MORE ACCURATE THAN "Q Anon" updates and more powerful than a PROPHECY!

PROPHETIC ALERT!!! MORE ACCURATE THAN “Q Anon” updates and more powerful than a locomotive…is PROPHECY! Did Intelligence directors in the Obama administration plant a spy into the Trump campaign team in 2016? Did they illegally wiretap Trump and advisors based on a knowingly flawed Russian Dossier? Is the FBI and DOJ about to get unmasked? […]


Did the Intelligence Community under Obama authorize an informant to be planted into the Trump campaign? You won’t believe this. Did I not say this? Did we not pray about this? Brennan, Strzok and other Obama Intelligence officers set “Spy Traps” for Trump team: HUNT FOR FBI MOLE INTENSIFIES! NOW WE KNOW WHY! The House […]


Tom Brady looks a bit uncomfortable at Met Gala. Not Tom’s usual home attire. The Met fashion show is being covered aggressively. Meanwhile in other news, at 3 AM President Trump greeted 3 Americans who were held in North Korea. Historic Nuclear disarmament talks are now starting! In other news the President exposed Iran’s terrorist […]


A PROMISE FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS Momentous things are happening over the next six months as powerful forces deep inside our culture wrestle to regain power politically in MIDTERM ELECTIONS. It is like a social civil war. Remember these words: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: SEE THAT YE BE […]

The Federalist just released a shocking bit of news!

The Federalist just released a shocking bit of news!   A Christian legal group – a non-profit, public interest law firm which focuses on religious freedom issues has been booted from AmazonSmile, after the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed the law firm a “hate group.” In a statement released Thursday, Alliance for Defending Freedom President […]

Call to prayer!

Join in with me as we pray for President Trump! In the first few minutes I catch us up to date with what’s going on and then we pray. Let’s thank the Lord. I just want to thank the Lord together with you that religious liberties while they’re being stalked and dismantled and legislated against, […]

What Song Is This?

Hello friends! Listen I’m coming to you because I just landed, it was a three-hour delay. One of the tires was ready to blow out on the airplane, my last broadcast was from that airplane. I wanted you to know I’d made it because I know several of you are probably in travailing prayer all […]