Airline Sabotage and Political Saboteurs

An American Airlines mechanic was accused of sabotaging a navigation system on a Miami flight with 150 passengers aboard. He confessed Wednesday to attempting to destroy the aircraft in a plea agreement that reduced his sentence to just three years. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, doesn’t speak English well enough to talk without a translator. […]

What Rudy Is Up To

You know why Giuliani is under so much heat? He’s in Ukraine doing what he did when he busted up mobsters and criminal enterprises in New York. He’s a former district attorney, a prosecutor, and he’s feeding data back to William Barr and John Durham about the Deep State criminal case they are preparing. HOW […]


It will not succeed. POINT ONE: Impeachment proceedings are so PAINFUL to look at. BUT I am encouraged by this Word… You and I are watching this Bible verse in action “deceived and being deceived.” Notice how people who sell a lie start to believe the lie! All the Democrats started off their resistance knowing […]

President Trump vs. Deep State Operators

First it’s one story then another. The latest version? “Navy secretary threatened to resign over Trump’s request, but not top SEAL commander: officials.” That’s the headline below, but the article doesn’t even back it up. Here’s my take. The deep state political operators in the State Department, CIA, FBI, NSC, DOJ, and all the other […]

It’s a Reformation War

THIS WEEK a Reformation War begins between spiritual realms. In 1516 this realm collided over a humble monk who dared challenge the power structure of the Catholic Church and the crowns of monarchs they controlled. It represented a collusion of religion and politics at its medieval worse. Today the ancient battle resumes. The difference is […]

What are Sanballat and Tobiah are doing?

Here’s what the enemy is posting. You need to know what Sanballat and Tobiah are doing. What does this mean? It’s simple. The Attorney General William Barr is about to expose illegal intelligence community activity, and former Obama CIA Chief John Brennan and McCain and Clapper are going to be linked to the fake Dossier […]

Troubles: USA TODAY phasing out print edition

BOOMERANG I remember how painful it was to discover that major papers, USA TODAY in particular, had entire editorial boards denouncing Donald Trump and urging their readers to vote for Hillary. They never did this with any other Presidential election. They have been at war with him ever since he won. They are trying to […]