Your Roadmap To Change Culture – 7 Mountains Explained

What is your mountain?

Are you influencing culture?

Do you believe it is our responsibility to influence those around us?

What other examples have you seen of people, religions, leaders or ideas that have shaped culture, past and present?

(credit delaney)

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7 thoughts on “Your Roadmap To Change Culture – 7 Mountains Explained

  1. By itself, the 7 Mountains message is not enough to see how we should approach the culture.

    The question “what is my mountain” is too limiting, Lance himself is working on at least three separate mountains at this very moment- business, family, and religion.

    The people on these mountains made it there because God put them there. Like Nebuchadnezzar. How many of you remember Yul Brynner’s PSA? Some of you know people who quit smoking because of that PSA. Is that not of God?

    What if God is preparing Lady Gaga for something like that?

    Lady Gaga wouldn’t be welcome at your church, of course. The very people we’d want to influence for good, who need ministry more than anyone, are unreachable by the church.

    Maybe God wants it that way. Maybe the church isn’t the force for good that we think it is.