What are Sanballat and Tobiah are doing?

Here’s what the enemy is posting. You need to know what Sanballat and Tobiah are doing.

What does this mean? It’s simple. The Attorney General William Barr is about to expose illegal intelligence community activity, and former Obama CIA Chief John Brennan and McCain and Clapper are going to be linked to the fake Dossier and illegal Trump surveillance.

Brennan just did a desperate call out to all his deep state anti-Trump CIA loyalists to come out of the closet, rise up NOW and target Trump to take him down before the reports are made. Not unlike a game of chess or deliverance session, the King will sacrifice other lower pieces to protect itself.

Did you notice they came after Barr too in the fake Ukraine attack? Why? Because he is meeting with intelligence communities in other countries that worked with Brennan to penetrate the Trump team and entrap advisors.

What is sad is that half of Americans (a chunk of the church included) are exposed to this toxic media assault and think Trump has done something worth investigating.

Those of us who know what is actually going on need to connect more, pray in agreement, and lift up our voice in the right way to break witchcraft off America and confusion off of the disoriented body of Christ.


Source: Trump’s War on the ‘Deep State’ Turns Against Him | The New York Times

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