RemnantWARNING: I sense the enemy is going to try to rob many of you of your rendezvous with breakthrough and want to arm you!

(READ prophecy at end of post)


This is a true story about a young man who altered his home, family business and his career by defying a demonic spirit and building a family altar.

He was a good man who loved God and worked hard, but every time his harvest was due, a demonic spirit of strife would come and rip off not only him but also his entire household. God actually SENT AN ANGEL to address this problem, by using frustration to drive the young man to prayer where he lodged his complaint. The Lord told the youth that God was with him and this man would change the nation with just a HANDFUL (a remnant) – rallying them “as one man!”


This is the story of Gideon in Judges 6. His nation and family suffered severely 7 years because of idolatry toward Baal. He tore down a family Baal altar (his father’s altar) and built IN ITS PLACE AN ALTAR TO THE LORD and sacrificed a bull on it. This started a cycle of deliverance in others.

“…the LORD said to him, “Take YOUR FATHER’S bull and a second bull seven years old, and pull down the altar of Baal which belongs to your father…. and build an altar to the LORD your God on the top of this stronghold in an orderly manner, and take a second bull and offer it … (Judges 6:26)

The men of the city were mad. Manifesting a spirit when they saw the altar turned down. BUT this wasn’t them – it was the dispossessed Baal spirit working thru them. The devil will attack you thru people when he is under attack thru your obedience. So…. “Then the men of the city said to Joash, “Bring out your son, that he may die, for he has torn down the altar of Baal…


“But Joash said to all who stood against him, “Will you contend for Baal, or will you deliver him? Whoever will plead for him shall be put to death by morning. If he is a god, let him contend for himself, because someone has torn down his altar.”

Wow! Once Gideon tore down the family stronghold and built an altar in its place, the older living generation got delivered and actually DEFENDED the son.

This is FAMILY level strategic warfare – the most powerful and fundamental level of engagement.


The blessing breakdown has nothing to do with you- but YOU are the one GOD ANOINTED to FIX IT! Where there is generational sin further back stream there is a stronghold set up further down stream. This stronghold authorizes a demon to come in thru cycles in the life of the family – and steal and destroy.

It will require someone to STOP IT! ONE member needs to rise up and do what SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE EARLIER, and break down the agreement established with hell.


Don’t be surprised if you, the innocent, get drafted into the battle. Bear with me…..What if the sins of the Fathers has consequences hitting the sons of the Fathers? (daughters too) What if the Midians are familiar (or familial) spirits sent to enforce a curse in your house and you are the next target?

Sweet little you? YES!

What if theft or idolatry in the bloodline manifests in a cycle that seeks to rip you off? Could be a divorce or violence or poverty or whatever. And you didn’t do anything to deserve it?!?! Why is this trying to get on you? It was supposed to be your harvest time!

Maybe God has a bigger harvest in mind.

AN OPPORTUNITY is getting SET UP for you. For years Gideon’s household was getting ROBBED BY MIDIANS RIGHT AT THE TIME OF HARVEST!

But think about it. Gideon was the WRONG GUY to rip off. He became the champion who broke the cycle of iniquity and idolatry (an idol is anything loved more than obedience to God) and in the very place of the sins of the fathers, RIGHT THERE he built an altar and altered a nation. If he had been skipped over and protected from harm, that spirit would have seized the harvest of all his neighbors and continued to the next generation after. By touching Gideon – he became the deliver who cast it out.


Gideon built the altar and made an offering out of one of the bulls…a part of the family business. In return the family was set free, the locals were set free and the nation was set free. The “Midianites” who kept stealing were driven back by a remnant – a small but powerful group who REFUSED TO THINK LIKE UNDERDOGS OR VICTIMS!

May each of us have the presence of mind to remember at the moment of the CONTRADICTION that God is not playing games with us. He is FOR US and if something shows up to rip you off in 2014, you have authority to REVERSE THE CURSE and ALTER that situation. Do so and you’ll get an authority upgrade and an anointing to lead others at a whole new level.

Midnight Watch: PROPHETIC WORD!

