The Time Of Passover Seder & President Trump’s Big Decision

When warfare and stress hit we are tempted to revert back to our old nature and thought patterns to get relief. We’re hearing people talk about the country being shut down for months while we’re dealing with coronavirus, but I think President Trump has already decided he wants to get businesses re-opened. Passover is upon […]

Lance The Trump Whisperer Decodes Latest Press Briefing

TRUMP WHISPERER Lance Wallnau goes behind the scenes of the latest White House press briefing! We’re going to tune in to the President’s press briefing from Sunday, have you been watching them? These Press events are a hoot – if you know what to look for. Love this President. He’s the perfect captain for this […]

Do You Know What God Is Saying? Prophetic Report With Lance Wallnau & Larry Sparks

Do you know what the Lord is saying as we near the midnight hour? Right now there are three main schools of thought in the online prophetic perspectives. The three about the current coronavirus predicament are: – that this is the punitive judgement of God. – This is not the judgement of God, God doesn’t […]

Prophetic Interview With Lance Wallnau & Mario Murillo

THIS INTERVIEW IS POTENT! RIGHT TO THE END. When did “repentance” become a bad word for Christians? What is really going on right now? Are believers distracting themselves with conspiracies or positioning themselves to hear divine personal directives? Those who are easily led follow the story they are being told, but leaders ask the right […]

My Wife is Furnishing Families Of Texas!

Checking what my wife is doing today… oh boy. Her ministry, “Furnishing Families of Texas” is a faith ministry for Moms or Dads who need some basic things, like beds or mattresses or kitchen tables or lamps. It’s surreal to go from mountain tops to valleys and back up. I meet royalty that has little […]

Prophetic Update: Will God Intervene To Save America By Passover?

A new prophetic twist to the story unfolding before our eyes. We are nearing a prophetic tipping point. Did Vice President Pence just send a coded message to Christians? He said these words “heal our land.” A hint to us from 2 Chronicles that when trouble or plague comes: “If My people who are called […]

Isaiah 8:12 And The Great Shaking In The Bible

Isaiah 8:12 tells us “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.” This is something really worth paying attention to, because what we’re hearing in the media about coronavirus and the actual data are different things! It’s the data that really matters, […]

News Update: Coronavirus, The Book of Haggai, & Cyrus Leaders Rising

This week we’ve seen President Trump do everything he can to slow down the coronavirus but we’ve also seen how deep the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome goes. President Trump acted decisively, stopping travel to the US from China and, of course, being accused by the fake news media of being a racist. We’ve also found […]