This just in: Dear praying friends, Our friends from Bethel were in Sacramento today testifying about this bill, Regarding Unlawful Business Practices, to prohibit resources concerning treatment or ministry in order to eliminate same sex attraction or gender dysphoria. As the summary from Bethel says, “Essentially conferences, teaching, books, or publications, where money is exchanged […]

God’s Wrecking Ball is Going to Rock the Church

AS I PREDICTED: AT THE 500TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORMATION GODS WRECKING BALL IS GOING TO HIT THE RELIGIOUS SPIRIT AND ROCK THE CHURCH! (Rock into an Awakening…a rude awakening but an awakening nonetheless!) Here’s an article from the Christian Post about a big meeting coming up. No disrespect meant for the folks attending. (I […]

Facebook is NOT GUILTY of getting Trump elected…

FACEBOOK IS NOT GUILTY OF GETTING TRUMP ELECTED any more than they and Google were guilty of getting Obama elected! In fact they boasted of their ingenuity. And I remember being so frustrated at how slow Republicans were to the new game. Again – Liberal media didn’t think data mining was so bad when Obama’s […]

Donald Trump Alliance with the Seed of Abraham

Lancing the News Today! Donald Trump Alliance with the Seed of Abraham! This is a great development. Abraham was promised that Princes would descend out of Ishmael his first born son in the natural. This young man, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, needs your intercession. He is a Cyrus among the Saudi princes and he seeks […]

Lance Under Attack Again

I was attacked by liberal media for saying in this broadcast that the national protest of students, especially those of ages 10-14 yrs old was a shockingly aggressive and outrageous political mobilization from the Democratic Party. I likened the phenomena of agitating and mobilizing youth to the rise of National Socialist “brown shirts” in Germany. […]


Crazy leftists will push Impeachment of this sitting president and embroil the nation in a conflict that is designed to overturn the will of the American electorate. They want power – even if it’s power over the ruins of a nation halted in its rise to strength. The Left is on a rampage to stop […]


I think it’s time I weighed in on the latest Stormy Daniels news cycle.

I think it’s time I weighed in on the latest Stormy Daniels news cycle. I mean, everyone knows how dedicated the entertainment and media industries are to making America pure and wholesome again, so maybe I should help them along and speak up on this matter of international importance. If I have time I will […]

Desire, Prayer, and Mark 11:24

Whatsoever things you DESIRE, when you pray BELIEVE you receive them, and you shall have them. (Mark 11:24) Your delay may be your intensity of desire. This word “desire” is unusual in Greek. It means to “call for” and “require” and to “crave intensely, yearn for…” and even “beg.” When you really want what God […]

CEO Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t know the facts

Check out Eric Holder and see who helped form the lax law that let a shooter run free. CEO Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t know the facts. STACK: When we looked at that we said, “The systems that are in place across the board just aren’t effective enough to keep us from selling someone […]