Enoch and Noah: Two stages of Overcomer’s!

Enoch and Noah: Two stages of Overcomer's!

The word “rapture” and the theology around it suffered a great deal of distortion and incrimination at the hands of folks like me and the preachers of my generation.

The idea of “escape” never played well in America, a land of incurable and often inspired optimists.

However I think we missed something. Forget about correlating the “rapture” with an escape, try substituting “translation” for “rapture” and look at the “translation” as an act of ultimate defiance on the face of death by a remnant who refuse to succumb to the spirit of the age. That's what I get in this track — DO BIG! Breaking the appointment with death is the unique achievement of the “overcomers” making up this “translation generation” of Enochs.

OUR CHILDREN will go beyond us. This is true for spiritual and natural offspring

NOTICE THE PROPHETIC NUMBERS… “Do Big!” was recorded by my son on the 7th day of rest with the family in Aruba. The 7th catches the spirit of Enoch.

Jude describes the significance of the “7th” and Enoch this way: “Enoch, the 7th from Adam” was “translated” because he walked with God. Interesting, but why mention 7th? He was Adam's 7th offspring spiritually and naturally. Adam to Abraham (2000 years) Abraham to Jesus (2000 years) Jesus till right about now…(2000 years) that's 6000 years ending and 7th day dawning. So…if a day with the Lord is as a 1000 years…we are stepping into the 7th day from Adam.

The 7th from Adam is the “translation generation.”

TWO PHASES of END TIME ACTIVITY for the “Overcomers.”

After Enoch the 7th Generation departs by “translation” we have a new story in Genesis… Noah. He is of particular interest because Jesus referred to His coming as a time like Noah. Luke 17:26 – “When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah's day.”

One type (Enoch) is translated BEFORE the flood and the other (Noah) is delivered THROUGH the flood. (This teaching is gonna flip some switches off and on in my readers so hang with me…)

The Arky Arky is a prophetic statement about the church that makes it through the flood.

50 cubits wide…number of “Pentecost” the Spirit Filled church.
300 cubits long…the number of a complete remnant (recall Gideon's remnant of 300?)
30 cubits high…the full stature of time and maturity for entrance into the high calling of priest or ruler or deliverer…(Daniel, David, Joseph, Jesus)

Those delivered THROUGH the flood are a remnant people (meaning you are in the minority) who are FILLED with the Spirit, GROWN UP and ready to enter into their office and assignment. This applies both to the Enoch Translation Generation and the “Overcomers” who defy and frustrate the devil right up to the point of martyrdom thereafter.

Curious…when Elisha was tracking Elijah on his way to his TRANSLATION he was almost delayed by a company of 50 Prophets who knew something was happening (2 Kings 2:7). The Prophets of Pentecost, the last great feast are watching as the next generation of Prophets (under the spirit of Elijah) are crossing over into the yet coming great End Time FEAST OF TABERNACLES. The two groups are separated at the moment of the CROSSING JORDAN under Elijah's mantle is highly symbolic as it leads to the “Translation” encounter… and a double portion mantle on Elisha.

What does all this mean? Not sure, but I know when I am onto something. We shall see.

I know this – “Do Big” – captures an aspect of the “sound” of the TRANSLATION generation who will break the appointment with death. Not a “rapture” but a translation – like Enoch. The translation generation will make the Word flesh and “translate” the message of the kingdom into the language of every sphere to AWAKEN every nation. There will be a fountain in every mountain. A song of “Ascents” is what it's called in Psalms. “Come let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord.”

Day 7 is a prophetic track for the 7th from Adam and those Enoch's who will surpass me and my generation.

– Lance

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