A Week That Will Change America

Just got off a call with Sydney Powell. I posted the prayer call for you on this page. Fast forward past me and hear her. The spirit of lawlessness is rampant in the nation and shockingly brazen in our battle over electoral integrity. You folks have had an impact. I love how you take action. […]

2021 Could Be A Miracle Year

When I was writing God’s Chaos Code last year, the Lord told me that Haggai was going to be big. Why? It talks about a great shaking, and the purpose of all that shaking is thrones, dominions, and powers being pushed down so that the glory of God could come into the church, and that’s […]

2021 Is Here

2021 is here! I will be going to Washington Jan 5-6th to meet with and speak to the Patriots who will not stop or back down in the face of corrupt powers. How will 2021 be different from 2020? Here is what I’m hearing from some international intercessors. Separation is coming this year. The fear […]

President Trump Censored By Twits

President Trump is trying to tell you something BUT he is being censored by twits. Outrageous. PLUS—this is the ONLY way to turn around the battle over the Presidency. It all comes down to the next 8 days! By January 6th, electors must be challenged. Either Wisconsin or Arizona or Georgia Legislators have got to […]

I Found Something Strange Going On In My House Tonight

I discovered something strange going on in my house tonight. Meet my wife Annabelle, and her vision for going house to house over the next 48 hrs bringing joy to single Moms and their children who may or may not have a whole lot of resources going into Christmas. This is her outreach called “furnishing […]

President Trump Says What No One Else Will

I’m just back from Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point, it was an amazing event! Tucker Carlson was there, Laura Ingram, even President Trump called in. Talking about President Trump I want you to see what he had to say about the COVID Relief bill. He said what no one else dared to say.

The ONE Path To Victory In Our Political Crisis

MIDNIGHT ALERT! It’s so important that we keep our eye on the ONE path to victory in our political crisis. I do media and news commentary so people send me links they think are helpful. To my alarm I’ve noticed 3 trending but distracting or flat out erroneous stories that people are believing and sharing. […]

The Great Reset

Hot Off The Press! This is wild. See excerpts from the Senate hearing on the Hill. Listen to how China used the virus to “reset” their own new “mixed ownership” model of Government control of ALL business. Is that what the Left is doing in America? Destroying small business so that the U.S. Government can […]