Join me at the Museum of the Bible! – Interview With Michael McAfee

Few people have created a testimony to the Word of God like the Hobby Lobby, Green family. They have an exciting new initiative being launched by their daughter and her husband Michael McAfee, a PhD student in Christian Ethics. They believe the Word of God is not only inspired but it is the key to […]

News Update – What is Really Happening With Iran?

I’ve been thinking about the Iran situation and I’ve just got back from the evangelical coalition launch in Miami. Right now the situation with Iran is more important in understanding how to pray. Now, I believe that Donald Trump is being used by God, he’s a modern day Cyrus which is interesting since Pastor Guillermo […]

2020 Prophecy – Relating to Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce

What did Kim Clement prophesy in 2014 about the two political parties? What is different about this Hebrew year 5780? Is the church heading into a battle a reckoning or a reformation? Did Chuck Pierce warn that all could be lost in Trump’s 4th year? What’s the strange meaning of 20 doubled in Hebrew… as […]

Christianity Today Promotes Trump Impeachment, The Grahams Disagree

Christianity Today promotes impeachment and invokes the name of their founder, Billy Graham. Franklin Graham responds and shocks the world with the disclosure that Billy Graham voted for President Trump in 2016 and believed he was an answer to prayer. Then Franklin labeled the magazine as a publication “off track for a while” and “influenced […]

Current News: Impeachment, Brexit, And So Much More!

Have you been tracking what’s happening in the capital as the impeachment proceedings have gone full-tilt crazy? Did you know that Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are all from sanctuary cities? It’s been a nonstop assault on sixty million Americans who voted for Trump, to undo what they voted for, and make sure it never happens […]