Important Word On President Trump, Turkey, Syria And The Kurds

A lot of you have been wondering what’s happening with the President and Turkey and I’ve got a very important update for you. I just flew home from Tel Aviv, Israel, Brazil, and San Diego. Just when I arrived in Jerusalem in Israel for the Feast Of Tabernacles, I actually edified myself about God’s faithfulness […]

Traveling from Brazil to Israel For The Feast Of Tabernacles

I’ve just finished preaching at Comunidade Das Nações Brasilia and had powerful, wonderful meetings that Stacey Campbell invited me to. I’m asking that you pray for me as I’ve had a bug, and I want to be ready to go when in Jerusalem. It’s a long trip. First, it’s a nine-hour trip from Brazil to […]

One Body… Contending For Nations!

I’ve just finished preaching at the Comunidade Das Nações Brasilia, and just like in the United States, they are warring for their country and for their government. We’re seeing the spirit of God moving in a reformation of America and seeing that same battle being fought here in Brazil proves that we are not alone, […]

Trump Takes On The U.N.

Nothing amazes me more than the BREAKING NEWS nobody hears. Trump takes on U.N. world order and follows up with first ever U.N. meeting on the plight of persecuted believers – and nobody knows! At the end of my step by step analysis of Trumps bold challenge to nations. Each punch thrown at corrupt players […]

The Clapper-Tapper Caper

There was a great story in the Epoch Times recently about Comey, James Clapper & John Brennan. Remember the supposed story where Russia supposedly had compromising information on the President that turned out to be totally false? Well Comey knew it was fictitious from the start! That didn’t matter though, because he and his friends […]

The Colorado Blueprint

Colorado has been under siege by progressives and legislators wanting to make our state as ungodly as possible. Unopposed, they will succeed. As Christians, we need not be intimidated or feel powerless to see things change. We must rally together to restore faith, family, and freedom to our communities and to our government! Nothing less […]