11745393_10153513086369936_5081631925544638985_nJesus saw his message of love and reconciliation as a word that should touch nations. He instructed his followers to teach the curriculum He taught them. Evidently the disciples did so because religious leaders complained to the Apostles “you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine.”

What did these early followers of Jesus do that so impacted their culture?

1. They continued to teach and practice Jesus’ core curriculum.
2. They lived as a community of genuine friends, built upon the practice of the presence of God made manifest in their lifestyle of fellowship, prayer, and mutual affection. They continued as a ‘band of brothers’ and taught others to do likewise, meeting from house to house and in the Temple.

As a result the first century followers of Jesus experienced and demonstrated extraordinary love, generosity, joy and powerful answers to prayer. This is what happens when the teachings of Jesus fill a city.

Any ideas for putting this to action in YOUR city? (Or if you are already doing so, please share your examples to challenge others)

– Lance

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  1. I commend the book, SATURATE – Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life by Jeff Vanderstelt as a testimony of this in action!

  2. Thank You >>>I need to lean more.. not to be in a victim state..I Love God …I Give Him All The Glory…May my live be in his presence…..reflect his glory…I Thank God for sending u to me to lean more ……