2021 Is Here

2021 is here! I will be going to Washington Jan 5-6th to meet with and speak to the Patriots who will not stop or back down in the face of corrupt powers.

How will 2021 be different from 2020?

Here is what I’m hearing from some international intercessors. Separation is coming this year. The fear of God will become real and this will lead to a whole new quality of presence and communion with the voice of God. Resurrection will overtake valleys of dry bones and a new kind of spiritual army will rise up in the earth.

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7 thoughts on “2021 Is Here

  1. I happened upon you on You Tube and I have to say, I am inspired by your words and devotion to the Lord. You are giving people hope and showing them how to get up and do the work that needs to be done. You are giving us ideas on how to speak with God and ask him what our purpose is and how he will manifest for us in 2021. I will definitely be listening to you more often. I thank you for your inspiration, your no-nonsense attitude, and your love of God and his word.

  2. Thank you. I had forgotten about journaling the solutions, and about expanding beyond the current season of intercessory warfare, although I’ve been speaking solution into the problems of the season. I recently went back to adding a modified version of the Prayer of Jabez to my daily preparatory prayers: armor, protection/provision psalms, self-examination (aaah, now I’ve forgotten what Paul called it) and repentance, yada-yada. One year, I was faithful to keep a diary: that was, so far, the most exciting and explosive year I’ve ever experienced! It was amazing the things God let me be a part of. Another year, I faithfully kept account, kept a log, of my tithing and other giving. When I examined that log at the year’s end, I found that I had given significantly more than I had in total income. Still haven’t really figured out how that worked. I stumbled onto here because I was trying to find an email address for you without having to bother your Lance Learning staff. Maybe I’ll just snail-mail. Prosperous and Successful journey to D. C.

  3. Thank you for all your wonderful insights an prophetic word. God bless you and yours throughout 2021, and beyond.
    Your Sister in Christ,

  4. 2021: Psalm 20 + Psalm 21 read as one = 2021.
    Rings with Truth for the New Year.
    Studying, leaning and praying into it.