The SUPERNATURAL in your hands!

Prosper Your HandsMay the FAVOR of the Lord our God be ours.

PROSPER the work of OUR hands! (Psalm 90:17)


Before the fall, Adam was placed in a garden that was the perfect merger of communion with God and perfect work. The Garden was the territory of man’s dominion, and in this garden he walked with God in the cool of the day. Everything that Adam put his hand to became productive in his assigned territory. The environment recognized his authority and cooperated with him. He was given dominion over all forces within the sphere of this assignment. It appears that the garden was an expanding project that was meant to fill the earth with God’s glory and dominion. There were adversaries, as we know, because of the existence of a serpent. Adam was to rule over all that militated against his work.


When man fell, the ground was no longer cooperating. Part of the curse was “sweat” related to work, “thorns and thistles” instead of a garden of lush productivity … and death in the dust of the earth.


(Gen 3:18-19) “Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you; And you will eat the plants of the field ; By the sweat of your face you will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken ; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.”


Now behold another moment in a garden when God fixes the situation. Jesus, whom the Bible calls the “SECOND ADAM“, heroically wrestled the hosts of hell in A GARDEN called Gethsemane. The second Adam lies prostrate on the ground as He SWEATS “great drops of BLOOD” mingled with perspiration … and REVERSES THE CURSE. Where does the blood fall? Into the ground!


(Lk 22:44) “And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.”


Within hours of His triumph in the garden, a rough Roman garrison will weave a crown of thorns and beat it into the head of the “Second Adam”, and His noble brow will be pierced with the thorns of the curse. Mankind, vexed with the worries and sweat of earning their bread, is being dealt with finally and forever in this often overlooked aspect of Christ’s atonement.


When the gruesome execution on the Cross is complete and the last drop of blood shed, Second Adam will be laid in a GARDEN TOMB, but the body of the Messiah will not suffer decay like other sons of Adam, because this Adam NEVER SINNED! Death will not hold Him…dust cannot claim Him. He who was the author of life rises triumphant on the third day.


He appears to the disciples as they return toiling all night in search of a catch of fish….that never materialized. The Master tells them to let down their net, and suddenly they are nearly sunk under the weight of their catch. The Second Adam once again demonstrates His power to break the curse of fruitless toil over His disciples.


We have celebrated the power of the Atonement in all other respects as far as sin and death are concerned. It is the last part of this great atonement we will witness in the Last Days. While men toil to “buy and sell” under the mark of a beastly economic oppression, others will demonstrate the “powers of the age to come” by showing the power of the Kingdom.


The ATONEMENT delivered us from sin, demonic oppression, sickness, death AND laboring with thorns and the sweat of our brow.


Access to Paradise is restored. God has a garden for you in your assigned sphere of work. Walk with Him in the cool of the day, and WATCH as earth itself cooperates with the children of the Second Adam. All creation is longing for the manifestation of the sons of God. The Last generation of the sons of Adam will reveal the secret to “no sweat” in the service of God who promised to give you FAVOR and PROSPER the work of YOUR HANDS!

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68 thoughts on “The SUPERNATURAL in your hands!

  1. Stopping to read this message was the best thing I have done so far today. My perspective is adjusted to His now, and I am reminded that if I am sweating it out, it’s probably not His yoke. “Access to Paradise is restored…” is echoing in my heart. Thanks, Lance! Whoo-hoo!

  2. I have been in this business going on 5 years and I believe in my heart that God placed us here, even provided the money. But it’s been a constant battle in the finances. Until today the business has paid all the bills,but barely paying me. I do have an employee that I pay so that I’m not consumed by this place. We are a ministry to the homeless and a light in this community. I know that trusting God is my only option, but I’m at a loss !!! We just had to spend $1000 of our personal cash ! I don’t think God is calling me out of this place, but I don’t know what to do besides sell !!??

    • My prayers are with you, Connie, as I also have a God given calling in my heart which is to influence the arts & creativity mountain and every time I launch out into an arts venture, I experience financial hardships. But even when I go onto other things because of cash flow, without any effort on my part, the Lord always presents another opportunity for me to get involved in the arts which I find difficult to refuse. All these experiences only gives me more clarity and confidence in fulfilling His Kingdom purposes through my life. I pray that the Lord will give you a greater confirmation of your calling and reveal a strategy to generate cash flow.

  3. I loved this! Love hearing and reading about the finished work of Jesus Christ. I have been saturating myself and meditating on such teachings! I can’t get enough of it. It’s not about what we do, but what He has done. We will never measure up in our own efforts apart from HIm. Its understanding and living in the unforced rhythms of Grace.

