Let’s Launch!

If you’re going to be a strong apostolic voice, try to find a place where they worship strong and where you can have covenant friendships. There are too many critics of the modern mega church, and the fault line here is that Christians don’t evangelize much. When was the last time you brought someone to […]

Lane Update: Red Wave Blues, Why Prophets Are Confused, Acosta Sozo, And Florida Rip Off

Now that we have passed the midterms, we have a house divided. On the one side, we had the prophetically proposed “red wave” which never made it to Florida’s shores.  On the other, we had the left’s grand illusion of a massive “blue wave” which resulted in merely a tinkle! I had people telling me […]

Understand The Results!

To understand the results of the midterms, we need to have a better ground game! There was no red wave, and the prophets who prophesied that there would be, are delusional. They are listening to Q drops, and they are delirious. As I forecast in my book, God’s Chaos Candidate, Trump is a Lincoln during […]