You’ve got 30 seconds…

3 Reasons Why A First Impression Matters

Fact: an initial impression is set in 30 seconds or less.

It’s a curious thing, isn’t it?

People meet you—and instantly form an idea of who you are.

Their perception may (or may not be) an accurate representation of who you are at your core.

But hey! Does it really matter what people think of you, anyway? Should you even care?

YES, you should care.
I know my answer may surprise you, but here’s 3 reasons why I think it matters what others think of you:

  1. Favor: When you meet someone for the first time, your memory slideshow begins to play.  You begin by asking yourself, “Who does this person remind me of?” It is as if you experience a divine form of déjà vu, which serves as a clue to the significance of this individual. On the flip side, when God guides the selection process, a new acquaintance looks at you and they associate you with someone or something positive. That’s when the favor hits. Favor is like a divine covering and makes a powerful first impression.
  2. The Law of Attraction: Instead of exhausting yourself with people who can’t work with what you’re doing—who just don’t get it—draw people who resonate with the vision you carry. Attract ideal prospects. Did you know that was possible? When this happens, you are operating in flow—dancing in rapport with others—and people that are ideal for you are picking up on your presence. These interactions are synchronous events, God’s divine appointments—not a coincidence or a moment left to chance. A series of events and Spirit-led decisions lead to this interaction. When you run into the right person at the right time you are tapping into a field of cause and effect in an unseen realm.
  3. Discernment: The Lord may reveal the true motivation of an individual by bringing to mind a friend or foe from your past. This is a warning or a confirmation of what your gut is saying. If you personally fail in making a good impression, it takes twenty subsequent interactions to alter or reframe someone’s original perception of who you are. Sometimes the initial interaction frames a permanent wrong impression. Spiritual warfare in the area of your interactions with others is essential, as you need particular individuals to help you accomplish your calling and unique purpose. Declare a divine veto on gossip, slander, and negative commentary, which only serve to corrupt the context of the impression you convey.

Become an expert reader of people and you can connect with and motivate anyone. It’s not hard if you know how. Words have the power to heal or destroy. What would happen if you understood how to frame your words in such a way that within 30 seconds they go to the very heart of a person with 1000 volts of life?

Question: How have first impressions sealed or soiled your chances with a potential colleague or friend? Comment below!

As One!

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25 thoughts on “You’ve got 30 seconds…

    • Larry, I remember meeting you in the Pensacola airport back in February of 1999, when my School of Ministry was leaving Pensacola from visiting Brownsville Assembly of God You left an instant impression on me that I thought since Lance brought this up as a topic, I thought I would take a moment to say hi and thank you for praying for me at Brownsville and thank you for the brief encounter with you at the Pensacola Airport. It meant a lot that you stopped to say hi to me that day. I never forgot. Blessings…

      Mike Hendrick

    • Larry, I remember you. I had a salad in your home with Brent 25 years ago. Ha haha. We were the Albie Pearson sons…so to speak.

  1. I remember my first impression of a person who is now courting me for his business. I was impressed of how he presented himself in dress, in presentation, in poise. It left an indelible impression on me. It told me that this man was a very confident, well presented individual. When he gave me his business card, it was a quality business card, with better stock than the typical card, and just presented himself as a person that I knew I would get along well with. My hunch was correct and since our first meeting two years ago, he is now actively pursuing me to be part of his business in a key role.

  2. Hi Lance , Thanks so much for your teaching, I have found it excellent and so real , packed with spiritual realities that are helpful and practical to real Christian living . Come to my place sometime , I would love to chat with you , I’m just around the other side of the planet, closer to heaven ! Adelaide , Australia ! Peace and blessings , Martin McWhinney

  3. Favor = Nehemiah 1:11 Cupbearer to the King and Man who helped Rebuild the Walls! Genesis: 40:1 Cupbearer did not find with the King and was put in prison, but…was assigned to Joseph. Met you at Covenant in Carrollton, TX. Blessings to you! UR a Great Teacher! Cheers!

  4. Hey Lance… love any discussion of Favor.. it’s the easiest, most satisfying, and most magnetic way to grow your business. I don’t care for all the manipulation and strategies to market and sell, but flowing in favor produces the win/win effect.
    My question regards the Maximum Impact audio series (which I bought… again) and I know that it was done in 2008. Many of things you talked about in it was fairly new then, but now, 8 years later, the conversation is more common place. I still hold them to be true, but in the marketplace, do you think people are getting tired of the message? I hope not because it still resonates for me, but from a marketing perspective, I am wondering. Or is it just timeless truths that never grow old? Thanks, Maryann

  5. Although what you are saying is OK, if I have surrendered to the Almighty then I am dead and the only thing someone should see in me or feel from my vibs is what the Holy Spirit is allowing to happen. Sure I get a first hand seat in seeing what is going on, but it’s a God’s thing that is happening with me being an invited guest to witness it. We are only a focal point, pointing toward the real one and true Leader Jesus Christ. If I don’t point to Jesus Christ then I am boarding on what lucifer did in allowing it to be about me and Him (God). Blessings, Ty

  6. I’m chuckling to myself in regards to a couple situations with people that it was absolutely God’s favor on me that the impressions the others had became favorable. One was at a company I used to work for. Our new manager for our training team was being introduced to us. I am so like my mother who as described by my dad and his initial reaction to meeting her: she was very “cool” almost to the point of “cold”. We’d just lost our previous manager due to part of a shakeup going on in the company so many of us were having a tough time dealing with the loss of her being let go. However after I found out our new manager was from practically the same area in Northern California I was from, from that point on things took on a much more pleasant outlook. I know I had favor with her as she pulled strings for me to go to a Train The Trainer event in San Fran. She became my cheerleader. She is hands down my all time favorite boss I’ve ever worked for.

