An Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m doing some unusual traveling. This time I have my daughter with me, Joy Chrysta. She has my gifts which include creativity, powers of observation, and shall we say, pragmatism when it comes to certain things, Make sure you check out my prophetic word on Esther 8: 8-9!  

Israel Rising Interview with Doug Hershey

I’m doing something really interesting here, I’m speaking with an “explorer” – Doug Hershey. He has explored the spiritual excavation of Israel taking pictures, which includes archived pictures and shows them side by side. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the prophetic, including Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah, and into the future.


MORE ACCURATE THAN "Q Anon" updates and more powerful than a PROPHECY!

PROPHETIC ALERT!!! MORE ACCURATE THAN “Q Anon” updates and more powerful than a locomotive…is PROPHECY! Did Intelligence directors in the Obama administration plant a spy into the Trump campaign team in 2016? Did they illegally wiretap Trump and advisors based on a knowingly flawed Russian Dossier? Is the FBI and DOJ about to get unmasked? […]


Did the Intelligence Community under Obama authorize an informant to be planted into the Trump campaign? You won’t believe this. Did I not say this? Did we not pray about this? Brennan, Strzok and other Obama Intelligence officers set “Spy Traps” for Trump team: HUNT FOR FBI MOLE INTENSIFIES! NOW WE KNOW WHY! The House […]