How does God help us grow?

2 Purposes of Irritations

A philosophy of life that works is one that gives perspective or purpose to the irritations that we encounter. I want to invite you now to put a different frame on the problems that you have and to look for the potential purpose behind them. How does God help us grow? He helps us to […]

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Discerning the Spirit of Envy

3 Observations on Jealousy

I was talking to some young ministers recently who have become popular on the national landscape. They shared that they sense jealousy and criticism from their peers in response to what they say. I’ve noticed something kind of interesting. When we are being critical in ministry, or pick on other people, it’s often not because […]

Comparison is the death of authenticity.

Overcoming A Controlling Spirit

3 Insights for Breaking Free from a Spirit of Manipulation

This is an interesting body of information that I encountered years ago from Derek Prince, the Oxford scholar and celebrated deliverance minister. Derek talked about the difference between works of the flesh and works of the spirit. It is a mistake to think that the soulish realm does not exert a form of psychic energy […]

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Why can’t we all just get along?

3 Keys for Dealing with Family Conflict

We’ve been talking about occupying and expanding Eden within our sphere. This is the 3 day focus of our September conference in Dallas (see for details.) Eden is the overlapping territory of your home and family with work—which overlaps with your community. For the self-employed person, your potential garden covers all spheres. If we […]

We project our family conflicts on the people that we work with in the future—never forget that.-3

Huge Announcement: There is a Fundamental Shift Taking Place


The world as we know it is under invasion… Even though deep darkness is advancing throughout the Earth, you are part of the solution. You can release the light of Heaven because the King and His Kingdom are inside of you! Every sphere of society and culture was meant to be impacted by the Kingdom […]


Secrets of the Abraham Model of Wealth Creation

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Stan Bullis, CEO of Unbridled Solutions.  As I’ve been exploring the theme of “getting back to the garden” I noticed something interesting in the details Stan shared with me about how he built his company. Stan has seen his company expand again and again into six or seven […]

What is your family’s assignment within the garden of your home_

What Nobody Told You About Sex

Is a “soul tie” blocking true intimacy in your life?

It might make a big difference in people’s lives if they understood that the soul is a spiritual part of the human anatomy. James 2:26 explains that, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Your “inner man” or “spiritual man” is comprised of  your human spirit […]

the soul is a spiritual part of the human anatomy.-3

How To Keep From Sabotaging Your Own Transition

3 Questions To Ask During Transition

One of the challenges of transition is understanding how to exit one phase or stage of life and enter the next one. Jesus was tested in the wilderness while going into His ministry and tested even more in Gethsemane when transitioning out. You are the most vulnerable during strategic times of transition. There are 3 […]

You are the most vulnerable during strategic times of transition.

The Lover, The Warrior and The King!

The Solution To The World’s Crisis Is Hidden—In God’s People!

God delights to take people from the isolation on the periphery to a place of unexpected preeminence.  God says, “It’s not about the size of who you are, it’s about who I AM and who I choose.”  Your anointing has elasticity and is meant to increase over you and your environment as needed. Walk in […]

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