Wild Prophetic Moments On Dream Trip Last Week

You can’t make this stuff up!

It was my first meeting with the Prophet Julian Adams…

Another Prophet, Shawn Bolz, told me about him and said he was really sharp and loved working with him. Julian flew from South Africa for the Cabo Dream Trip. He was unfamiliar to all of us but we all soon discovered that what he had to share was powerful

In our audience we had a number of first time visitors. One of them owns the largest organic farm in the USA. Julian quietly pointed to the couple and started to give them a word when he paused and said: “I see the word ORGANIC in big letters over your head, does that mean anything?” He then proceeded to share what he sensed. None of us knew who they were until after the prophecy!

Then, he pointed to specific people and shared a unique word for each one.

One of the couples I knew. David and Jennifer Harris are the CEOs of Uncorked Health & Wellness.  They launched their new venture from Redding, California. I got connected with them when I made a 3 AM video that went viral, complaining about how a little packet of some “Uncorked” super fruit powder I drank was still working 10 hours after I took it!

I feel like aspects of what Julian spoke over David and Jennifer Harris will apply to many of you. I didn’t know anything about David’s heart for racial reconciliation, but God knew.

The prophecy over their business was exciting to hear! Wow! And now, I am heading out to Redding to do a “Convergence” event this weekend with their company!

Here are my 3 takeaways from what the Lord shared through Julian:

  1. Prophecy is REAL. Paul told his young protege Timothy that he could “war a good warfare” if he did so “according to the prophecies that went on before you” (1 Timothy 1:18).
  2. There’s more behind your battle than you know. The enemy knows something of your potential in God’s plan and will do everything he can to divert you from your path!
  3. What can you do? You can ask the Lord for clarity about His plans for your life. That’s what I am focusing on in this season with my teaching on “How to develop a ‘Level 10 Lifemap’ to your future.” When you are in “convergence” you are intersecting this plan!

I am especially interested in helping you MONETIZE your plan. One of the factors that can knock you out of convergence is money. The devil knows this well and will try to knock you out financially.

If you are looking for a new business I suggest you check out “Uncorked.” People who get in at the launch of companies, like David and Jennifer’s, are often the most prospered. I am incredibly excited to see what the Lord is about to do through them.

If you want to tune in to the Uncorked Convergence conference where Annabelle and I will be speaking along with Andrea Thompson, Ashley Monroe, Leah Valenzuela, and Beni Johnson then join us by registering here for the live stream→ http://www.lancewallnau.com/convergence. The conference begins Thursday June 9th at 6PM PDT.

Question: I think Julian heard it right for so many people on the Dream Trip and I want to know…what is the prophetic plan God has spoken over your life?  Comment below! 

As One!




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33 thoughts on “Wild Prophetic Moments On Dream Trip Last Week

  1. Motivational and prophetic speaking. Currently pressing in for Word of Knowledge because this will be what really resonates with people no matter where they are in their walk. These are such exciting times…WOW

  2. In 2001, my three-decade career in the graphic arts had completely dried up. I spent eight years as an in-home sales “road warrior,” traveling all over Pennsylvania, selling decks and kitchens for Home Depot. That also dried up when my home office closed its doors.
    Then, in 2009, God called me to write. As I struggled to be obedient to His calling, He sent Prophet Steven Brooks, who (having no knowledge about the calling) told me that I am “supposed to write something.” He told me that God had anointed me to write, and that my work would be published.
    Three years later, “The Power Right Under Your Nose” was published, and the Lord told me to begin a second book, which He titled, “Asleep In The Boat.” I am working on that right now.
    The message the Lord has given me is a very powerful one!
    For the last three years I have been under financial attack, rendering me unable to effectively promote my first book.
    He is using the enemy’s attacks to strengthen me, and to teach me more about His supernatural ways!
    He has shown me that I will be speaking before thousands, delivering the amazing message He has given me to His kids, as well as to the lost.

