Lance Rewind – Leading from the future

In this Lance Rewind, we’re going to talk about leading from the future. While talking to my friend Mark Chironna we were working on a compelling concept called future see. Future see is the idea that as believers, we can lead from the future backward. We are called to act from, think from, and create from the future seeking to become manifest.

The question is, who are the people that are overcomers? Who are these future leaders? Well, there’s a science to believers going into destiny. God has a future for you and what you’re doing. We want to do is get clear about the mechanisms that enable you to converge with the future God has planned.

So how do you access the overcomer state of mind that puts you in the convergence zone? It’s all subsumed under this glorious heading of leading from the future. Convergence is where you want to be. Ultimately, if you’re doing the convergence right, You’re at a place where you’re using the gifts that God gave you to do the things that you do best, allowing you to accomplish the things that matter most in terms of God’s plan for your life.

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2 thoughts on “Lance Rewind – Leading from the future

  1. Lance, Your on going witness is so helpful during this chaotic time. After listening to several of Dr Mark Chironna’s messages over the last few days, he too is an encouragement for us to move from a position of “being” who we actually are called to be.
    My witness from the head of this 2020 year was that we were going ‘Back to the Future’ because of our history of leading through Christ’s compelling glory. I hope this helps.

  2. Lance thank you so much for your message. You are such a blessing to us all because you are such a gifted prophectic teacher. Apart from your message I found the examples you drew on the whiteboard were most helpful. God bless you.
    Lorraine (from England)