“I SENSE the Lord saying, Surely I will be WITH YOU, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man! For there is a line drawn in time and you are stepping over the dividing of times in your generation. I bring you UP another level so that you can DRIVE OUT another level. That which laid claim upon your house and your inheritance in times past is about to be shattered. It will not get past you into the next generation for in meeting YOU it meets ME.”

“You are entering an hour when they that KNOW their God shall be STRONG and do exploits. It is not truth alone but the TRUTH YOU KNOW that sets you free! Therefore know that I AM FOR YOU. Do not believe every spirit but TEST the spirits, whether they be of God. I am with you for good and not bad. As you set yourselves in agreement with heaven the angelic hosts will surround you and all that pertains to Zion, even the HOUSE THE LORD BUILDS (including you and your house as well!). I am building my church for the Last Days. It is not an Ark or an exit but a dwelling place of living stones called together as a habitation of God in the earth. A Tabernacle of David where you can inquire of Me in the place of worship – and find Me.

“For I am giving you access to blueprints in your battle- songs in the night- revelation in the contradiction of your circumstance, even access to my counsel in the place of contention. You will build a “thin place” for intimacy with Me in this hour. For I am building MY Church, My ecclesia in the earth, and you will come together “as one man” – not as separate, but AS ONE, and the Lord shall MULTIPLY your strength beyond your size, and so shall you overcome and occupy the land I give to you. Even a land of giants.”

P.S. “Mideanites” – the Hebrew Root Word means

“brawling, contention and STRIFE.” The Mideanites create “strife” and discord.

But “the God of peace” has plans to crush Satan underfoot.

If you believe it – like it- and lets link As One!


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  1. A word in season. I’ve been praying for the blueprints to the year and counsel. This confirms that I’m on the right track.

  2. Mighty Apostle of the Sphere’s of Influence- thank you for this Empowering and Strategic word , to invade the areas we are called to Influence culture. Blessings as we unite as One, as one from Australia.

  3. Awesome, informative. To be able to see the enemy and his plot and to know what to avoid. Also helps to know although receiving opposition we are on the right track.

    • I know, thats the dificult part, the opposition…especially if you love your father who raised the altar….and the whole cultural pressure of keeping the altar standing. I need to tear it down, but I know my father will end up being critisized by his neighbours because his daughter was getting out of line and started tearing down comfy and convenient altars. (The enemy always tries and stop me by whispering I should honour my mother and father….in this kind of context it would mean not mess with their altar/don’t make your father loose face…WRONG conclusion.) In Lance’s example, the Father even ended up defending the actions of the son…

  4. This hits straight home and cuts thru the fabric of deception. Now I KNOW what needs tot be done. Praise the LORD for He is on ourr side.

  5. After sharing on FB, someone commented…” Not
    all good – the real Bible story shows not a demonic spirit of strife
    but a judgement of God on the people of Israel because they sinned. What
    was needed was repentance and indeed taking down the idols.Some of
    these so-called prophets go way away from the true word of God.”
    Any comment here?

    • You are kind of sayng the same thing. Both views can be true, just seen from different angle. I can’t see the contradiction, Joan? The judgment of God/result of sin, was a spirit of strife and theft Lance actually does say the idolatrous altar of the Fathers needed to come down. Where is the going away from the true word of God here? The tearing down of the altar = repentance. To me it seemed Lance was talking from a heart of compassio on a generation that is reaping the fruit of previous generations sin. There might not be an actual sin that you are aware of in your own life, nothing that you personally have done wrong, but you live in the consequanses of what your fathers were up to. Therefore I felt LOVE when reading Lance’s article. The reason I am being so beaten up does not necessarily have to do with personal sin. But I can repent on behalf of previous generations, I can deal with altars THEY raised and that I find i my life. I can be responsible to tear down altars that I had not been building…. That’s how I read it.

      • Thanks Birge! You spoke from your heart!
        Did you get a chance to read what I received after posting this? I began to unwrap more of the power of the rtches! May my friend catch the richness of the word!

    • The word “repent” means to change one’s mind. It doesn’t mean to wear sack cloth and ashes, and beat yourself up. Religious folks always want people to beat themselves up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        • Now this is a perfect example of repentance. Your mind was changed, Joan, and you’re free, not frazzled and condemned. Be blessed, Joan!