  3. Interesting the Organics….as of taking a Prophetic class thru Global awakening in Jan. 2016, God gave me a Vision, all this land, clean products (organics, business, people of low privilege working the land. I’m to own it, for ‘Healing the land means owning the land.” God showed me that much toxicity to humans, fish, animals came to Industrialized nations in the form of pollution & toxicity by-products, plastics, petroleum- all of that- and along with it came man-made processed foods that are slowly polluting and degrading the health of Industrialized populations. I am a health fanatic (no other way to say this) definitely what my family calls me. I would say that I am hyper-vigilant regarding clean products – not only to eat, but skin products, cleaning products….etc. Part of this Vision was a low-privileged people with gold inside them, they will have inventions inside them…..as we clean, reverse toxicity and restore the land to health…right now, we are medical industry heavy due to the previous description….but God showed me that as we heal the land, (through understanding, revelation, and clean practices & as we invent new ways for using older cleaner & more productive methods, we will reverse this curse….we will become more top heavy on prevention, the pendulum will swing back and the medical industry will shrink to something more along the lines of a trauma type industry. Not the doom and gloom that has been the previous forecast……A most exciting prospect!

    Cheryl Steffen

  4. According to the prophets in my life: God’s hand is upon me for greatness, I’m to serve, administer, and administrate. As a member of the tribe of Clement, I’m called to be one of the mightiest prophets on the planet (yep I’m watching the supernatural happen with me), I’m carrying a twin anointing that I’m waiting on my female counter part to show up and share. Help me God! So how do my business dreams and ideas fit into this kind of calling? Do I just drop them? Were these prophets wrong?

  5. This is an amazing word of confirmation. I just met a man who is called The Ambassador of Increase. I am called to be a Digital Deliverer for the Church that is avoiding the ministry that is needed on the internet as well as for small businesses people who are locked into services that say they are “Free” or “Low-Cost” that become expensive when customers need greater access. I am also called to put the welfare department out of business by teaching the church about their obligation to care for the “widows and orphans”, the “poor and oppressed”. One will be the catalyst or the other.

    • I’m excited about your assignment Peggy, this is much needed. I just prayed for your destiny and released God’s Light over you. God Bless Sisterfriend, Love Jan – Face The Light! – Follow and like on Facebook

  6. I have encountered Julian Adams at two prophetic conferences in Dubai along with Shaun Bolz and Ash Anandi. Julian is a hugely encouraging prophet. The first time he prophesied over me relating to my prophetic art and creativity and the second time pinpointed a car accident from a few years ago and released the trauma which I didn’t even realise was still there but certainly felt it depart.

    • Be encouraged Kris, many of us are still figuring it out. Sometimes God’s plan is like a puzzle and the pieces come in his timing. Or an unfolding rose that can’t be forced open before it’s time. “Father thank you for Kris and the plans that you have for your child, thank you Holy Spirit for leading and releasing the God flow. Let there be no anxiety for what the future holds, because your already there leading all the way. I ask, Father that you would release your light into any darkness that has prevented clear and precise visibility in Jesus precious name I pray. – God Bless you – Jan – You can find me on Facebook “Face The Light”

  7. Yes, the Lord has already spoken so much this last month of May, Increase, breakthrough, and much of things that are about to come into
    the beginning of Destiny, no way can any one man, it is going to be a Body of Christ, to release both to the captive, but be a supplier to the Body of expansion, computer is going on the frietz, but just the first few words are in my path. Praying for you and so any others in the Now,
    major BREAKTHROUGH TIME!!! Please pray for my sister Sandy, she is battling for her life…along with myself, but Greater is HE in us, than anything else, it all have to BOW Down to the Lordship of Jesus! Expect Beyond….

  8. I am called to be a knife to the flint in mankinds heart, to rekindle the fire of passion, to fulfill the God given calling on thier life.

    It will be done through speaking and prophetic drama, acting, theater.
    Not sure what the prophetic drama, acting and theater looks like.

