SHE SAID WHAT?!?! Stop harassing Catholics! Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternity. They represent Christian values, why does this offend the Senator from California? Evidently, Leftists do not want Catholics in office. This lady, like her counterpart in Congress, Cortez, will not be going away. The leftist media is already pushing these new heroes […]

I Predict…

This is so interesting. The freshman Democrats in Congress are about to get some private tutorials from their seniors. This is exactly the trap the lawless left sets up for themselves when they recruit from the extreme in order to gain power. Rashida Tlaib accused of anti-Semitic slur, days after profane anti-Trump tirade  

Serious Countdown In Effect

A word for 2019. Serious countdown in effect. Taiwan pressured by China. Who is the whacko that just went to Congress and F-bombed while frothing over impeachment of Trump? So much is going on while I’m in Taiwan. including an embarrassing moment being taped for a News Channel and complimenting THAILAND instead of Taiwan! Oh […]