          • As a stirrer just discovering that wooden spoon (stirrer) in my hand, quite stirred up! Went to bed after 2pm and slept well, but remember I was dreaming in rhyme! Shucks! Didn’t stir out of sleep enough to get it down… but He will stir it up at the right time!
            Get the vision, write it down, run with it! Woah!
            It is a time that a new bunch of Gideons is being stirred to rise up where they are, in their small neck of the woods, to smash down these familial idols …
            As Birge has said- Come on guys – As one!

      • …and we ourselves might not even have been worhipping that idolatrous altar our fathers raised. Yet it is up to us to tear it down. We can not tolerate it existing anywhere in our family … or the consequences of it’s presence will affect us. No choice then really, than to be courageous and tear that thing down… Come on guys – As one!

  6. Love it!!! Thank you for sharing such a powerful, prophetic word and reminder about our God and the victory, hope and strength we have in Him.

  7. Thank you for sharing a warfare plan using the Jewish Menorah; The Spirit of The Lord, The Spirit of Wisdom, The Spirit of Understanding,The Spirit of Counsel, The Spirit of Might, The Spirit of Knowledge and The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord. Your Mind of Christ is God’s Supernatural thoughts. You Lance Wallnau show forth God’s Power and teach us to know how we are to produce lives that can not be shaken. Your words are right on.

  8. Interesting, Lance, that it was announced today that archeologists have “officially” unearthed the Palace of David.

  9. This is awesome Lance!

    Man’s natural way is to do what is right in his own eyes,
    invariably in direct violation of Yahweh’s specific guidelines… Here’s a whole
    community that thumbed their noses at Yahweh’s blunt-and-to-the-point instruction
    for their own protection- “Thou shalt have no other gods before me!”
    Sin, in the form of idolatry is sitting pretty.

    But O, the exquisite love of the One True God is lazered
    toward his mark, the heart of a son who saw himself as ‘piggy-in-the-middle’!
    No qualifications! But that Light pierced the generational darkness to bring
    forth Israel’s rescue once more! The love he has for that horribly
    short-of-the-mark tribe!

    Marvelling at the
    glory of his grace! I reckon I would have said, ‘Serve you right! Stew in your
    own juice! You’ve made your bed, now lie in it!’

    But HE said, “You’re it, son!” and unrolled that
    plan, that blueprint for this most unlikely lad to read, to execute!

    He has targeted many an unlikely lad through history, hasn’t
    he? David? Moses? Peter? And now, a new wave of ‘unlikelies’ is being raised
    up! Raised up once more to bring glory to Him!

    It is no walk in the park! We stick out like a flaming
    target… and the old enemy wants us to stay in the captivity of that death
    cycle! After all generations of my clan have rebelled! And that Midianite-like
    ‘brawling, contention and strife’ is ever-ready to snip and snarl at those who
    stand in the gap, defying and challenging the status quo of generational sin!
    Intimidating stuff!

    It is like He is saying to me, ‘In your youth you had no
    idea you were a stirrer, but you were conceived with a wooden spoon in your
    hand, my daughter! I sense He is saying… You are hearing me well! Be bold, my
    daughter! I am with you to take a stand in your tribe, for haven’t I been
    revealing my Truth? Sacred cows must be slain! Do not fear their bellowing in
    their pain, in their death throes, for I will take that sound of death and
    transform into a rousingly glorious joy-beat! You will re-tune it into My sweet
    victory song. You shall take up that melody as did Deborah!

    An awesome challenge seems to be out there…

    It is ‘Be’, ‘Have’, ‘Do’ time for me… His word is clear…

    ‘Be’ present with me as my chosen one, daughter. As close as my heartbeat! Be wrapped in the
    vibrant light of my truth.

    ‘Have’ my words ringing in your heart… Am I not your direction?
    Am I not your protection? Hold firm to my strategic plans, the blueprint that
    you have in your hand!

    ‘Do’! Do take up those weapons I have given to you! I have
    given you words, my precious wordsmith! Speak! Write! Sing! Be my Poet Laureate
    once more!

