What Is Your Mountain?

The 7 Mountains: An Executive Summary

So what exactly are the “7 Mountains,” anyway? Many of you write to me requesting a brief summary of the 7 Mountain message. Does it still seem a bit obscure to you? I’ve put together a message that I know you’re gonna love!

Recently I was going through the archives of moments when the Spirit of God fell. Ten years ago I received a unique revelation when I began teaching on the 7 Mountains. The idea went viral. A group of executives requested, “Can you just give me an executive summary? We don’t want to go to a conference or go to a long meeting. I want something I can give to my friends on a treadmill!”

I remember one of the guys I was talking to was Ken Blanchard, author and creator of the best-selling The One-Minute Manager and Situational Leadership. Ken, along with John Maxwell, is a prominent voice in the area of leadership and management. 7m Revolution: Executive Summary is the fruit of that conversation. It’s two 20-30 minute sessions outlining the 7 Mountain concept, available as a DVD or an online streaming option.

What aspects are covered in this DVD series?

  1. The big picture. What is the cultural battle we face? How has the Lord called you to your sphere of influence? We need to take a strategic approach to disciple nations and shift the atmosphere.
  2. How 7m leaders shape culture. What are the seven categories? Learn which mountain you are destined to claim for Christ and how to reap the harvest of nations. Understand how these ideas affect the culture of the future. You have a key role to play.

Are you the type of person who prefers compressed information? Do you want to be able to get the essence of a powerful template that explains how the Kingdom comes and the will of God unfolds—even in the midst of the shaking of the current season? I believe God is positioning people in these spheres of influence. Are you wondering what God is doing and how you that correlates with your calling and purpose? This teaching will bring clarity to the questions you are asking.

The Gospel will go into every nation and every system before the end comes. Are you equipped to take your mountain for the Kingdom of God?

Follow this link for more information on this effective and concise message: http://lancewallnau.com/7m-executive-summary


As One!


Are you equipped to take your mountain for the Kingdom of God? 2

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