My friend Gordon Pennington sent this Press Announcement to me:

May 16, 2020
As Michigan remains under strict lockdown orders, Shelley Luther, recently arrested for opening up her Dallas hair salon, will be traveling to Owosso, Michigan to support the 77-year-old barber Karl Manke, of
Karl Manke’s Barber and Beauty Shop. Manke has been cutting hair as a fixture in Owosso for decades and awarded “Best Barber” in the community for many years.

Under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s arguably unconstitutional draconian shutdown of the state, Manke has been cutting hair for the last two weeks to economically survive despite being issued citations for violating the Governor’s strict shutdown orders. Governor Whitmer’s administration has now unilaterally suspended Manke’s license to cut hair, threatened with thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees for going back to work.
Governor Whitmer continues to dictate more shutdown orders, spurning the Legislature, which did not extend her emergency powers beyond April 30th and whose approval is required by law.

“Karl, like many of the barbers and hairdressers in Dallas, is a fixture of the community, and has cut hair for generations of Michigan families,” said Luther. “Governor Whitmer has denied him the right and ability to support his family and meet his financial obligations. Along with Texas, Michigan needs to open for business safely, and it needs to happen now. The economic burdens, as well as the collateral damage caused by these overextended closure orders, are crippling our economies and plunging many small business owners into despair and bankruptcy.”

Manke and Luther have been in the national spotlight, reflecting the widespread and growing concerns of Americans whose livelihoods and local economies have been devastated. They will both be speaking in support of other small business owners who are finding themselves in dire financial straits and needing to open up to survive. It might be too late for several businesses across Michigan, which have announced they will close their businesses permanently due to the uncertain and prolonged restrictions by Governor Whitmer.

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6 thoughts on “COURAGE TO STAND

  1. Hi Lance- There’s another side of courage to stand that needs to be addressed. My husband (76yrs old) owns a manufacturing company, here in the US, that makes PPE. He has been working 7 days a week and running machines via robotics to produce parts at night. Fortunately God has blessed us by our business being deemed essential, not shut down and orders have continuously poured in. Unfortunately, a few employees have tested positive for CV, no hospitalizations, thank the Lord. However, the fear factor is so intense that many employees are afraid to go to work and have not come in to work. This is prevalent in many companies. He applied for and received the PPP ‘loan’ and is paying extra hourly wages and overtime as needed to those who are working and regular paychecks to those not coming in to try to ease their burdens through all of this. This has put a tremendous strain on him and those employees courageous enough to show up. Some of the orders are to supply PPE to meat packing facilities that were shut down and could not open until certain government PPE requirements are met. The supply chain across the board are critical to our survival, economically and physically. We must rise up against the forces of evil, so help us God. I ask for prayers to include that the spirit of courage rise up across the board -against forces of tyranny and the spirit of fear and mental media manipulation be broken off of all of us.

  2. We all need to stand up and declare over ourselves, our businesses, and our homes many times a day and night:

    I do not have fear! God has give me Love,and the Power of a sound mind to freely choose how I will think and act personally, in my business, and in my family. In Jesus’ Name!

    We are being bombarded with COVID-19 propaganda over and over and over from every media source available which methodically affects our minds, wills, and emotions. The only way to change our mindset, our wills, and our emotions is to say what God says we have and then live it no matter what is being said or done all around you. Stop listening to mind changing rhetoric. You choose how you will live and act

    The more people who stand up and declare who they are and what they have by God’s Design the more evil will be shut down and the more people there will be who will stand strong and combat a defeatist mentality. No one can change your mind unless you allow them access to you mind by believing the propaganda they are spewing to get you to alter your mind and accept what they are feeding you to control you. Come on people! Stand up and stop accepting what is bringing you under illicit control. Your present choices are establishing your destiny in many, many, many ways that will remain.