Time To Advance

I just left an amazing meeting in Bend, Oregon with Hub Nation where they have a hub for each mountain.  It is fascinating.  There is ground to be taken.  I could feel the rush in the room.  Angels are on assignment to give Jesus his inheritance in media in this period of shakeup globally. Angels are […]

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Merv Griffin Show!

I surprised my friend, Jeff, with a live broadcast on our Merv Griffin set.  I asked Jeff to talk about the “witness that the world will know.” Jeff talks about John 13 and how they will know by the love we have for one another.  He talks about how many people have interpreted that scripture […]

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To keep yourself free from the daily deluge of contamination pouring out from the media requires that we learn the first-century art of refreshing. Ever feel sort of sullied and grimy after long exposure to an environment dominated by the world the flesh and the devil? Welcome to planet earth. What Jesus taught in foot […]

Late Night Prophetic Word


POWERFUL WRITING FROM THE LEFT! This writer says: “Had Hillary won, everyone would have expected disappointed Trump voters to show a modicum of respect for the electoral results as well as for the historic ceremony of the inauguration, during which former combatants momentarily unite to pay homage to the peaceful transition of power in our […]

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