Trump Attacked By Swamp Creatures

And Our Response

We can’t be neutral right now.  We can’t be indifferent to the spiritual warfare going on in Washington.  We have to allow it to get to us and we have to pray that the enemy be stopped. The mindless assaults from the media and the propaganda must cease. Those who are in collusion to destroy our nation […]

swamp creature

Will Donald Trump Be Impeached?

Word on President Trump: what is happening?

Dr. Lance Wallnau explores whether or not Trump will be impeached. What is the radical left doing and how is the media involved?  What is the strategy of the radical left? Join the… GLORIOUS CHAOS TOUR! June 11-14: Colorado Andrew Womack June 1-2: Phoenix Arizona David & Stephanie Herzog “Pentecost Glory” June 3-4: […]

will trump be inpeached

Dream Trip Takeaways From Lance


Here are nuggets from one of the three days of extraordinary breakthrough we experienced. Feel free to swipe my notes! 1. We have entered a time when all hell is manifesting to resist and break down the spiritual “reset” over America. Now more than ever the people of God must break out. We seek a […]

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A Word for Mother’s Day!

The ancient conflict between Satan and the woman moves to a new level in 2017. I seldom share what I tell on this broadcast but my spiritual Mother, Esther Mallett, imparted to me a message I need to share now. Pastor Mallett was a true Prophetess, intercessor, and church planter. She taught me things about […]

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A Few Testimonies From Our LiveStreamers and Dream Trippers

I wanted to highlight a few of the testimonies that have come in from the recent Dream Trip in Lake Tahoe! Being surrounded by 300 like-minded saints, all hungry for more of God & getting our VOICES BACK! Reminded me of the upper room, everyone was in ONE ACCORD, therefore, mountains will be moved. Greater […]

Tahoe Pic by Blake

Iyar-The Month That God Will Reveal

Here's a special word from the mountains of Nevada...

This is the month of Iyar- the month Divine Revealing! This is the Hebrew month of Issachar. It is the Issachar moment for what is hidden in you to be revealed.  It is time for your identity upgrade – for you to find out who you really are!  Find out what your gift is, what […]


War From The Garden Out

Accomplish 2x As Much With Half The Effort… The Lord keeps whispering to me… “Come back to the Garden. War from the Garden out and you will accomplish twice as much with half the effort.” Accomplish twice as much what?!  Where is this Garden?! Here is the revelation of the Garden…the Garden is the place […]