Do You Know What God Is Saying? Prophetic Report With Lance Wallnau & Larry Sparks

Do you know what the Lord is saying as we near the midnight hour? Right now there are three main schools of thought in the online prophetic perspectives. The three about the current coronavirus predicament are: – that this is the punitive judgement of God. – This is not the judgement of God, God doesn’t […]

How To Receive Supernatural Favor Bible Study Part 2

Have you ever heard of the “Law of Attraction”? It’s pretty popular these days with New Age ideas and secularists. They think the Law of Attraction is some kind of cosmic “juju” that attracts people and opportunities to you. In its Biblical form, favor is ALWAYS related to your God given assignment. Think of Joseph, […]

The Anointing Of The Scepter of Esther and What That Means For America

What does this all mean for us? Here is some of what I cover in this segment in this sixth of my series: Walls restore boundaries. Cyrus accomplished the protection of religious liberty, economic stability, and protection from terror. Zerubbabel was the next phase after Cyrus. There was a unique collusion of the government with […]