Valentine’s News Update: Roger Stone, Bernie Sanders, And Coronavirus

I’m in Denver, Colorado about to give a talk but I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening right now. Roger Stone, Manafort, Flynn – all of these guys have been caught up in the left’s “Trump crime trail” unravelling, even though there was no crime. I mean, we’re still trying to […]

Prophetic Update: What REALLY Happened At The D.C. Prayer Breakfast

The media jackals are howling about the President at the prayer breakfast – but what THEY DID NOT TELL YOU was that the President also apologized for not always loving his enemies. “(People of faith) like people, and I’ll be honest, they sometimes hate people. I’m sorry. I’m trying. When they impeach you, it’s not […]

Pray For Rush Limbaugh

CAST DOWN BUT NOT DESTROYED – As Bernie and Biden wrestle it out, the Babe Ruth of broadcasting wrestles in another arena. For the last 3 years I have been saying Rush Limbaugh is nothing less than a secular Prophet. Like a light in a dark place, he guided many of us who are a […]

U.K. Brexit & News From China On Coronavirus!

I want to give you an update on what’s happening globally since impeachment has been eclipsing everything else. There’s the coronavirus coming out of China, Brexit just happened in Europe and that’s going to have a ripple effect across the whole continent. Then there’s the impeachment drama that I believe is going to resolve itself […]

Impeachment, John Bolton’s Book, And His Cash Grab Gone Wrong!

BOLTON! BOLTON! BOLTON!   The entire impeachment hearing is spinning on the head of this one witness. His salacious tidbits are being daily leaked by the National Security Council (NSC) to the New York Times! (Ironic that Trump critic Lt. Col. Vindman has a twin brother at NSC, in charge of reviewing the Bolton Book […]