1069145_10153500960079936_1314975806110499998_nINVISIBLE FOUNDATIONS.
When you see a beautiful tall building nobody ever says “Wow, what a beautiful foundation is under that!” The foundation is never seen – it’s invisible.

Jesus taught that a house “built on the rock” could withstand torrential waves and winds. Other houses, no matter how lovely, were shattered and destroyed when built on a faulty foundation. It isn’t the house that is strong, it’s what’s underneath the house that counts. It’s not you – it’s the revelation of His Word, deep inside you, that makes you strong and long lasting.

Apostles lay foundations. Some of the work done in ministry is not glamorous. It is hard and it is hidden. Some of us have to pioneer a message. But the payoff really does come later. The deeper the foundation, the higher the building can go.

For me the joy is hearing someone tell me how something I taught years ago, is producing fruit in their life right now. I laid a foundation but they built something beautiful. That’s the reward a teacher gets.

Realize that time spent, really mastering something, is not time wasted. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to produce mastery in any skill. Or rephrased: you can become a master at anything you invest 10,000 hours in doing.

I read something awhile back from Bill Johnson: He said that it’s easy to build layers of revelation if you have the right 8 or 9 pillars of fundamental doctrines beneath you. That’s cool.

Take the time to invest in deepening your foundation grasp of just these three subjects and they will open higher realms of revelation to you.

1. Your Heavenly Identity- who you really are in Christ
2. New Creation Realities- what you have and can do in Christ
3. Your Spiritual Authority- how to rule over what God has given you

Let me know what you get!


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