Force Multiply Your Influence

Take your place. Take ground.

Do you feel it? There is an urgency in this hour for you to “take your ground.” As North Korea provokes nuclear war, hurricanes threaten the east coast, racial tension are running high and the progressive ideology continues to march forward in big government, big media, and big education… The reality is – there is […]

The Solar Eclipse and the Need for the American Church to Mobilize

A study on the solar eclipse caught my attention recently. The study focused on how this eclipse ran from the northwest to the southeast, and then how seven years from now another solar eclipse will cross from the south to north with the epicenter being in Kansas City. That is a fact that I am […]

Invitation from the Garden of the Gods

It is the season for riots, manipulated media and demons on the loose. I want to give you some clear-cut prophetic insight on what is happening in the news cycle. I want you to be aware of who is funding the anarchy as well as the organizations behind it who are seeking to bring down the Trump administration. There […]

Stock Market drops as CEOS insult Trump

The CEOs of some of America’s largest companies are patriots in name only. These waffling, spineless CEOs are walking away from Donald Trump due to the liberal media’s attempt to link him with white supremacy. Why are they doing this?  Because they can’t handle the pressure. God sends us a president who helps Wall Street […]