    The other thing that’s making me chuckle is again with the timing of this post today and a conversation I’d had online earlier with another one of us periscopians. (This has more to do with recognizing something in someone else).
    I was telling her how I know -now- that you and Mark Chironna have been longtime friends but one night just a few weeks into you broadcasting, I commented saying something like: “you remind me so much of Mark Chironna & he used to freak me out”! You replied to me afterwards & took it as a compliment.. It was but the way I wrote it was rather goofy.. Really. Whole thing feels a tad Magoo-ish & makes me laugh every time I think about it. Even this past weekend when he was part of the 7mSummit.. ?

  7. In certain cases, a sense of inferiority or insecurity has caused me to feel inadequate and/ or unqualified as a person, this making me reserved or withdrawn, which sabotages my ability to build a significant connection.

  8. When I began teaching at the college in retail sales skills, I implemented the 3 “s” strategy of sell yourself, sell your company, sell your service all in under 5 seconds knowing the impact has been imprinted before 30 seconds is up. As a Christian I am an ambassador for Christ so therefore when I introduce myself I come with a heavenly confidence and a secure handshake with descriptive company respresentation which says”I am with XYZ Ministry” and then when I describe what I do the door opens up or closes. “I organize the frontlines for pastors and ministry leaders”- I am a Kingdom Connector”..or whatever it is for the moment. The question they ask me next indicates to me in the spirit – “they hopefully get my genuinity of love for people and that I love what I do”…when its gone south it is usually with a misaligned time of introduction or religious, saved or unsaved who rub against this Holy Spirit within me seeing my freedom and they want it as well but try to get it in the natural ways. WE NEED TO CARE because we represent the Lord of Lord the King of Kings and as an Ambassador for Christ being authentic and real resounds with a peace beyond all understanding- despite the circumstances presented and I have had my fair share of walking against the “natural grain” in supernatural ways in leadership circles and knowing God is in it. I stand here today to not compromise who we are but also to love who God created you to be and walk in that destiny and the 3 seconds will reveal powerful insight into moments that can take you miles.

  9. You are an awesome teacher. God is using you and you use the scriptures in ways individuals can understand and interpret without saying chapter and verse. You are indeed the ultimate COMMUNICATOR. I AM so glad a FaceBookie shared your video.

    The first video I saw you in was at the airport where you were just taping and talking, sharing truths and just hilariously free. I AM one of your Periscopians and look forward to you each evening! I must plan to attend your 7Mountains workshop.

    • Here’s a chuckle for you. A “faceBOOKIE. What’s the odds of that? lol Hoping you don’t mind me copyright infringing your expression. I “like” it. A part time facebookie!

  10. Hi Lance. I love this presentation. It is awesome. I fully accept the three reasons why it matters to have a FIRST impression and meeting and when making connections.

    I have experienced much favour in this way over my life. However I have over the past 5 to 7 years been in a spiritual battle where the enemy has created havoc in the perception people think of me because of what unfaithful people have written about me on the internet. They have done this to discredit me and it has worked well to date. I have however allowed this to take place. I have not Declared a divine veto on gossip, slander, and negative commentary, which only serve to corrupt the context of the impression you convey.

    Most people totally accept me at first appearances and then a group of people (controlled by the enemy) seem to refer them to the internet where a lot of crap has been stated about me. Always twisted truths and blatant lies. However people believe the internet to be the truth, it amazing. Then they turn away from me and my business intentions.

    My calling in Africa is massive and I will be liberating millions of people from the grips of hell and the control of hell by my presence and input to these communities. So satan hates me. THIS IS A GOOD THING. However by not declaring divine veto on gossip, slander, and negative commentary, which only serve to corrupt the context of the impression you convey, I have allowed the enemy to succeed.


  11. I have a very Sweet and Soft spoken voice, a heart of integrity and humility. You would not know that about me by simply looking at my pic on social media.
    So, those I feel God wants me to reach out to online, I do so by first pushing down any anxiety that may exist. Then, i create a personal fb text “voice” message. This way the recipient will actually hear the love and pure intent in my voice. My voice is a huge key and asset as an Oracle in my future public speaking career.
    Also the enemy cannot miss represent me in the head games of the other person because the peace and purity in my voice gives away the true intentions in my heart, along with the harmony of grace that comes through the audio voice message. I began this because id been soooo misrepresented in the past by demons. I’ve earned to pray all discern me well.
    This Avenue of connection is a lot quicker than typing and seems to be one more thing God is using to prepare me to become more comfortable for public speaking. It gives me a chance to also leave a real live prophetic voice mail from the Father about their lives, to those He prompts my heart to do so.

    My living heart wants to be friends with everyone♡

  12. No matter how I perceive a person, I expect Holy Spirit to show me their heart. That is how I relate to the person regardlwss what everyone else thinks or feels.

  13. A perception is a heart matter. No matter what you first perceive, hold off for the divine enlightenment from the Holy One and then be who you are supposed to be in the persons life.


    MATTHEW 17:11
    MALACHI 4:5,6
    JOEL 2:23
    JOHN 1:21 “THAT PROPHET .”
    SOURCE : AMOS 3:7

  15. This revelation is so liberating, especially in a world where you are encouraged to “accept” everyone. Some people just don’t work and are time wasters in your life purpose. Thank you Doc.