How to RISE ABOVE the strife

April 1, 2018

How to RISE ABOVE the strife and affairs of Life on earth through the RESURRECTION! The “overcomer’s” secret… When it comes to transformation, it’s important to look back to see the progress you have made. In Roman’s chapter 8 it says if Christ is in you, then your spirit is alive, and then if your […]

Dr. Lance Wallnau is in Slovakia

March 24, 2018

In Slovakia the former other half of Czechoslovakia at a gathering of over 30 Nations. This is the heart of Central Europe, and perhaps the most receptive place for Sheep Nations to emerge. Hungary nearby is openly fighting Soros plan for their nation. He is investing in the education mountain by starting a University with […]

Truth Bombs

March 12, 2018

Truth Bombs – to avoid controversy let’s talk about lunacy on College campuses, thought police and “White Privilege.” Lance plays part of a broadcast of a conservative Canadian Professor, the “prophet who won’t stop it” Jordan Peterson, who addresses “White Privilege”. Also shares about how more and more conservative voices are being shut-down on social […]