September Prophetic Update

Tonight (Saturday) ends the Holiest of all Holy Days in Israel – Yom Kippur. I am at Moravian Falls,  North Carolina, where Rick Joyner and others go to write their books. It is an “open heaven” property purchased by Count Zinzendorf in the 1700’s for the purpose of a global mission movement. Bob Jones told […]

If The Devil Can’t Stop You He Will Try To Confuse You

The number one lie of the enemy: YOU ARE NOT READY YET! Do not listen to this voice. Remember – if it’s the truth that sets you free, then it’s a lie that holds you captive. The lie you must overcome is that you need more preparation, money, time, experience, or confirmation. Look at the […]

A Special Gift: 2013 HOTTEST COACH TIP

I JUST TAPED THIS FOR YOU. IT’S THE HANDS DOWN MOST POWERFUL COACHING INSIGHT OF 2013! Oct 10 – 14, 2013 All-Inclusive Meal, Lodging and Recalibration Training with Dr Lance Wallnau at Sheraton Hacienda Resort, Spa and Golf Course in Mexico.   The idea I introduce at the beginning of this video is worth more […]

God Has a Dangerous Dream For Your Life!

The devil only sends nightmares to people with dangerous dreams. The dangerous dream is the one God has for you. If you have been in warfare, you might be a dangerous dreamer. God speaks in dream’s while you sleep, but most often in dream’s that come while awake. It’s the reoccurring desire, image, idea that […]


Transition, Trouble and Divine Timing

TRANSITION – TROUBLE and DIVINE TIMING are all tied together in one often missed miracle. There are at least 2 references in the Bible to supernatural translation, one involving Phillip in Acts 8:40 and one right here involving not only Jesus but a boat and 12 people! The story has unique details recorded in John […]


Permission to Be You Part 5 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau

Permission to Be You Part 5 – Coaching Video by Dr. Lance Wallnau “David had the “Gift of Faith” and like you he was anointed to accomplish something great for God. David looked beyond the danger and fear to what God had anointed him to do.” l