Radical Islam – targeting Christians… again.

Look at the calm and courage of this heroic man, Pastor Lawan Andimi. Andimi was deliberately targeted. Well-known in the area, the pastor was also the district leader and regional representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). “To annihilate the Christian faith, there is no better way than to eliminate its prime movers,” said […]

Join me at the Museum of the Bible! – Interview With Michael McAfee

Few people have created a testimony to the Word of God like the Hobby Lobby, Green family. They have an exciting new initiative being launched by their daughter and her husband Michael McAfee, a PhD student in Christian Ethics. They believe the Word of God is not only inspired but it is the key to […]

Swamp sends Chernobyl to clean up the spill at Chuck E. Cheese!

This is so outrageous it borders on hilarious. It tells us two things. 1.) The FISA court was supposedly deceived with partial and erroneous data before issuing powers to spy on candidate Trump and his staff. Now we know it did not matter if the data was erroneous. FISA was working with the coup in […]

The wise intercessor is on Red Alert for next 3-4 weeks.

This reminds me of when Russia shot down a passenger jet. I think Trump and Trudeau are right. To my mind, this was a nervous reflex decision from a control room with a computer display under the authority of a jumpy military supervisor. Three thoughts… 1.) When they don’t give you the Black Box it’s […]