Greetings From D.C.

GREETINGS FROM D.C. that lustrous den of iniquity we’ve grown familiar with ever since Samson walked off with the gates and started agitating Philistines at CNN. JUST IN – We have four Democrats who said they will boycott the speech tonight. Maxine says you should not even watch it. A boycott is not bad. What […]

Our Next Generation Leaders!

I’m always looking for next-generation leaders. I was in a meeting here in Washington D.C. and came in contact with this young entrepreneur, Britnie Turner. Now, she is someone to know about! In my conversation with her I discovered she was in a class I taught when she was 17. She had been wondering at […]

“Chills & Goosebumps” That’s What I Got Watching This Again

WITCHES CAN’T COMPETE WITH THIS. I hear there’s a global gathering of witches to put curses and spells on Kavanaugh and President Trump? LISTEN to this- just 57 seconds – a sample of a SPONTANEOUS breakout of “God Bless America” sung in intercession – while unruly protesters were being arrested- the NIGHT BEFORE the Senate […]