How to Ride the Creative Edge of Chaos

The world is entering the “chaordic” age. It’s a word used to describe the point where “chaos” and “order” collide. It is a place pregnant with hidden opportunity, but like navigating rapids, you can hit rocks or even lose your kids in the turbulence.

Navigate The Chaos

Navigate The Chaos

In 1970, a 39-year-old decided it was time to create a new form of money. He had no gold, no bank, or nation to back him yet he was confident every country would honor his currency.

As he predicted, his new currency is accepted in 200 countries, 355 million people use it and $650 billion dollars worth of transactions are done annually. Who is this man and what is his currency called? His name is Dee Hock and he created the Visa card.

In one sense Dee created something that did not exist, but in a far higher sense he tapped into the manifestation of something that was wanting to show up. He calls his culture  chaordic, because it sustains itself in a tension of control and chaos. He built Visa to ride the edge of this tension. He could not control currencies, but he could control transactions by reducing them to blips and bytes: electricity and numbers. The chaordic organization can adapt to any culture, language, philosophy, or nation. Dee Hock’s ingenuity is an example of tapping into a kingdom design.

If you want to navigate the rapids of chaos, ride the edge of this momentum and intersect that with the promise and possibilities of order, there are a few things you must know:

  1. The time to build your silo is right now. Joseph told Pharaoh to build storehouses to collect and hold the seven year period of harvest. We are in a Joseph season of provision and need to build silos quickly. NOW is the time to build for the future. I am constantly hearing reports from the field that believers are finding favor and success as they press into the creative power of heaven … right in the midst of a chaordic environment! They are finding new ways to get paid to do what they do best and love to do most. Their work is aligning more with their calling, and hence their passion. This overlap of calling and income is what I refer to as “career convergence,” and it is the focus of the “convergence code” I talk about frequently.
  2. The time to train your children is now. Imagine if you had the opportunity to START life over with everything you know right now? Would you have done some things different? Of course you would! Looking back you would not have taken the long way around your mountain.


Your sons and daughters, your children and grandchildren, need the opportunity to get training to build their faith and their economic capacity in the midst of the “chaordic” age.

They need to get their convergence keys NOW … and be prepared to successfully navigate the rapids. While you and I are stepping into everything God has for us, we need to launch the next generation from our shoulders rather than leaving them to find their own way in Babylon.

Your sons and daughters are going to face a crucible of challenging times – have you prepared them? They are the real end-time Joshuas and Esthers.

Training this emerging generation is a mission and mandate I have had for some time, and have now created a breakthrough accelerated seven-mountain training just for their generation – the 7M Gen Bootcamp!


We now have a rapid pace program to teach your sons and daughters (or grandchildren) to ride the chaordic wave and learn how to:

  • Put to work the “Believers Edge” so they can not only “read” the environment, but unapologetically dominate the spiritual environment and become the best in their chosen field
  • Operate from a deep sustained inner core of courage and confidence
  • Discover their unique gift and talent – their slingshot!
  • Clarify and connect with their real core passion
  • Overcome every hurt and weapon hell can devise against them
  • Develop a personal core of incorruptible integrity that won’t bow the knee to Baal
  • Learn how to lead and build strong collaborative teams to occupy their sphere
  • Recognize and avoid the traps that are hidden to derail their spiritual purity and focus
  • Name their mountain and aim for the heights


I have assembled a team of NextGen “killer sheep” to help mentor and motivate them. This is a rare combination of talent that has volunteered their time to be with your sons and daughters. They possess a kingdom worldview and are already experiencing outrageous success. Your kids will meet:

  • Kendra Todd: Donald Trump's youngest (and first female) Apprentice.
  • Jason Mattera: Already a two-time New York Times Best-Selling author, and respected debater for conservative values.
  • PLUS: Two specialists in the field of youth leadership training who are guiding the program with me.

This is the only place on the planet I know of where the 7M GEN will meet, learn how to live life to the fullest, and take their mountain while forming bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. Annabelle, my family, and I will be there as well.

