Join me at the Museum of the Bible! – Interview With Michael McAfee

Few people have created a testimony to the Word of God like the Hobby Lobby, Green family. They have an exciting new initiative being launched by their daughter and her husband Michael McAfee, a PhD student in Christian Ethics. They believe the Word of God is not only inspired but it is the key to […]

Current News: Impeachment, Brexit, And So Much More!

Have you been tracking what’s happening in the capital as the impeachment proceedings have gone full-tilt crazy? Did you know that Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are all from sanctuary cities? It’s been a nonstop assault on sixty million Americans who voted for Trump, to undo what they voted for, and make sure it never happens […]

A Real “Ah Ha!”

We had a wild time at our D.C. event recently but now I’m travelling again to Andrew Wommack’s “In God We Trust” Rally. I’m going to let you in on how Colorado was used as a blueprint for the leftist takeover of America and how 4 multimillionaires used that blueprint to flip Colorado at all […]