What Is Your Mountain?

The 7 Mountains: An Executive Summary

So what exactly are the “7 Mountains,” anyway? Many of you write to me requesting a brief summary of the 7 Mountain message. Does it still seem a bit obscure to you? I’ve put together a message that I know you’re gonna love! Recently I was going through the archives of moments when the Spirit […]

What 2017 Means To You

The Hebrew year 5777 began October 2, 2016. It is called “Rosh Hashanah.” I remember because I flew into Jerusalem to speak and arrived as the New Year began. One of the other speakers Chuck Pierce, was scheduled to speak. I always love to hear Chuck, especially his explanation of the meaning for the new […]



On October 2, 2016, the new year, Rosh Hashana came to Israel. It was the beginning of the Hebrew year 5777. I remember because I flew into Jerusalem on that day. As we turn our Gregorian calendar to 2017, we are already 3 months into the Hebrew year. In Hebrew, numbers and letters are interchangeable. […]


How You Can Hear God

Access The "Zoe" Life

Ten years ago I began to hear God tell me about the 7 Mountains and a movement that was coming. I fell out of rhythm with the revival theme but I knew this 7m message had the power to change everything when properly understood. I believe the reason God entrusted me with the 7m message […]


Obama’s last act – on eve of Hanukkah

Reveals his contempt for Israel.

Now, any Jewish person living in the “Jewish Quarter” of Jerusalem is “illegal… and breaking international law.” Attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed President Obama for “betraying” Israel by allowing a US abstention in a UN security council vote condemning Israeli settlements and preventing Jews from praying at the ‘Western Wall’. Dershowitz said […]

live music concert with blending Isreal flag on fans

Banned on Facebook!! Live Prayer Call With Thousands Of Intercessors

This must be something the devil doesn't want you to see!

Why is this post getting blocked on facebook? You will have to copy and paste this manually to see what all the fuss is about. Stopped when I reached 27k views and 675k reach. Is somebody not liking Pentecostal intercession for the next administration? Check it out! – and share!  


What Kim Clement Told Me…

Things the Lord is bringing to mind

When Kim visited our church he loved to go to Newport, Rhode Island. Quite often we would be intensely engaged in some activity or conversation and he would suddenly grow sullen and withdrawn. The first time this happened I asked if there was something wrong…. He looked at his watch and said, – “It’s 3PM and […]