    “That good work I have begun in you, I am faithful to complete!”

  10. Great words. Taking in foster children with terrible generational bondage allowed me to stand in the gap and become a repairer of the breach. It was tough and the battle raged, but God brought change, freedom and deliverance to some of these young lives.

  11. Wow Lance, Your best word ever.. Reminded me of when they sent troops to arrest Jesus and they came back saying,, We never met a man who spoke like that. Right on Bro.

  12. I’ve allowed the enemy to distort what ever faith I’ve had in the Lord. Certain situations have caused me to be skeptical of churches and even prophecies. I still pray and cry out to the Lord, but I feel such a disconnect from God’s people and His word. I pray that this prophecy become real in me and my family life. Plus, my faith in the Lord and His word will be restored. Pray for me saints.

  13. It is amazing what God will call us to do in the natural realm that has a very major impact in the spiritual realm. It is not easy as the culture will ridicule you, your own family may be against you. ( The very one’s your working to break the curse off of!)

    I have had an experience such as you describe. My family cannot appreciate it in the way I do, obedience to God with break off generation strongholds.
    I can only smile and look up at the Goodness of an Almighty God!
    As One! Getting stronger with each victory!

  14. Thanks once again Lance. I will continue to pray to the Lord our God for you as you continue to speak intimate prophecy to me. May He continue to bless you so that you may be a blessing to others!

  15. Thanks for the ammo!

    Dr. Wallnau, I prayed with the confidence of Gideon’s “One man” Word over my household, on January 18th, 2014, to shatter a generational curse of oppression (manifest as depression). Why? The prophecy “pantomimed” over my ex-husband in 2004 (and revealed to me, in 2007) was Isaiah 9:4 “As in the days of Midian’s defeat, You have shattered the yoke that burdened them, the bar across their shoulders and the rod of their oppressor.”


    Stay tuned… the Raymond Sullivan Family, from his and the next 1,000 generations of his seed is being set FREE today!

  16. I am seeing in my own ministry the Lord working with us to defeat the Midianites ( daily and weekly praise reports). Like Gideon, in Judges 7 , the Lord is looking for the pure hearted worshippers (Josh 24:14 msg / 2 Tim 2:22 nlt ). Those that know how to refresh themselves with the living water but are His Killer Sheep with no fear. By the way Lance, met u at Seattle Revival Center Nov03.

  17. It is with great gladness and immense joy that I say thank you Papa for Dr Lance Wallnau. I refuse to think any longer as an underdog or victim and I take up my battle victory blueprints and run with the Counsel of the Lord ever before me. My father, who has now passed away was a hard working business man, who provided well enough for his family but he could never obtain a full harvest. Every time his harvest was due (reaching into the 7 figure digits) something would happen and the harvest was robbed (contracts & partnerships dishonoured, expensive equipment destroyed, serious work-related accidents etc). I feel a curse was in operation although I didn’t know that at the time.
    I have always felt that my siblings and I have been robbed of what is potentially a wealth creating inheritance and legacy. I am now 50 and only just entering into my own business but I believe that I am the ONE that papa GOD has anointed to BREAKTHROUGH for my family generations and any people that he aligns me with… Thank you again Dr Wallnau…..

  18. My entire life I suffered one setback after another, I could never get ahead and my relationships never lasted more than a few weeks. I was told by every psychic, tarot reader and spell caster that I went to for answers that I was cursed and there was nothing that could be done about it. I would never have any luck and would always bee cursed. I paid three casters 7000 dollars of my money to try to remove the curse and nothing lifted. each spell caster claimed to do the work, but nothing got better and when I would complain they would tell me I needed more work done. Last year in September (2013) I was on the internet and just by accident stumbled upon this The email Lordazeez1990@hotmail. com. I spend hours reading his articles and researching him. Finally worked my nerve up to contact him and had a reading. Lord. Azeez is the only practitioner that I have used who has helped me find relief for my problems. He removed the curse, gave me some protection and did some luck work for me, which cost me way less than what I paid to those other 3 spell caster. Finally, for the first time in my life, I am in a stable relationship in which we have been going on for months —- years—- and I have a job that I can progress. Thank you Lord. Azeez , You are the real deal. The email again is lordazeez1990@hotmail. com

  19. Wow that’s a wonderful lesson to learn from.
    Its so amazing how God works. He appears at a point when all hope is lost and we feel like, ‘this is the end’, when we feel nobody cares and there is no place to turn…that’s when He shows up as our ‘Great I am’.
    The father who’s ever mindful of his kids. The Father who promised that no matter what, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’.
    It’s at our breaking points that God comes in with great breakthroughs for us.

