15846_10153512215794936_5192763662078848230_nWhy I love watching Washington Insiders have SPASMS over the Donald!


“The American people haven't seen something like this in a long time. I'm serious. They have not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down, and tell everybody to go to hell. What they've seen in the past is an embattled public figure emasculated, shamed, apologize and shrink away.”

(Thus spoke a bold media commentator. I liked his thinking and copied in his transcript with my own comments sprinkled in.)

The entire McCain situation is interesting to me for a whole lot of reasons. There's a conventional wisdom out there, and this is generally how it goes. Public figure slash candidate, makes politically incorrect statement that offends…. Somebody (could be any aggrieved category of globally overheated species or sexual behavior.)

The Washington establishment and media react in selective “OUTRAGE”

The media then REPLAYS whatever the offensive comment was over and OVER AND OVER, news stories never ending about the outrageous statement that the public figure made.

And then the 7 mountain establishment gets together with the “7m” media, and they ALL demand that the public figure immediately apologize, beg forgiveness, and either withdraw from whatever the public figure is seeking to accomplish, or to stay in properly chagrined and rendered irrelevant.


That conventional wisdom plays out practically every time this circumstance happens. And the reason it does is because people make the mistake of assuming one thing, and that is this… They make the MISTAKE of assuming that the collective outrage of the WASHINGTON, L.A. and NEW YORK establishment elite and their media outlets are reflective of American public opinion.

That's an automatic conclusion that everybody in those lofty HIGH PLACES atop the 7m STRONGHOLDS of America makes. BUT – they are gatekeepers who are often out of touch.

So let's use Trump as an example. By the way, I'm no apologist for Trump, but I've looked at this. Sharyl Attkisson has written a great analysis of this, and it is a fact that Trump did NOT say what he's being reputed to have said. He said it ONE time, he was answering a question, and he said that McCain's not a hero, captured, and he changed and said FOUR different times he is a hero, he is a war hero. McCain is a war hero. He said that four times.

The Washington Post, for example, did not report that at all, never reported that Trump said it once, much less four times. Anyway, see, the facts don't really matter in a circumstance like this. That's another thing. What actually was said by the offending party and the context in which it was said are purposely blurred, lied about, or ignored.


So the convention wisdom erupts into full bloom. The media, the Washington establishment, conservative and liberal both, immediately demand that Trump apologize. And then they add that Trump can't survive this, that we were all just waiting for this to happen. We knew it was gonna happen. We knew it was gonna happen 'cause Trump steps in it all the time. So now all these people are saying, “We knew it was gonna happen. We knew it was too good to be true. We knew Trump didn't have what it really took to run a campaign. We knew he was gonna say something totally embarrassing. He embarrassed himself and everybody that supports him. He's gonna have to apologize, and have to withdraw.”

Except one thing hasn't happened… Trump hasn't apologized! Not only has Trump not apologized, he has DOUBLED DOWN and he has to added to his original criticism of McCain. He's calling McCain a bad guy. McCain's a lousy politician. McCain talks a lot but doesn't do anything, Trump says. The VA is a mess. Illegal immigration's a mess. Everything we hear McCain say he supports or cares about, it's all going to hell. He's a bad guy. He's not a good politician. I'm trying to save America. I'm NOT gonna apologize.

This is Trump.

NOW THE ARCHITECTS OF CONVENTIONAL WISDOM DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO because by this time they've gotten their scalp.

By this time, the guilty party has apologized, is begging for forgiveness.

And Trump is not.

Now, remember, there's a common assumption made every time one of these things happened.

Why were they wrong? Because THEY MADE THE ASSUMPTION THAT THE WHOLE COUNTRY WAS OUTRAGED. And that's the key here with this Trump thing. This is the fascinating thing to me. This is something we're gonna learn.

When the reaction of outrage over Trump's comments came, Washington establishment, Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, the media, accompanying it is the ASSUMPTION that the American people, a majority of the American people also find what Trump said unpalatable, unforgivable, unacceptable.

That's one of the things that makes these work, is the ASSUMPTION that the media is simply reflecting public opinion. But we never really know.

The POllING DATA on this is gonna be fascinating in a week or two, or less, maybe, because, remember, the real key to this is this automatic assumption that everybody's outraged; that everybody wants Trump gone; that everybody finds this objectionable; that everybody thinks it's over the top; that everybody thinks Trump has gone too far.

And that assumption is always erroneous, I think. ( He will take a hit and surge to the top again – that’s my opinion. And he will start to scare a bunch of conservatives who fear a Ross Perot style 3rd party split…which will put Hillary in as next Pres.)

