The Secret To Finding Your Dream Job

   This weekend, I did an experimental “prophetic business incubator” with 33 professionals. The location was Moravian Falls, on the property where Rick Joyner (one of the  All-Time Top 20 Christian Authors) writes his books. He told me it is a unique geography with an “open heaven” for writing. My partner for this experiment was Dave […]

A 3-Part Convergence Code™ Formula for “Killer Sheep”

  Human nature likes to stay in the comfort zone. Being comfortable with the discomfort of divine s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g is what gives us accesses to the “divine nature”- and that’s the path of “convergence!” The Christian is becoming an endangered species in almost every aspect of American life (outside of church) because believers are totally fragmented […]

How to Crack the Code That Unlocks You

Either You Are Doing The Assignment You Were Created To Do Or You Aren’t. What is convergence? It is the technical word researchers use to describe what many have called “destiny.” Years ago I had the privilege ofteaching a graduate class at the same time as the renowned Dr. Robert “Bobby” Clinton. He was talking about convergence—and […]