  4. Hi Lance, I found this article VERY encouraging as I have recently been aware of asking God to bless the work of my hands. After much time reading and listening to your teaching, I rediscovered my passion and at 49, I returned to University studying a Bc Honours Degree in Music Composition & Technology for Film & Games, just this September. I’ve discovered that it is not too late and I have felt the Holy Spirit help me with downloads of music for my first film clips resulting in good feedback; taking the ‘sweat’ out of it. May it continue and I thank God for the work of YOUR hands too! Lauren

    • I find your comment really encouraging. Im a black actor in England almost at the point of giving up and yet there are scripts for film and plays that I know I must press on with. I feel this is where God has given me a voice. Yes im in a job I cannot reconcile with it is so far from where I believe Im suppose to be, just to hear you regaining passion, encourages me. Bless you, Gary

      • Don’t lose heart Gary, as I read your comment I somehow sensed that your breakthrough is about to come. Your destiny will find you, be faithful.

  5. There is an element of anointing and revelation in this article. It baths the psyche and gives answer to the futility that accompanies and thwarts much of human endeavors.

  6. Perfect timing as always Lance!
    Just worked 13.5 hours yesterday doing an extra
    Side job – cleaning. Thought: decided yesterday
    To keep praying God continues to bless me
    Financially so I don’t have to do anymore extra
    Side work 🙂 Look forward to that manifestation
    Of financial prosperity – in Jesus name – Amen!

  7. Praise God for that Revelation!!!! It sets Ɣőü free…… So much more to the Death and Resurrection than we think….. So much more!! Thank Ɣőü Jesus for what Ɣőü Done!! Thank Ɣőü!!!!!

  8. wow… thanks.. it was not enough that I’m in the middle of a teaching you did at a Code Breakers event (and I want the rest of the teachings!), now this article. Nice way to spend a day. But seriously, Yes this is helpful, in a way I did not expect.

    Often seems lately, like nothing I put my hands to prospers, in fact nearly the opposite. Especially in the preparations to travel with a team to Nicaragua in just two weeks. It was only last week, that I began to understand that He was making it clear that this trip was by His Hand and not by man… I guess this is the amen to that.

    Shewwww… my spirit is grabbing ahold of this in a manner I do not have words for. Between the two teachings, it seems it’s time to step back yet once again, and take another look through new lenses. 🙂

    You’re good at that Lance!! Bless You!

  9. It’s so very helpful. Imagine being in an area where the world of The Lord is delivered without Spirit or revelation. There is a famine in this area. Not for bread and water. Thank you very much for your emails.

    Warmest regards

  10. Awesome word. Through decades of prayer for downloads from heaven the environment around you becomes fertile enough to receive what God next wants to demonstrate. Only after you have done your 10,000 hours and gained mastery in the discipline and sphere you are called to will a demonstration of HIS power make the most impact. Don’t chase the big thing stay focused daily on the little assignments HE has for you daily.

  11. Definitely very encouraging as I continue to climb the Entertainment Mountain in Music, Writing, Speaking and Acting. I believe what has been years of toil will give way to cooperation. I am spending time with Our Father in the Garden. May it be as you have declared, Brother Lance.

  12. Excellent word there. Jesus has reversed the curse. I always appreciate your timely posts. Just a minor correction there Lance, Jesus is not the second Adam but the last Adam.

  13. Very encouraging Word. Praying for the Wisdom to bring about financial change in my life. Business oportunity of employment options?

  14. What you described also gave us a pre-sin Garden of Eden relationship with GOD our Father. For Jesus destroyed the works of satin, eliminating his authority and redeeming us. Thanks for stimulus.

  15. I had a vision last year. Jesus and I sat on a swing facing acres and acres of soil (I love to grow vegetables and farm). I looked out at the expanse of acreage and the soil looked black and rich and beautiful. I turned to look at Him then looked back at the acreage, and it was lush with huge green collard greens and kale and every sort of vegetables. In astonishment I said to Him, “Is this for me???” (He knew how much gardening meant to me) and He nodded His head yes. It was there in an instant. The vision has probably has all kinds of prophetic connotations to it and there’s much more meaning to it – to me, but the instant growth was what made my jaw drop. And His love for me to give me exactly what my heart desired. So Amen – I bear witness with this word Lance.

  16. It is just GOOD to be reminded again and His Word is meant to be a living Word, so this was life-giving! Thank you for pointing out the things that you did! It just makes me appreciate Him more and helped to give me more understanding of the ways He’s led me these years! Wow, what a God we serve!

  17. Fresh word and love the deep revelation. So much symbolic meaning that was significant in everything Christ suffered for our redemption. As usual you hit it out of the park with your teaching. More to chew on, thanks for including me. Blessings– As One!! 🙂

  18. This was very encouraging as well as insightful because we sure are the last generation that will be alive to receive Christ, therefore, we are being moved and made ready right now to fulfill this prophesy. I’ve seen it in my own life.

  19. Wow!! I was jumping with excitement in my Spirit while I read this post. The words were written directly from the Heart of the Father and touches the core of our inheritance in Christ.
    Thanks Lance

  20. Good word! I feel like I’m walking in the blessing of the finished work of Christ in my work life and this word helps me understand why.

