To be “blessed” is to be supernaturally empowered to succeed

“God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers.” Matthew 5:11 To be “blessed” is to be supernaturally empowered to succeed. Sometimes it manifests externally in the environment and the prison door flies open and sometimes […]

A New Tactic to Divide Christians

Part I On April 10th Pete Buttigieg, current Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, declared himself as a Democrat Presidential candidate. On Sunday, April 7th, the headline of that morning’s Washington Post said, “In Buttigieg, gay Americans see a symbol of acceptance.” Shortly after that interview, Buttigieg spoke at a “packed hotel ballroom” to the LGBTQ […]

Trump weighs sending ‘unlimited supply’ of immigrants to sanctuary cities

What’s the problem here? If people believe in sanctuary cities, they should welcome becoming a sanctuary. Maybe this is a time to make the case. Jerusalem has four quarters, and there are places a Jewish person cannot go and places a Muslim person cannot go. Why not have half the city for only legal residents […]

After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land!

After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land! I’m here because the State Department is conducting important meetings that touch the spiritual future of Christians in Asia. Do a google on Ambassador Sam Brownback and his comments in Hong Kong. He is saying some powerful prophetic things about China […]

The Collapse Of Christian Culture?

ALERT!   The collapse of Christian culture in America has created a vacuum that is being filled by a sinister new alliance of liberal lawmakers, liberal lawyers and liberal judges siding against religion and family. Nothing new here, but the alliance has taken a dangerous twist. Courts are now ordering Fathers and mothers to turn […]

“Berserkly Berkeley”

“Berserkly Berkeley” that’s their new name till they get their act together. Probably should hashtag it #BerserklyBerkeley Berkeley police need to attend a weekend seminar in Chicago to see how police actually find suspects. If they can crack a case with a fake crime, Berkeley ought to be able to find someone committing an act […]