Share this and you’ll understand why Dominion systems and Soros and other dummy voting systems like this have been screwing around with your vote as far back as Obama vs. Romney when they processed 132 million votes.
The Senate will never let this story come out. They themselves got elected off these machines.
The FBI will never let this come out. They are now the tool of the political class and an extension of the police state.
THIS is ground zero.
They’ve got the propaganda tools to control and twist the facts, we can’t let them also have the ability to manipulate our vote.
THEY WILL keep doing this and yes, rigging elections, unless we shock and jolt them into dealing with it.

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8 thoughts on “HOW TO HACK AN ELECTION!

  1. hi lance i love your stuff especially when you have a little rant which makes me laugh. i watch you most days from UK. im 77 yrs old n cheering you on. did you say you’re going to write another 7 mountains book? when? Stay strong and
    go for it Lance ☺ pat

  2. We need to pray for a supernatural intervention of God in this matter. In the nature, there is NO WAY Trump will get justice in this situation. I wrote the following:

    A governor and a secretary of state have been outed as persons who have received bribes from Dominion Voting Systems (DVS). How many more politicians have been compromised by this company? How many judges, legislators, law enforcement officials? How many Supreme Court Justices?

    What is the penalty for accepting a bribe by this company to rig their elections so that these officials always win elections? For each count of election fraud, up to 5 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. if these officials were convicted of bribery, their lives would be over.

    If the bribes of guaranteed victory in all future elections are worthless now because DVS has been exposed, then how many officials are being blackmailed or threatened? Supreme Court Justice Roberts had a black eye recently. Is this a sign that Justice Roberts is being blackmailed?

    There may be a reason Trump campaign lawyers do NOT want to be associated with Sydney Powell: she is investigating something that will destroy the lives of thousands of officials in America—anyone who has accepted a bribe from DVS or companies like DVS.

    Is there a reason law enforcement in America has not been involved in any of the investigations? Not the FBI, the DOJ, district attorneys, attorney generals, no one from law enforcement is involved in this?

    Can Americans really trust officials who have been compromised by DVS? No. We have seen judges in Pennsylvania throw out cases without concern. We have seen legislatures certify elections ignoring evidence of fraud and corruption. The excuse is that the Trump campaign lawyers to win on appeal. Seriously?

    If Trump cannot get American law enforcement to do their jobs, then he needs to invoke Article 14 and set up military tribunals to clean house of corrupt officials all over America. Another option is to fire Barr and Wray and appoint some persons to take over the DOJ and FBI temporarily to handle this.

    Powell has the right idea. The Trump campaign team is missing it. They are delusional if they think they can get justice from officials who have been corrupted by DVS.

    We pray for quick justice in these matters (Luke 18:7). We pray for supernatural judgment if necessary.

    Please pray and share. Thanks!

  3. Where can I access your frequent videos from Facebook? I want to share them with people who do not have FB. I checked here, and on Youtube for the video presented last evening, Tues., Nov 24.

  4. Funny,, not so much, but Trump told Romney to watch the voting machines when he was running against Obama. He should have listened or maybe God was in and always has been in that election.
    Funny you said we would not know about this action of voter fraud, yet again God was at work. I really believe that God will work this election the way He wants it to be. The Apple of His eye is depending on it. Look at the anti-symmetic that Biden wants in His cabinet. Really scary. A third Obama term. Wow.
    I pray that He will give us another chance of coming back to Him.
    Enjoy your books.

  5. December 1st, 2020

    Just heard Barr has said there is NO widespread voter fraud…not enough to change results!!
    Then there are new “whistle blowers” telling about all kinds of fraud!
    What is up with Barr?

  6. I believe President Trump is a Cyrus and is to have a 2nd term, hoping a 2nd consecutive term. However, GOP incumbents and those just getting themselves into those seats don’t seem to be on board. Some aren’t because they aren’t Christians. I get that, but those claiming to be in fellowship are another story. Not sure if you heard Jack Posobiec from OANN, but it would be worth a read to see why the GOP hasn’t been lifting a finger, We’re not fighting the Devil as much as people who claim to be in our own cabbage patch 😉 May the LORD give us grace to surrender the things we definitely cannot ourselves!