Permission to Be You Part 1 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau

Permission to Be You Part 1 – Coaching by Dr. Lance Wallnau –  The highest calling is not to be a preacher teacher or pastor. The highest calling is to pursue the passion God has planted in your heart to do and be what He designed.

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38 thoughts on “Permission to Be You Part 1 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau

  1. This is the experience that had growing up. Ministry in the church is all that mattered. I now know that God has gifted me with the ability to give and meet the needs of others, but church does not pay on the level I am called to give. Thanks for all you do for the body.

  2. I thought this was very good. I have been a charismatic for 31 years, just ventured into network marketing and don’t like it, one because I am not good at selling at all, and my heart is not in it. So what you said really helped, we must follow our passion and do what He designed us to do. Thank you.

  3. You are always such a breath of fresh air! For years I felt guilty that I didn’t want to go on missions trips…I spent a lot of time overseas as a young girl and had no desire to go back and see all that poverty again, it was heartbreaking enough the first time. When I started hearing your teaching, I got rid of that guilt! God hasn’t called me to that, and that’s okay. I think the church is getting better about this but people still judge you if you aren’t 1) overtly evangelizing or 2) evangelizing the same way they are. Keep it up, Lance!!

  4. I love what you said and want to do what I was created to do. I love helping people, encouraging them, I really just need to stop and understand the direction He is guiding me!

  5. Since the time you came to Maine (many years ago) and shared your “stuff” my husband and I have been blessed. It’s so good to hear what you teach and how it liberates those of us who have been in “the church” for so long and yet feel we do not fit.

  6. Too right, I have seen businesses use the character analysis as a means of control and manipulation. I don’t believe God puts people into boxes from which they are unable to further develop and grow.

  7. I am always fed and encouraged by your sharing/teaching. Pursue the dream that is already there. What if there are many? Multi-faceted dreams and visions. Will they converge? They seem so random.

  8. Dr. brother Lance, Thank you. Yes these videos are helpful, as you are dialing down exactly what is attractive to people as a Body. I am getting so much confirmation of events passed. And yes, refining my definition of self. Be blessed.

  9. This video is so liberating and empowering! I must watch the rest of this videot! how can I get it? thanks

  10. Always inspiring and thought provoking. My husband and I live in a culture that speaks this language but so much of the church still does not. The more you share the more we can share. Joseph annointing at work (pun intended). Mountain multiplication…..

  11. WISH I could have heard this BEFORE I left seminary 30 years ago, or when I accepted a “call to preach” (whatever that is) 40 years ago.