That's the thing that's always gotten me is this presumption that the media speaks for a majority of the American people. I know for a fact that's not true. A majority of the American people don't trust the media. A majority of the American people consider the media a problem. And, yet, here is this automatic assumption every time something like this happens. It's pretty much the case in every story they report. There's this presumption… Now, let's take GAY MARRIAGE.

Let's take a story in Indiana with that little pizza shop that got shut down.

There's a presumption reporting it that the entire population thinks that that little pizza shop ought to go away. And it's part of the reporting. It's just as though this is what's normal, as though this is what is. By the same token, massive NATIONWIDE SUPPORT FOR GAY MARRIAGE. Anybody who doesn't is a KOOK, a MINORITY so visible you can't even see 'em. That's how small they are. So, I want to see what happens here, 'cause they're doing everything they can to destroy Trump by acting like he's destroyed himself with voters.

Conventional wisdom is that Trump is finished with voters.
That is what presumes this new political reality, and I don't think it's the case. But it won't take long to find out. And just think how the conventional wisdom is going to be shaken upside down if Trump is not damaged.

I don't know what they'll do publicly. Maybe they'll talk about how stupid the American people are, how gullible, or maybe it's white angry men, Tea Party crazies or evangelicals in pick up trucks.

They'll fall back on some caricature that they've used of CRAZY voters in the past to explain why Trump is still doing okay. They can't let this incident show them as being wrong about the fact Trump has to go, because he's just unacceptable. This is over the top, just don't let people talk this way, is not done, and so forth.

The danger is that conservatives who genuflect at the altar of political correctness are in danger of missing the real issue.

1. Fetal tissue is being sold by Planned Parenthood – and Trump is the issue?

2. Iran has been given funding for terror and shouts “death to America” and Trump is the issue?

3. Gay marriage is the new normal and Christians better get in line, and Trump is the issue?

4. Muslims are the largest group coming into America- one just killed 5 good young men who were left defenseless due to Liberal logic about no fire arms at recruiting stations, and Trump is the issue?

The price “the elite” now pay is that “their” D.C. Beltway and N.Y. cocktail party and L.A. celebrity issues no longer matter to a great many people.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? Any ministries out there weighing in on this?

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  1. I am laughing because this is why I don’t watch television much. It is the venue to reach masses and like you said to “grandiose” a topic that is really nothing more than a blip on the radar screen. Talk, talk, talk is such a racket. This particular blog reminds me of people shaking their fists over abortion but never support foster homes or adoption…life still goes on outside of the womb.

  2. You’re the first insightful Believer ‘Lance,’ that has had the courage to respond appropriately about “The Donald.” The reason the greater majority of Independent ticket and Republican voters respond favorably to “The Donald” (Trump) is because he tells it like it is!! And he does it without personal restricted access to his masculine side. We have now pathetically evolved into an civil society filled with male sissies…and whether people in general want to admit it or not, that is repulsive to any national construct. Accepted, in fact heralded, Sissidom within a country– is a deal killer and a rules of engagement game changer. There’s absolutely NO good that can come from a national conscience of effeminate behavior. Trump knows this and he is uninterested in the limp wristed political Washington elite and their rhetoric. And at last neither are the vast majority of thinking American public. Christian’s desperately need to get off their churchie religious pew seats and ENGAGE in what is actually going on in the sphere of influence Christ has already placed them in…these United States.
    Wake UP Beloved! Is right.

  3. Lance, I’m right there with you. I support Donald and think he just may be the Lord’s man for such a time as this. I seem to recall that God used a man not considered one of “His” (Cyrus) to do His will in Old Testament times. Just like the Lord’s sense of humor to use Donald as His man for just such a time as this.

    Just my humble opinion of course!

  4. I remember seeing an editorial cartoon a few years ago where a man and a women were watching TV and standing behind them were the three main pollsters, Gallup and Two Others.
    The man says, “You know what I think? ”
    And all three pollsters chime in at once saying,
    “We will tell you what you think.”
    I agree with your insights here completely. Same with the weird daytime shows that highlight moms dating their daughter’s boyfriends and grown men wearing diapers and try to make you think that us mainstream America

  5. Donald Trump, and I thought voting this next term would be detrimental at best. God uses the most visibly unlikely!
    Thank you, Lance!

  6. If Donald can do it on whatever gas fills his tank, what’s holding us back? This is not as simple an issue as just c

  7. Oops. Too many fingers on my phone. Editor please add…

    This is not just as simple an issue as casting off restraint and letting rip.

    Or is it? May be it’s finally casting off the restraints of fear. Casting off the restraint of compromise with the leeks and garlic of new Egypt of World order. I am talking to myself here.

    In the valley of decision. Am I hearing so little ftom Heaven because my ears are plugged? Help me Lord!