    This is definitely something I want to share with those I minister to.

  21. YES!!! Lance, thanks for the reminder of this part of redemption – perfect timing!!

    Going along with this, Jesus ALWAYS refers to Himself as “the son of man” – 80 times! And man in Hebrew is adam!! Even when He was called “good teacher”, He responded, “No one is good but God”!

    WOW, this just jumped out at me:
    Ac 7:56 “Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!”

    Is God cool or what!!!

  22. Thanks so much Lance!! I am moved to tears as I behold the goodness of our Father!!!! I just am – don’t have many words to offer… at daybreak He called my name and I have been undone! I then came to the computer to follow up with this word you posted. I am watching to see the fulfillment of the prophetic word for my life in business, but as I wait for that day to become the substance of my faith, the overflow of the life lived out in Christ, in His love and favor and prosperity – I want to be so close to Him – to walk and live and breath this TRUTH – OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!!! I am so in love with God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit …and so I cheer you onto the greater things today!!! GO brother LANCE!!!!

  23. Nice full circle article with great clarity. Have you expounded on this subject in a book or workbook? I am hungry for more.
    Having been completely redeemed from the curse of the law by Jesus becoming the curse for us wherein we have access to the blessing of Abraham through faith, this article just adds so much more information of the freedom we have inherited. Awesome! As One!!!

  24. Dear Lance, you are such a blessing to the Body.

    For me it is important to note that Jesus is referred to as the LAST Adam in the Bible.
    1 Cor. 15:22, 45
    22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. . . .

    45 And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

    Jesus is the last Adam and the second man, but it is important to note the LAST as this indicates that a third man is not is not necessary. Our Saviour has come, it is finished.

    Not trying to be pedantic….just saying 🙂
    May ABBA bless you and your family Lance and the work of your hands.
    Much love in Christ, Carla.

  25. Thank you, Lance, for sharing that revelation! I am taking a hold of this and walking in my inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  26. I felt as though a “light bulb” was turned on when I read this. I have been in ministry for over 20 years, and have never seen the “thorns” nor the “garden” nor the “blood of Jesus going into the ground” tied together like this with the curse being broken. AWESOME! Thank you for making your teachings available like this to everyone. God bless you.

  27. Every time I connect to Lance Learning I am empowered with truth and revelation of life. This teaching concerns the place God has us in this hour as He shows the world and the church the awesomeness of His love and power. I am so grateful that His super is on my natural and together we reign in the supernatural in this natural world. Thank you.

  28. I loved this post. It is confirmation and further explanation. Thank you. If God will release you, I would love to read more on the 7 mountains and the present demonic kings that occupies the top of each mountain. In addition, if our assignment is for a particular mountain any insight on how to displace them would be wonderful.

  29. Wonderful reminder and faith accelerator for the times we are in.
    Thanking God for His gift “Lance Walnau” to the body of Christ for
    such a time as this. We here appreciate you very much.

  30. Awesome revelation. I am at a crossroad in my career and need to figure out where to apply my gifts and abilities. I desire to find my fruitful work. More posts on this subject would be great.

  31. sir God bless you for that wordfrom God. we have been studying the life of Adamin the gsrden and i didnt see the connection between the thorns and thistles curse of sweat going with Adam and his lineage, and the thorns on the head of Jesus. this is a powerful and thought provoking revelation that will make all those whothink that divine prosperity is a gimmick, but a real provision of the cross. this clearly establishes the fact that all was provided on the cross and that we can trust in the lord to grant us favor and prosper the works of our hands. the other scripture i want you to help me to put in perspective is -Genesis 8:21. how does it fit into the picture?

  32. Lance, We’ve been wondering if the Environment itself isn’t also a mountain to be taken for the kingdom of the Lord also. What are your thoughts on this subject??

  33. Thankyou Lance, for not going metaphysical on this revelation. Since its nearly Christmas lets remember that Christ came into this sinful world …born as an innocent and spotless, sinless lad…he came to earth as Emanuel, savior of all mankind. God, his father… gave him favor and all power. Praise and glory to Jesus, our 2nd adam…he died and rose again…and sits at the righthand of His Father…Happy Birthday Lord!
    Jesus is the way to everlasting life, recieve His gift He offers you, its HIS gift and its eternal life. Ask Him into your heart. GOD BLESS YOU!

  34. The Lord has revealed to me what actually happened in the garden of Eden. Temptation, which is of the flesh…sexual sin, and from the fallen Lucifer …beguiled Eve, she lead Adam …and he also was seduced …this was why they felt naked and guilty…each had sinned. God knew if they exposed themselves to carnal lusts they would fall, so they were driven out. The sins of the father, who is the 1st Adam, is follwed generationally.
    Christ has broken these chains, now there is no more condemnation. The fallen 1st Adam is forgiven,by the shed blood of Christ.
    I encourage a reply with this post.