Martin Luther, Reformation Day & The Hour Of Grace For America

Did you know thaat today is Reformation Day? This is the day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg chapel. This is the day historically that the reformation began! With that thought in mind, this is also the day that the impeachment of Donald Trump by the radical, rebellious, governing leaders in America is happening. The principality powers are manifesting their desire like in Psalm 2. The rulers are taking council together to destroy what God has annointed. The devil wants to by force destroy and overrule the hour of grace for America.

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2 thoughts on “Martin Luther, Reformation Day & The Hour Of Grace For America

  1. thanks guy -I enjoyed your talk in Destin Fl-Hope you enjoy the wire words of hope
    Dont give up–there is another Lance Walnau on Youtbe by the bame of
    mike Thompson
    Might be good to network–prophet pastor guy like you
    jerry marston
    The Thompsons: Who Are These People?
    Mike Thompson is a noted prophet and Bible teacher.
    He pastors Word of Life World Outreach Church of South Las Vegas.
    Mike was thrust into semi-prominence on the internet after openly sharing
    an angelic visitation in which the Lord told him “the hand of the Lord
    is on Donald Trump” for the presidency of the United States.
    This occurred in April of 2016, seven months before the election.
    Initially, Mike was quite reticent about sharing this prophecy publicly.
    He had strongly held convictions about keeping politics
    out of his church and ministry.
    He “wrestled with the Lord” over it, until the Lord made it clear to him
    “it’s about REVIVAL, not politics,” and that souls were in the balance.

    Mike and Ck now have a growing online following,
    especially on their YouTube channel and also on FaceBook.

  2. “They believe that God is pouring out His Holy Spirit in these last days, which will result in worldwide revival. As the revival grows, Christians will be placed in the highest governmental leadership positions throughout the nations. This will culminate in a Christianized world that is responsible to restore it physically (governmentally, environmentally) and spiritually (morally, and through restoring social justice) in order for Christ to return to earth to begin His physical rule.

    There is absolutely no basis for this teaching in Scripture. One overwhelming obstacle to Christians thinking they can take dominion over the world is the entire book of Revelation. The next kingdom to come in God’s timeline is the kingdom of the Antichrist! That takes place during the “great tribulation,” when God pours out His wrath on the entire world.”