This is the only youth program scheduled for 2013 and we have only 40 spaces available.

Click here to find out more and register now!


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60 thoughts on “How to Ride the Creative Edge of Chaos

  1. I love it Lance. Just a thought to ponder: while the hook in the Facebook post is true (the losing children comment), I wonder if you really want the primary motivation to engage with you on this to be fear? The thrill of threading big water is indeed an apt metaphor for our time, and helping the next generation ride above and beyond us is powerful.

    • Thanks Chris. I think fear can be a healthy motivator if nothing else moves you in the right direction. Jesus certainly made hell sound like a place to avoid. Having said all that…probably too many believers are motivated by fear.

  2. Relevant revelation. Will discuss w/family and friends…and certainly passing it on to those of the same mind. Thanks Lance & Team.

  3. As a motivational speaker, top point to you Lance, but is that it basically, like is that what you derive your income from?
    Do you run any “other” business enterprises and to what degree do you actually function within the 7 Mountain mandate.?

    • I make a living divided between full days working with organizations and functioning as a real world consultant and coach bringing transformation into a whole lot of spheres….political, family, business and church but mostly coaching and advancing actual business leaders.

      • Hi lance,
        The world is full of motivational speakers, if that is what one requires.
        But what ACTUAL businesses do currently run or have run successfully is more to the point.

  4. I’m very thankful & appreciative of the fact that whenever I have “a burden” on my heart, you show up with the answer/option/solution & it’s always insightful & thought provoking. I’m still believing that you will be back in this region (Singapore) soon & families & individuals here, will be blessed with the opportunity to hear you speak & also “see” what Heaven’s planned for our children & grandchildren & the nations. Blessings to one & all .

    • Singapore is definitely on the radar…was going to go but suggested another guy this year as the particular event called for a different expert on their subject.

  5. would love to know if this will be avaliable as a training dvd kit for those who work with young kids 6 & up and high school students as well?:))this sounds amazing!!

  6. Having been to 7M adult event and seen my whole life transformed. If my grand baby who is 4 was older she would be there! So excited to see the birth of a paradigm shift to value the young as leaders and innovators with a passion for bringing glory to God. Have fun, fun, fun.

  7. How can we contact you privately regarding God’s method for taking the 7 Mountains of influence? It is an insight that we desire to share with you that you will be able to discern within five minutes.

  8. Interesting I was awaken this morning at 4:44 AM and went to Isaiah 44:4 and it clearly says “They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams. Our offspring!!!

  9. Hi Lance, great that you are assembling the young people to inspire them to take their mountain. Any thoughts of doing a webinar for those who are far away and cannot come?

  10. The insight God gives you is always helpful and encouraging in these times of acceleration of the deterioration of American values and culture. Thank you for providing this information.

  11. Please tell me this will be available as a video series?! Here in Australia our youth so need this right now!

  12. I sent an email to Deborah 🙂 I would LOVE to be able to go to this!!! Already thinking of ideas to raise extra funds. Is there any opportunity for obtaining a scholarship?

  13. Hi Lance, you really struck a chord with this endeavour and it is something that could go around the world.
    I am sure you have all the bases covered in terms of content but my passion for equipping young people revolves around the personal development elements that can be drawn out their unique personality profile. I am sure you already have people covering this area of equipping but wanted to be sure you are hitting the critical points./see then Student Workshop
    There is some very cool biblical derivatives of personality profiles that young people need to know about. Can you contact me privately so I can pass on what I can contribute…

  14. this 7M Gen youth camp is great ,. however their are adults who could use this information and encouragement as well , make something for us also.. thank you and God bless , Vicky Rice

  15. I think this is a lot of hurrah’s and fear and prepare etc, with no substance at all. Fear is a motivator but doesn’t last, only love truly makes change and real motivation to do something meaningful. I think, it is run around and if you can’t run around, jump up and down mixed with the sky is falling!

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