Standing Together To Save America

I’ve just gotten back from the Franklin Graham march in Washington DC and there were a lot of Christians there. To think that we were there on that day, the day that President Trump announced a Supreme Court Nominee, who could soon be sitting on that bench making decisions about our first and second amendment rights.

Now I’m sure there will be some outrageous assault made on Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic charismatic prayer group that she has been a part of, but I really do believe the backfire potential is mounting every day.

Jonathan Cahn did a very dramatic version of Jeremiah the prophet, with a potter’s vessel smashing the vessel, which is what God did. And you know, because I’ve, I’ve been thinking about that verse a lot. So it was kind of interesting when he did that, because I keep remembering that God’s promise is that he’ll make another vessel. So America is a great big vessel, a very powerful one. But if it doesn’t repent, then Then the Lord will have to make it into another vessel.

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6 thoughts on “Standing Together To Save America

  1. Hi brother in the Lord. Wanted to share a Man on fire for the Lord. Prophet, book writer like
    You who died and came back from the dead. He is writing several books, and DC’s. You really would be blessed hearing what God has told him what he wants him to do. His name is Kevin
    Zadhai. He is traveling all around the world and is in great demand. He has his own studio so he cant be controlled by man. He spends his time praying in tongues and fasting with his wife from 3am in the morning until he goes to his office to write. He said God has given him 11 more years to accomplish 30 books.He has written three so far this year plus a bunch of teachings and cd’s.
    I found him on u tube if that helps. I hope you take this seriously. Blessings in Our Savior, you and Isabelle.

  2. Dr. Wallnau, we listen to and watch you very regularly. We just finished watching your video titled “What are we to make of President Trump in Hospital” Outstanding word. Thank you. You help bring clarity to current events and what those events portend for America and the world and your statement about the Constitution and the 2nd amendment was not accurate, even though you spoke somewhat accurately concerning the militia. the 2nd amendment states ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The arms being spoken of were the armaments of the people , namely long rifles, pistols, powder and shot. This can be better seen in article 1, section 8, clause 15 and 16. We Love you and all you bring to us to us. We attend CFAN in Colorado Springs under pastor Mark Cowart. We also often attend Charis with Andrew Womack. I also help teach the Constitution class at CFAN . God Bless You.

  3. Amen hallelijah!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!! Christians need to wake up and SHOW UP. Thank you for going even though you didn’t have a major role or some honor. I respect you so much!! I learn so much from you! Thank you brother!!