Permission to Be You Part 5 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau

Permission to Be You Part 5 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau
“David had the “Gift of Faith” and like you he was anointed to accomplish something great for God. David looked beyond the danger and fear to what God had anointed him to do.”


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21 thoughts on “Permission to Be You Part 5 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau

  1. Great definition of faith ! Proximity is power; I’ve been to my next assignment, established relationships, walked the buildings I know are mine, am home but want to be where next assignment is. Don’t want to get ahead of God…please email me as I have questions not wanting others to see..:) thank you ! Marie….As One !

  2. Thanks Brother Lance! So delighted to hear someone I admire and respect speak to the issue of sometime just keeping our Evangelizing mouths shut until we’ve established credibility in our Mountain(s) of influence. You could get kicked out of the Church for that You know???…smile. Warm regard, Mil

  3. Great Intel! You mentioned, go in your sphere of influence in stealth, not a evangelist before getting trust. Reminds me of the movie, The Siege, where Denzel Washington had to find a terrorist, living under his partners’ roof, didn’t know it, Until the right moment to act.

  4. Amazing Revelation Dr. Lance. mat God give to you more revelation and Favor!!! Thank you, I am at South America Peru and I am applying all you teaching here at Peru and it is amazing even people does not understand but it is ok!!! Constantino Ruiz!!!

  5. Thank you Dr. Lance 4 those insides extending the borders of faith. Coming in like a stelth or fitting in like yeast in the system and then becomming the tree 2 shade the weary.