We Have Less Than 30 Days To Turn This Around

Here is A Powerful Prophetic Word On What Jesus Is Doing Right Now! He’s Stepping In… “Behold I come quickly” to the church in Philadelphia! Watch Pennsylvania. Rudy Giuliani reveals shocking revelations about the Venezuela, pro Antifa and Soros fingerprints upstream on the software used for the election. Shocking. PRESSED for time? Grab the prayer […]

The Changing Nature Of Warfare

On this week’s Firewall, we are joined again by Rick Joyner, one of the most insightful and prophetic historians and authors I know. Rick has a chapter in my new book about the chaos hitting America, and I believe it’s part of a literal Bible code. We’re going to talk about the historical shifting, the […]

Remember The Bush / Gore Court Battle?

The Bush/Gore recount and court battle took 37 days! Be patient. This is only day 6… it’s just 6 days into the process. The premature celebration on the Left is a cause of concern because they will melt down in the coming days. Now the reverse kicks into gear as Attorney General William Barr verifies […]

Firewall: The Battle For Sheep Nations

In this special episode of Firewall, I interview Rick Joyner. He is a futurist and one of the top twenty Christian authors of all time. He believes there are four “winds” shaping our period of history. The war for nations is no longer one dimensional, waged through hand-to-hand combat and ground invasions. Today’s war for […]

Don’t Be Intimidated

I’ve seen so many Christians panic and their prayers are panic prayers. Remember I predicted this in my book that this election wouldn’t be decided on election night, it would be decided in the days and weeks after. The election is now in the legal sphere and this is what we need to watch. Don’t […]

Election & Spirit Wars Update

When you look at the leftist bubble, they are convinced that they will see a Joe Biden landslide, but when you look at other sources, people are convinced there’s going to be a landslide for Donald Trump. God gave America some time in 2016 with Trump’s election, and our mandate was simple. God wanted us […]