitions of “trials” and “temptations”. Essentially the Lord was showing me that he allows us to be tried in order to mature and develop to “prove” our suitability for what He has called us to. Look at the meaning of trial on the online dictionary. Temptation, on the otherhand, was defined as having a “desire” to do something wrong or unwise. This made verse 5 make more sense when it says, “if anyone is deficient in wisdom let him ask the giving God…” The whole revelation blew me away!!!! Blessings to you Lance.

  48. This was so insightful! Very helpful! Thank you, Lance! It would be interesting to see your insights on King David ( other than the his adaptability of which you have already spoken.) You really are a very good teacher with alot of wisdom. Look forward to the next “spot”. Thanks again…

  49. good word!!!…..ironically, today, if we found Judas in Jesus’ ministry team, we would stop “giving” to His ministry!….the ramifications go everywhere!!

  50. As you explained in one of your videos, I have intersected with my passion a few times, but never developed it beyond a hobby. Success in the pursuit of it fed my pride, so I thought I was supposed to abandon it. Recently, I have accepted its pervasiveness. It’s as if there is a default guard over the switch of this pasison, showing me that this is the way its supposed to work normally. It is nearly as natural as breathing. I can feel the energy when I let it embrace me, almost as if it has a life of its own.

    Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it. What’s left is to embrace it.

  51. Great insight into this topic. I’ve felt that same way, that my area of temptation is also my gifting. Sometimes (for example) there are moments where I want to speak and “show off” what I know from a topic, whether it’s health/finances/God’s Word or supernatural experiences I’ve had but Holy Spirit has told me not to speak because it’s my ego (sometimes) that wants to just show how “much I know”. Thank you for this, put a few things into a different perspective.

  52. Once I recognized and accepted my assignment, I immediately lost everything. I’m not exaggerating for being called to fund the Gospel meant that I was destined to financially start over. And I started over with the Lord guiding the way. He’s been a Most Marvelous Leader.

    During that season I lost nearly all of my material possessions due to circumstances except for some clothes and some important papers. All I had to my name was 1500 shares of useless stock and about .75 cents. That season of transition lasted for 6 years. In fact, July 1st of this year starts a new beginning for me as it marks the end of the transition period.

    The events of that 6 year transition period molded me. It changed my relationship with the Lord for the better. It humbled me. It taught me compassion. It also made me fearless and unstoppable as I know who My Redeemer is.

  53. This is absolutely great. I am glad that Judas was used to illustrate this point. I believe that all of us have or have had something in our lives just like Judas, yet God put us in position of responsibility that caused us by grace to face those challenges. I now see my flaws differently now. I will trust his promation and depend upon his grace to empower to conquer my weaknesses. Thank you Lance.

  54. I truly love this thought provoking blog re: Judas. How powerful to be reminded that, yes indeed, Jesus picked the 12 that were his disciples “knowing” every weakness they processed and gave them job descriptions to help enable them to overcome the flaws “within”. Likewise with those chosen by Him today — people like you and me. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m meditating, soaking. Bless you.

  55. When you think about it, Jesus has accepted us all despite knowing our faults and failures just as much as our strengths, successes and gifts. He accepts us exactly as we are. Therefore it is a complete waste of time to dwell on the negative things about ourselves. It actually makes no sense at all. Why? Because He has accepted us exactly as we are without reservation . If Jesus accepts and loves us as we are, why do we continue to believe negative lies about ourselves? Let’s turn it on its head completely and simply shout out loud every day I AM ACCEPTED BY GOD THRU CHRIST. AMEN!!!!!!

  56. Woah! Seems like this message is fit for me. I’ve been called for leadership as I’m being taught to overcome insecurities and the fear of man…I would wonder why I’m such a place.. Only through Christ who strengthens us we can do these tasks and overcome! 😀

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  60. This is surly thought provoking! I have questioned this before, and am blessed to finally have an answer! It makes things more clear about our temptations, and the outcome of choices we make. That Jesus was tempted and overcame for us every temptation known to man is a breathtaking relief to me, and to others I am sure who get this message. Thank you very much Lance! God Bless!

  61. I think Judas was part of “The Plan”. There had to be “a Judas” as part of that plan if people are to believe that “it was meant to be – because it’s part of ‘Gods’ plan.” If it wasn’t Judas it could have been “Bob or John or Michael or Fumperdinckle”. Kinda like common sense to me.
    He was just a guy that had a job to do that some- body needed to do as part of “The Plan”.
    My other thoughts are – is that I don’t know much – the longer I walk this WONDERFUL EARTH – the less smart I realize I am.