See these headlines?

HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET THIS “BOMB” THING IS THE LEFT TRYING TO MAKE THE RIGHT LOOK BAD? This is a huge media manipulated onslaught to affect the public before midterms. It’s all about gaining power by manipulating the easily swayed masses. Bet you didn’t hear about the two Republicans who were attacked while campaigning? […]

The Kavanaugh Hearing – What’s To Be Learned

So what is to be learned from the Kavanaugh hearing? For one, no one really cross-examined Christine Blasey Ford. And she also presented herself as a psychologist, but she’s not! (I think this is all part of a “branding ploy” by the left). She is an academician, meaning, her degree work is in the Psychology of […]

Discerning the Spirit of Envy

3 Observations on Jealousy

I was talking to some young ministers recently who have become popular on the national landscape. They shared that they sense jealousy and criticism from their peers in response to what they say. I’ve noticed something kind of interesting. When we are being critical in ministry, or pick on other people, it’s often not because […]

5 Steps to Powerful Kingdom Activism

In a moment, with one executive order, every country in the United Nations was forced to begin the official tally of Sheep and Goat nations… Tectonic plates of world powers shifted when President Trump issued the decree to move the American embassy to Jerusalem – as Goat nations turned adamantly hostile to God’s elect, Sheep nations likewise […]


The spiritual war over the United States that threatens the Republic What happened?! Last week it seemed like everything was “fine”, the economy is doing great, the meeting with Kim Jong Un was a success and then KABOOM! All of a sudden we’ve got children crying, pictures showing them separated from their mother’s at the […]

Mount Carmel

Spoke at Mount Carmel today…I kept remembering my friend Kim Clement who was the first Prophet I met that carried the spirit of Elijah. As I stood at the Mount I recalled that he had been there before and had the distinct impression that an upgraded EAR TO HEAR is now being released. Thats an ear […]


MORE ACCURATE THAN "Q Anon" updates and more powerful than a PROPHECY!

PROPHETIC ALERT!!! MORE ACCURATE THAN “Q Anon” updates and more powerful than a locomotive…is PROPHECY! Did Intelligence directors in the Obama administration plant a spy into the Trump campaign team in 2016? Did they illegally wiretap Trump and advisors based on a knowingly flawed Russian Dossier? Is the FBI and DOJ about to get unmasked? […]

Call to prayer!

Join in with me as we pray for President Trump! In the first few minutes I catch us up to date with what’s going on and then we pray. Let’s thank the Lord. I just want to thank the Lord together with you that religious liberties while they’re being stalked and dismantled and legislated against, […]