“Chills & Goosebumps” That’s What I Got Watching This Again

WITCHES CAN’T COMPETE WITH THIS. I hear there’s a global gathering of witches to put curses and spells on Kavanaugh and President Trump? LISTEN to this- just 57 seconds – a sample of a SPONTANEOUS breakout of “God Bless America” sung in intercession – while unruly protesters were being arrested- the NIGHT BEFORE the Senate […]

You Have A Message? Let’s Talk To An Expert On How You Get It Out There!

Have you ever dreamed of sharing YOUR MESSAGE on stage and having the opportunity to transform thousands of lives? BUT the thing that is holding you back is… you just don’t know HOW to get your message “out there” in front of an audience? LISTEN, I want you to know, there is a very real […]

Mike Bickle Is The First One To Come Out And Say What I’ve Been Thinking

Namely… “Too much of our ‘inspirational,’ charismatic rhetoric has become both anemic and insufficient relative to the coming storm.” The church is almost entirely missing the moment. We are so fragmented and out of touch we can’t see much less put out the house that is on 🔥 fire! Here it is…   An Open […]

Pray With Me Towards The White House

Join with me in prayer towards the White House. Pray Psalm 40 which is what Ashley Kavanaugh, wife of Judge Kavanaugh. She’s a Christian and from Texas, asked for this Psalm prayed over her and her family. Pray for divine intervention, protection, supernatural strength. No matter if I come in contact with protestors, like Senator […]

Midnight Hour Report – The Ford / Kavanaugh Hearing

What happened today…Senator Grassley was a bit too accommodating with Dr. Ford. “Would you like a foot massage? Perhaps a cappuccino?” And the Republicans? Not one questioned the obvious gaps and contradictions. “You don’t know who drove you home and nobody asked where you went but you’re sure you know it was this guy… 35 […]