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Lance Wallnau impacts audiences. He does more than deliver a message, he awakens the audience and makes them feel “as one” with their mission and organization. With a focus on personal and organizational growth, teamwork, leadership and employee engagement, he is consistently rated as the top keynote speaker at major conferences. Lance shares his models and inspires his audiences through transparency, relevancy and wit. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, non-profits and educational institutions.

Many of these clients have invited Lance back because of the enthusiasm of the audience and the high take-away value for the client.

Two things set Lance apart as a communicator. First, he maximizes audience engagement and “buy-in” by using his white board as a prop. You feel like the message is customized to your unique situation and event. Second, Lance realizes that the client is not necessarily the person in the audience. The client is the person who hired him. Therefore Lance is interested in talking prior to the event to make sure his message advances everything the host is working to accomplish.

Whether you’re rolling out a new culture initiative, developing your leaders, or seeking a thought provoking, engaging and relevant keynote speaker for your group, we can help.

Keynote Topics

  • It’s a 7M World: How culture is actually shaped and what you need learn from those who are shaping the world – for better or for worse. Exciting opportunities await those who understand the new 7M map.
  • The Dream Machine – The little known truth about  “mastery “ is that it comes in four very different stages and each stage has its own set of lessons to teach you about life.  This keynote is impacts both an individuals and organizations.
  • Level 10 Passion – Nothing is more dramatic than the moment a person steps out of the audience and steps onto the stage where Lance transforms their life in a moment of clarity when they discover what they really want most!
  • The Level 10 Leader – what if you could see your future? It’s possible. Glimpses of your future potential are previewed through the window of moments; brief micro moments when you are fully alive and others affirm you in your gift.  These are “micro-convergence” moments when you get a preview or foretaste of a future that is calling you. Your face is in the future calling you to show up. There is a simple diagram to help you master the steps to catching up. You are only five questions away from clarifying life’s greatest puzzle- your calling.