Need to get this in front of as MANY Senators and Legislators as possible TODAY!

Hi Lance, Ken, and Cindy- please see below. I can connect you to Paul if you would like. I received the below this morning from my friend, Dr. Paul Coyer. Let me know if you have any ideas on how best to get this info to the people he lists, and be praying: Have evidence […]

THE NEWS BEFORE IT HAPPENS Prophecy on 2021 and 2022!

You will know the outcome of the election sooner than you think. January 5-6 are D-Day for America. This is when the 50 states report their electors in alphabetical order. Arizona will be the first contested election. 160 Republicans in Congress have risen up to challenge the vote. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri is standing […]

Facebook Ad Boycott

I thank God for Facebook. They are being pressured by activists who have pressured Corporations to sign off or be targeted. That’s all I can figure as to why these big corporations are signing off on this. These people intend to shut your voice down. These Corporations do not fear any fallout from shareholders or […]


The truth is, this is a good country. It has flaws, but it is the nation Satan most wants to take down. Last month we were told Corona Virus was going to kill us because it was viral and being spread by anyone who has it even if they don’t have symptoms. Wrong. It’s the […]


My friend Gordon Pennington sent this Press Announcement to me: May 16, 2020 As Michigan remains under strict lockdown orders, Shelley Luther, recently arrested for opening up her Dallas hair salon, will be traveling to Owosso, Michigan to support the 77-year-old barber Karl Manke, of Karl Manke’s Barber and Beauty Shop. Manke has been cutting […]


The truth is now out. A dedicated patriot and 3 Star General, Michael Flynn, was set up by the FBI in a trap that destroyed his career, savings, and family. It was pulled off by a spiritually weaponized combination of corrupt intelligence agencies, politicians, and corrupt media outlets. The facts came out – Obama knew what […]


The risk of a new SARS-like pandemic was reported to the United States twice in 2018. It’s no longer classified as a right-wing fiction–it’s a fact. Senator Tom Cotton blew the whistle to a committee – “I would note that Wuhan, the province where the ailment was FIRST reported, has China’s only biosafety level 4 […]