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Principalities in transition…

As Daniel wrestled in prayer a high raking angel broke through to tell him to keep on praying. The angel was sent to give him insight into the things he was picking up on in his prophetic radar. The BIG point is that a shift was coming between ruling spirits over the age of man. A principality over Greece was involved and so was a Principality over Persia…modern day Iran and Iraq. Is it not interesting that IRAN and GREECE are once again dominating the headlines?

Daniel 10:20: The angel said…, “Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the PRINCE OF PERSIA, and when I go, the PRINCE OF GREECE will come.”

THIS SCRIPTURE DEALS WITH THE TRANSITION OF NATIONS AND ERAS OF HISTORY. Daniel was shown that Alexander the Great was on the horizon.


GREECE IS “SYMBOLICALLY” IMPORTANT BECAUSE- it is the cradle of Democracy. GREECE laid the foundation for an idea of representative government based on consensus, logic and laws in pursuit of freedom. This could not work without merging it with another idea- FAITH. Faith provides the moral compass to restrain the passions of people seeking their own self interests.

Americans in the 1770-80’s debated and finally forged the best of both worlds into a new experiment balancing and benefiting from the tension between freedom and faith. A new highly productive model was formed for wealth creation and expansion of liberty.

Marc Nuttles picture refers to “the realm”…he is talking about the realm of Government operating as a secular elite over an economy driven by voters unhinged from economic reality. This is a virus effecting more nations than Greece. The piece Mr Nuttle caught is that in the American experiment GOD is sovereign over the people and the people in turn elect their representatives. This is the whole “one nation under God” idea. Remove God as an influence over people and you have nothing left of his influence in democracy. You have the realm of exalted man in the realm of government taking Gods place.

A big “Bozo no no” of historic proportions…as we are about to see.

THEREFORE We should note from GREECE and IRAN in headlines that
…the powers are shifting again!

IRAN – is now an ascending regional and global power with an Islamic political agenda and nuclear capacity for war and destruction developing in its wings.

GREECE – is a descending power, heralding the fall of the West as an economic power when cut free from the moorings of its moral foundation as a “Christian Civilization.” ( the words Churchill used to describe Europe in its last spiritual convulsion – manifest in a struggle against Hitler.)

The UNITED STATES – is the leading ship representing Democracy and free enterprise. It is a ship with no moral rudder taking on 18 TRILLION GALLONS of DEBT. No longer functioning as an experiment in freedom balanced by the moral constraint of a vigorous “Faith” community, freedom will become license and this license will become lawless and lawless with increased debt (spending without responsibility) – will make us like – Greece!

Only there is no Germany to bail us out.

So watch what is happening with a prophetic eye. Don’t be fearful. Don’t be negative. AND don’t be in denial. Be sober minded and full of the Spirit. There is a way out of the storm…but a true Issachar company first “understands the times” and then secondly, “knows what Israel (Gods people) ought to do”.

Am I making sense? Denying reality is not a function of spiritual maturity. Seeing reality and staying victorious is a far better strategy for leaders.

THIS will be our FINEST HOUR! (another Churchillian quote- but true none the less)

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