It’s a strange reality that sheep always question themselves and goats never question themselves. In a world of competing people and spirits, it pays to be clear and confident when moving toward the things you desire. Doubt about the will of God creates hesitation and uncertainty that opens up opportunities for the enemy to rob […]

The Clapper-Tapper Caper

There was a great story in the Epoch Times recently about Comey, James Clapper & John Brennan. Remember the supposed story where Russia supposedly had compromising information on the President that turned out to be totally false? Well Comey knew it was fictitious from the start! That didn’t matter though, because he and his friends […]

The Colorado Blueprint

Colorado has been under siege by progressives and legislators wanting to make our state as ungodly as possible. Unopposed, they will succeed. As Christians, we need not be intimidated or feel powerless to see things change. We must rally together to restore faith, family, and freedom to our communities and to our government! Nothing less […]

A Real “Ah Ha!”

We had a wild time at our D.C. event recently but now I’m travelling again to Andrew Wommack’s “In God We Trust” Rally. I’m going to let you in on how Colorado was used as a blueprint for the leftist takeover of America and how 4 multimillionaires used that blueprint to flip Colorado at all […]

Remembering 9/11

I was with World Trade Center employees on 9-11. Heard some amazing stories. I’m with Andrew Womack Sept 14, to speak at an “In God We Trust Rally.” It’s free at Woodland Park, Colorado. Check out Will talk about the clash of cultures and powers in 2020 and share the grass roots plan for […]

BE BOLD for what you stand for, and discerning about what you fall for.

A Prophetic Word is coming to the church. I am wrestling with it now. Here is what I am hearing… The Lord is allowing the nation to feel the tremor of shaking to let it know that that it’s foundations are eroding under its feet. God gave us a divine reprieve from judgement when he […]