You Can Keep Looking Down

In the CloudsForget about keeping your chin up – if you’re seated in heavenly places you can keep looking down. A few days ago the Lord told me there was an open door in heaven and many of us were going up. That’s for real. Praying from the finished work is better than climbing to perfection. Praying from the revealed will of God is superior to striving to make something happen.
Years ago I read a tract about the “Throne Room Perspective.” We need to see our challenges from a perspective of being in heaven rather than stuck on earth. Earth’s systems are corrupted and controlled by iniquitous patterns, people and compromised principles. Heaven has an entirely different system. Lets bring it down.
I am learning to go thru this open door. I want to hear God clearer….be more accurate….be less effected by earthly things.
Here is one way it works…
I just flew from Morningstar in Fort Mills, Carolina to Vancouver…waited 5 hrs…flew 14 hrs to Manila and when I arrived i could not find my luggage. This happened last year also. I was tempted to “fret” but checked into my spirit and just felt a velvet peace. I found my luggage but what i didn’t know was that this episode was visible to people watching me at the terminal who came to pick me up. They said I just seemed to be singing along…and I was.
Keep looking down.

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33 thoughts on “You Can Keep Looking Down

  1. Ephesians 2:6 – We are seated with Christ at the right hand of the Father. All things are beneath our feet!

  2. True. But I’m reminded here of an incident Bobby Conner had that I heard on GOD TV. It was the “Hey! I want my knife back!” incident. Also heard Bill Johnson preach from that. Good stuff too.

    Regarding your article here’s something that was dropped in my spirit some time back. I think they’re somewhat related: Pride and I guess any vice will bring us down to earth but its repentance that’ll take us back right away, where we belong. Up and above!

  3. Many years ago as I sought to really know Him,I began to sit and minister unto Him through worship.Then His Presence would overwhelm me and sat silently. It was during that silence I first encountered the Love of our Heavenly Father. Then I began going into the Throne Room. To me it was as if I was stepping through a doorway into the Courts of Glory. I did not visually see anything but just knew I was there in Heaven. One night during a meeting called,”Encountering the Bridegroom”,I stepped under a hoopa to speak forth to Jesus from the Book of Hosea. As soon as I stepped under it, this lady said,”Wait,don’t speak yet. I hear the Lord saying you are known in the Courts of Glory.”. I often sleep there for I climb up upon Jesus Lap and lay my head against His Breast,falling asleep. I could go on and on but I’ll just stop here. I will say this,Jesus is the Door. He has made The Way and all of God’s children are welcome to enter into our Father’s House. So,look down because we are seated in Heavenly Places in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just reading through the comments and thought to write this! Don’t let sin keep you from going into the Throne Room or the guilt over some confessed sin. Once I entered into the Throne Room and I was feeling guilt over a confessed sin. Though I did not visually see Him,I just knew our Father stood and pointed to the lamb that stood in the center of the Throne between He and Jesus. All my guilt left after that encounter. Another time,I blew it and felt like I could not get in and the Father asked me a question. Ann, if your son did something that was not right but was standing outside your door wanting to come in what would you do?I said I would open the door and embrace him ,then He said that is what I will do,just come in and I will embrace you.

  5. Absolutely. Want to keep receiving Jesus in you, Lance! Our children’s ministry – The Goldmine – is implementing this truth in raising up young revivalists, who, 20 years from now, will solidly walk out Heaven’s Abundance on Earth, knowing who they are in Christ, where they live from – seated in Heaven – and how to target a stronghold and bring it down, laughing in the darkness to create light, moving forward with such a force of Love that everything around them is consumed with the Presence of the King! Loving it. Please keep me tuned in to what Jesus is telling you. Thank you.

  6. therightperspective…I have to work on this consistently. I am learning ( by doing ) to make the ‘check-in’ to God’s Peace IN me, the FINAL word on any of the foolishness that daily comes out of the dysfunctional world that we live in…Neat post Lance…Thank You. & yes – I would like to hear more about this…

  7. Thank you for reminding me to check in with my spirit when I feel like fretting! I will redirect my gaze!

  8. Wow… This is o cool, we always say or think tha we are empower because we are seated in the heavenly places, but definitely it is a new way to see the things in a better perspective….thank you sir!

  9. Sweet! ..this is exactly where the Lord has me now, Isa 58:14 ..The Lord will fill me with his joy and make me ride on the heights of the earth as he feeds me with the inheritance of my Ancestor jacob ( LBPV) ..I’m looking down on the worlds up, Ha Ha!!