War From The Garden Out

Accomplish 2x As Much With Half The Effort… The Lord keeps whispering to me… “Come back to the Garden. War from the Garden out and you will accomplish twice as much with half the effort.” Accomplish twice as much what?!  Where is this Garden?! Here is the revelation of the Garden…the Garden is the place […]


Midnight WATCH Word…

I am continually impressed with the quality of reader I have on my Facebook page. I wrote a fairly in-depth and challenging post early today and in spite of the strong content 470 people liked it, 117 people gave comments and 158 went on to share it. I would put you guys up against any […]

why complicate life

What’s About to Get Restored?

Want a whole new zeal for reading the Bible? Read it knowing that animals, trees, other objects are symbolic language for specific types of people and certain nations. Get the code language and it’s a new book.  For instance, when 1 Kings 5:6 talks about “cutting down the cedars in Lebanon” it is talking about […]


5 Reasons This Horse is a Prophetic Sign!

Today “California Chrome” won the second of three races on his way to the Triple Crown! Last horse to do this was called “Affirmed” in 1978. Only 11 horses have won the elusive Triple Crown. The grueling schedule of three races in 5 weeks at longer distances than most have run previously in their careers […]


2 Clarifying Questions for Making Big Decisions

The quality of life is the quality of the decisions you make. Here are two of the most powerfully clarifying questions you can ask when BIG decisions are hanging in the air: 1. How would the person you most want to be act in this situation? 2. What will be the impact of this decision […]