Witches Do Curses, Trump Hunts ISIS & The State Dept. Conspires…

I am increasingly shocked by how uninformed Christians are about their own protection and survival. It’s frequently a conversation starter wherever I go – people ask about the President and the impeachment. They’re not asking because they’re upset about it, they’re asking because they’re concerned he might have done something and what he might have done. Here’s the thing, the future of American will not be determined by corrupt politicians, or the vile, deranged, media outlets who hate the President more than they love America. The future of America is going to be up to you and me!

I’m going to bring you up to speed on the Trump-Ukraine situation, how William Barr is about to expose the Obama White House, John Brennan, James Clapper, the CIA, and John McCain. Witches put their curse on Trump and that curse is going to boomerang, return to sender.

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4 thoughts on “Witches Do Curses, Trump Hunts ISIS & The State Dept. Conspires…

  1. Lance, sir, you need to ask the pastors like you are doing a survey. I’ve done that before. I went to every church I could find in the Rockford area 30 years ago (before I knew there was even such a thing as an email) on Sunday to find out what they think about Christian broadcasting. (even some on Saturday ????). No one refused to answer. No one can resist a survey. ???? After you gather the information you will have a better idea of where they’re at. Just saying.

  2. Prayer and Fasting Alert:

    Is this situation biblical? Yes.

    The Bible recounts the situation where Jezebel arranged an evil fast of her followers. They falsely accused Naboth of cursing God. They stoned Naboth to death and took his property.

    Now, Nancy Pelosi, a Jezebelic witch, is arranging for an impeachment vote of the House on the Satanic New Year’s Eve (October 31) based upon the lies of “deep state” scoundrels. The objective is to remove Trump from office (take Trump’s position), prevent Trump from ever appearing on the ballots in 2020, and to give another “deep state” Republican a place on the 2020 ballots.

    To quote the Bible:

    …They proclaimed a fast and gave Naboth a seat of honor among the people. And the two scoundrels came in and sat opposite Naboth, and these men testified against him before the people, saying, “Naboth has cursed God and the king!” So they took him outside the city and stoned him to death. (1 Kings 21:12-13)

    What this shows is that the battle is spiritual. It shows that Christians will have to fast and pray to frustrate the plans of this Jezebelic witch, Nancy Pelosi.

    The Heavenly Father will give us the victory if we pray.

    We decree that the demonic, witchcraft attacks against President Trump will NOT prevail. We decree that the wicked will fall into the traps that they have set for President Trump and his people.

    … For without cause they laid their net for me; without reason they dug a pit for my soul. May ruin befall them by surprise; may the net they hid ensnare them; may they fall into their own destruction. (Psalms 35:7-8)

    Please fast, pray and share. Thanks!

  3. Please checkout Veronika West on Facebook. A prophetic word concerning Kenya . It was given on Sept. 23rd. What’s your take on this?