The Call That Excites Your Spirit

What to do? Surrounded by the pull of the “urgent” we often miss the “important.” Watch for what stirs the deepest part of you. Once you find what stirs your spirit you’ve likely found a universal need that will stir others also. Find a way to adapt this thing to meet the need others feel. If you can figure out how to “connect” this stirring to others you have found the secret to wealth and significance.

Call That Excites Your Spirit

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12 thoughts on “The Call That Excites Your Spirit

  1. You are spot-on Dr. Lance. I can finally say that my assignment is not only exciting, it is also full of adventure, which is something that I love.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation! So many just want to connect or be connected with others. We were not created to be alone.

  3. YES !!! Wish I had realized this earlier in Life….thinking back to those epic moments in life when God fluttered my heart with His Spirit, and let me know that He was in on ‘the deal’ that I wanted to go for….He basically said ; ” REACH – I’m already there ! “

  4. …pondering on this – I have basically arrived at the Conclusion…that when in critical decision-making, UNLESS, I get Holy Ghost goosies about something, I don’t say ‘Yes’. Basically, it’s God’s way of letting me know, that He has something else in mind ! and I need that HG confirmation 🙂

  5. I would really like to create a strong relationship witj you and Os Hillman. I just recorded, “Affirmations of Quantum Faith”, in the French Quarter recording studio in New Orleans last weekend. AS A MAN THINKETH.

  6. Lance, you have such an anointing to see beyond the issues and see what God’s heart and thoughts are. It is profound but makes absolute sense! This stuff is what excites my spirit! To share what you share and help others to see beyond the everyday existence to look for the Heavenly in the Earthly! Thank you.