It will not succeed. POINT ONE: Impeachment proceedings are so PAINFUL to look at. BUT I am encouraged by this Word… You and I are watching this Bible verse in action “deceived and being deceived.” Notice how people who sell a lie start to believe the lie! All the Democrats started off their resistance knowing […]

Three Keys to Becoming Unstoppable – As God Wants You!

God wants you unstoppable! Don’t back down and don’t retreat. In this broadcast, I share three keys to becoming unstoppable! LEARN MORE: Unstoppable “Be steadfast and immovable” 2 Cor 15: 58 Now is the time for you to push into the unstoppable zone – it’s the season for not backing down, and living with the […]

Presidential Pardons, Schiff’s Impeachment Push, And Thanksgiving

The President gave a pardon and, no matter what he does, the left and the Democrats will fight him. The President pardoned a decorated navy SEAL, Special Chief Eddie Gallagher, who was almost fully acquitted by a military jury. Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, resisted the order by his Commander-in-Chief to restore Gallagher to […]

President Trump vs. Deep State Operators

First it’s one story then another. The latest version? “Navy secretary threatened to resign over Trump’s request, but not top SEAL commander: officials.” That’s the headline below, but the article doesn’t even back it up. Here’s my take. The deep state political operators in the State Department, CIA, FBI, NSC, DOJ, and all the other […]

President Trump, Douglas Murray, & The Madness Of Crowds

There’s something I’ve been hearing again and again about President Trump and the way he tweets. When he tweeted about Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and that “He died like a dog, like a coward,” people reacted to that. He wasn’t talking to you or me, he was talking to the Islamic State […]

Battle Updates from the Culture War & More

Join me on the Truth and Liberty broadcast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris as we cover the hot topics in culture today. We cover the impeachment circus, which is really the Russian dossier 2.0, the intrigue of inside dealing and corruption, what’s happening with Chick-fil-A, and is Kanye West a true convert. Don’t miss […]