I just got a call for prayer at the imitative of the Trump Administration. Therefore we are calling a special Intercessory Conference Call to pray for President Donald J. Trump for his historic summit in Singapore with North Korean President Kim Jong-un tonight. 6/11/18 – Tonight’s intercessory conference call begins at 8:00pm EST | 7:00pm […]

A Word About Korea!

I’m here in Jerusalem waiting to meet with family I have but wanted to share this with you. President Trump is going to need the wisdom of Solomon when meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un during the U.S. denuclearization summit taking place this week!


June 6, 2018

Jerusalem Update! History is happening as Israel hosts its 2nd Prayer Breakfast. A unique relationship is forming between President Trumps Evangelicals and Israel. They are well aware of how strategic this alliance is, at several levels. Benjamin Netanyahu refers to the President as “brother Trump,” and so he is. And so we are.