Need to get this in front of as MANY Senators and Legislators as possible TODAY!

Hi Lance, Ken, and Cindy- please see below. I can connect you to Paul if you would like. I received the below this morning from my friend, Dr. Paul Coyer. Let me know if you have any ideas on how best to get this info to the people he lists, and be praying: Have evidence […]

A Week That Will Change America

Just got off a call with Sydney Powell. I posted the prayer call for you on this page. Fast forward past me and hear her. The spirit of lawlessness is rampant in the nation and shockingly brazen in our battle over electoral integrity. You folks have had an impact. I love how you take action. […]

THE NEWS BEFORE IT HAPPENS Prophecy on 2021 and 2022!

You will know the outcome of the election sooner than you think. January 5-6 are D-Day for America. This is when the 50 states report their electors in alphabetical order. Arizona will be the first contested election. 160 Republicans in Congress have risen up to challenge the vote. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri is standing […]

2021 Could Be A Miracle Year

When I was writing God’s Chaos Code last year, the Lord told me that Haggai was going to be big. Why? It talks about a great shaking, and the purpose of all that shaking is thrones, dominions, and powers being pushed down so that the glory of God could come into the church, and that’s […]

2021 Is Here

2021 is here! I will be going to Washington Jan 5-6th to meet with and speak to the Patriots who will not stop or back down in the face of corrupt powers. How will 2021 be different from 2020? Here is what I’m hearing from some international intercessors. Separation is coming this year. The fear […]

A Rabbi Speaks A Prophetic Word

A Rabbi speaks a word about how 2020 is like the Civil War in Israel in 190 A.D. PLUS critical update on Wisconsin, Georgia, and the coming Jan 6 date and VP Mike Pence. What will he do? PLUS Trump wins vote on most admired American… beats Obama and Biden. What does that mean? It […]