The risk of a new SARS-like pandemic was reported to the United States twice in 2018. It's no longer classified as a right-wing fiction–it's a fact.

Senator Tom Cotton blew the whistle to a committee – “I would note that Wuhan, the province where the ailment was FIRST reported, has China’s only biosafety level 4 super laboratory that works with the world’s most DEADLY pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus,” Cotton said before the committee.
In 2018 U.S. officials sent scientists to Wuhan, and what they learned during their visits concerned them so much that they dispatched two diplomatic cables back to Washington. The cables WARNED about safety and management weaknesses at the WIV lab and proposed more attention and help. The U.S. taxpayers paid 3.7 million dollars into this research. We need to get more on this, don't you think?
The first warning cable was obtained by Josh Rogan, a Washington Post journalist.
The question of the origin of the virus is still, however, being thwarted by China, even as they invest heavily into a propaganda campaign. What we do know is that a Chinese scientist was messing with some dangerous bat stuff. China knew this was pandemic material in December. The mainstream media do not want to cover this report.

Check this out – the story is 19 hours old, but google the “China Lab” story and google has page after page after page of USA left outlets debunking this story.
Why is this important? Because the truth is still available to the seeker that looks in the opposite direction of the spirit controlling the dominant media narrative.
When the Awakening starts, they will slander us six ways from Sunday…but the truth will be found by those that seek it!

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  1. china wants to dominate the world. china is at war with the us only most do not acknowledge it ..1st it is a economic war so china will have more time to secure military position to dominate us and the world.

  2. “The question of the origin of the virus is still, however, being thwarted by China…”

    Here’s a most interesting find as to the origin of this pandemic — Shi Zhengli — as researched through The Epoch Times’ Investigative Reporter, Joshua Philipp:

    Well worth your time.

    This is also confirmed in Tracy Cooke’s dream as shown to him by God and shared in this video beginning @5:18: In this same video @13:32 Tracy Cooke tells us how we need to be praying for President Trump. Critical! Dates to remember: May 21 through the first week of June.

  3. This is a lab of which we were obviously aware. There are many coronavirus’ so it is not surprising they would have that. US delegation was there so it is rather hard to say China was trying to hide it. The only “revelation” is that there were concerns about safety at the lab. Can you imagine visiting a lab working on organisms that could kill humanity and conclude, “I don’t see any issues here.” Other than an expressed concern about general safety–there is no information here to point at some plot or connection to Covid 19. There could be. But there is nothing breaking to point in that direction.

    What is the point of stoking this narrative???