Garden Tomb

I just finished speaking here at the Garden Tomb where Jesus was raised from the dead. But did you know about the burial process, the 100 pounds of burial spices, that the understanding of these is in part how Peter upon seeing the burial linens, believed?


I just got a call for prayer at the imitative of the Trump Administration. Therefore we are calling a special Intercessory Conference Call to pray for President Donald J. Trump for his historic summit in Singapore with North Korean President Kim Jong-un tonight. 6/11/18 – Tonight’s intercessory conference call begins at 8:00pm EST | 7:00pm […]

A Word About Korea!

I’m here in Jerusalem waiting to meet with family I have but wanted to share this with you. President Trump is going to need the wisdom of Solomon when meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un during the U.S. denuclearization summit taking place this week!

Power Of Prayer And The Trump-Kim Summit

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING…and even though the summit is over with for now, know that your prayers made an impact. The following is an email I received from a believer in the government involved behind the scenes.   For those praying for NK and the meeting, I wanted to highlight that, as one would expect, there’s been […]

Are your children prepared?

Lately I’ve felt the burden of the Lord for the next generation. They will face challenges that are greater than anything we have faced. But with those challenges is a grace and anointing unlike anything we’ve seen. The book of Acts is starting a new chapter. Are your children prepared? Reading about Jesus’ final hours […]

Mount Carmel

Spoke at Mount Carmel today…I kept remembering my friend Kim Clement who was the first Prophet I met that carried the spirit of Elijah. As I stood at the Mount I recalled that he had been there before and had the distinct impression that an upgraded EAR TO HEAR is now being released. Thats an ear […]