    • Pam 33 I did took the advice of that spell caster and truly he prepared a spell for me which i used to get my ex back, We are together and we are living fine. Thank pam

    • Wonderful, straight and easy to reflect with my present state. Glory to God because the works of my enemies has just been exposed. Thanks Dr Lance, more grace and Gods inspiration Amen.

  20. thank you for this post. i can see from the date line of other comments this has been up for a while but i am seeing it for the fist time and give all praise to God as i was led to this page. A few weeks ago, God told me within a year he will destroy all the things i idolise in m life and last night he showed me that he has given me a new theeshing instrument to breakdown the alters of such things and this breakdown has certainly helped me to understand what these alters and idols are that has beenrobbing me if my blessing. Its time to declare war on Satan and his kingdom and take back what he has stolen from Gods people. thank you and may God continue to bless and keep you for his glory

  21. The topic of raising altars is so profound especially in this day and age.If we dont raise up our own prayer altars we will be victims of another person or families’ altar.There is power on the altar thank you for reminding me.The Midianties that seek to steal, kill and destroy will be subject to the power on the altar, in Jesus name.Amen.

  22. This is so me it’s seems like their is a generational curse of lack poverty mediocrity domestic violence bad luck that I inherited through my blood line whatever I do or how hard I work every thing seems to be pulled from up under me .What can I do to be free

  23. This really blesses me and spoke right to my situations of many yrs of suffering and setbacks.


  24. God give me power to break any evil alter any generational curses in the name of jesus,it shall not pass beyond me.

  25. I believe you, I like it and let’s link as one.
    Your message according to you hits me directly. I am so inspired greatly – Altar the altar and break the curse.
    A man ministered some prophesies and requested to create or build an altar for in different churches and ministries to break a curse for me. Can it be effective? How can I create altar for myself? Different pastors told me that I have a calling to do great works of the Almighty, Pls How can I build myself to actualise this work? I need your help sir

    Best Regards
    Kingsley Madukaiwe.

  26. Dear Sir
    I feel the summon is making reference to my situation.

    I have tried my hands in trying to succeed in financial break through but all time am almost to receive m
    y break through something comes up to hinder my success and I stagnate
    Kind regards

  27. Thank you so much!! As the spiritual leader in my family, I needed this. As my husband continues to hide behind walls I’m standing on the word of God and really appreciate this encouragement. I’m willing to take the mountain, to go in where no one has gone before, I’m willing to sweep and mop, whatever door God opens, I say now, I’ll walk through it. Even staying at home, if that’s God’s will, for the one whom I don’t want to leave behind. He keeps saying he wishes I had a job again. But God knows and I know His timing is perfect in all things. Thank you again, so very, very much.

  28. Truely every message is for someone,sincere you are messenger of God to me to comfirm his divine will in my life,am about building an alter in my father’s house

  29. Hallelujah!!! I like it I receive it wholeheartedly all blessings to manifestation!!! Glory to God Amen????????????????????????all praise honor and glory to God almighty! In Jesus Powerful Name

  30. How can I build an altar at home to counter those of my mother in law who practiced witchcraft and sorcery? My family has been in problems of joblessness, financial problems, and many other casualties. Thanks

  31. I love this I need more of this I need to set my self free my family and surrounding my business that is dwelling within me the books that God has given me to write manifest and my family to be set free from idolatry.divorce not be able to get married are stay married family division witchcraft Im the chosen one please help me to help my people and my country this nation

    • Bro. Building altar against altar is the best, just like what Gideon did. Taking sacrifice to God Almighty…