Do You Know How to Ask?

Improve your spiritual batting average

I remember years ago a great teacher named Bob Mumford said something interesting about prayer and petition. He said, “If you want to increase your batting average, you have to stop swinging at every pitch that comes over the plate.”

A baseball player watches for that perfect pitch. Apply the same strategy to your prayer life. What if you are praying earnestly and seeking God to do things and you’re swinging in all directions—but you are swinging without a strategy? What if more of your prayers could get answered when you pray the prayers that God wants you to pray, knowing that they fit into His master blueprint for your life?

If you only swung at the ball that the Father intended for you to knock out of the park you would be a Hall of Famer in the Kingdom. Your batting average would go up.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  1. Recognize that the story is bigger than yourself. You are destined to be alive now. There is a pulsating recognition within each of us. We have a sense that God is doing something now and we know we’re meant to be a part of it. Your prayers play a critical role in the harvest of souls. Destiny is not about you, but rather a purpose God has positioned you for that is bigger than yourself. You are entering into and inheriting a six thousand year labor of prophets, martyrs, reformers, and missionaries who came before you.
  2. Swing with a strategy. James 4:2-3 warns about praying amiss. Perhaps you have asked and prayed, but the prayer wasn’t in tune with the heart of God. Instead of a disjointed prayer life focused on what you want to see manifest, tap into the main vein where the Father is leading you. As you line up with the Scriptures and the Lord speaks to you, you'll start to see things come to pass for which you've been interceding. Walk in a rhythm of divine asking. Seek Him morning, noon, and night in alignment with your assignment.

Discern what the Father wants to make manifest now in your daily prayer life. Add Ask Ask Ask to your collection today.

Question: In what ways is the Lord calling you to realign your prayer life? What are some strategies you already employ as you seek Him today?

As One!

Are you swinging without a strategy-

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