    • Dear Andy, I’m so encouraged by your assignment! People need their hearts on fire for the Lord again! Revival of the heart, and to have a fiery passionate love for Jesus that will not fade. People need a Holy encounter with God, Not religion, If we truly experience him we can set the world on fire. For our God is a consuming fire… Hebrew 12:29 If you would like to share some encouraging words with my Facebook group called “Face The Light” look us up God Bless- Jan

  9. I had a vision almost three years ago to a place that I’m currently at now. I had several dreams to verify my coming. In three months that I put my house up for sale, the first couple bought it. The dream about coming by myself, the Jesus would always be with me. Praying over a dead man in that same dream happened a month and a half when another Christian and I prayed over a dying man that was in a coma and on life support. The doctors told his wife that there was nothing else they could do for him and that it was only a matter of time. His pancreas had a unknown infection and it was deteriorating fast. A few hours later the ICU nurse heard a commotion coming from his room and she looked in on him and he was on his knees pulling out wires and tubes out of his mouth a land nose so he could breathe. He is back to work and out playing golf. I know what the next healing to take place and soon. He has allowed me to rest for this next person. And He has sent two others to help. In that vision I saw 4 healings and I’ve already witnessed 2 in the year and five months that I’ve been here. In 4 months I’ll be 68 years young and I will see more healings then these four. I’m retired and the rest of my time belongs to Him, the One who sent me

  10. At a ProVision meeting more than 10 years ago now, the Lord said to me, through Dan Stratton, “Ask God for a Prophet Center and Cash Flow to finance your ministry.” That”s all I know right now.

  11. My name means “Famous Friend” or ” Fame and Joy”. I am called to the arts and entertainment industry . To reveal beauty. To befriend those in the industry who need to know Him.

  12. I’m to help the Ecclesia, world-wide, financially in “Kingdom” building & establishing it, and to “be a Daniel to the nations”.

    • Charles, I’m excited about your world-wide assignment, one that will impact so many for the Kingdom of God! “Father I thank you for the gift you have placed in Charles, that he will share wherever you send him, we bless you LORD for those you have raised up in the earth to be a standard of righteousness for your name sake, release your light Father upon his path to see clearly and precisely in Jesus precious name”… Amen… God Bless you – Jan- you can look up my Facebook group called “Face The Light” on Facebook, I’m also a student of Lance Wallnau.

  13. The Lord have me His eyes and I got wings at the same time. Flying with the same aerial view as astronauts in earth’s orbit, as I came upon lands, I spoke the words God gave me. He showed me Thailand, Britain, Tasmania, Santiago and Compton.

    • Dorothy, You have truly experienced something beautiful! I believe God wants to do that for so many more of his children! You are an intercessor and much gets accomplished when the LORD sends you out on assignment! God Bless- Jan

  14. Hi Lance,
    Always appreciate your contribution to The Body of Christ but wonder what Biblical foundations point 2 are founded on.
    It is my conviction from my understanding of scripture that.

    1. As a Born Again Believer My Life is hidden with Christ in God. Col.3:3…..No exposure to the works of the devil. See also John 17:15

    2. That I am seated with HIM in heavenly places. Eph. 2:6

    3. That I am Not of this world John 17:14

    4. That I am kept from the evil one John 17:15

    5. That I am sanctified [set apart] by truth. John17:17…….The TRUTH is The Word of GOD and our walk is to the degree that we appropriate GODs WORD.

    6. Each and all of the above is totally dependant on whether we believe, receive and walk in THE TRUTH of GOD instead of the thoughts of the natural man.

  15. I love the Prophetic and that is just a lovely prophecy to listen to…prophecy always encourages, comforts, helps, directs, builds up and gives guidance…that man is doing that and it’s wonderful to hear this and wonder to see the gift of prophecy at work and to see Prophets being released like this, building His kingdom of love and goodness across the whole earth…and to see how God is helping businesses and start-ups…Amazing…

  16. Greetings Lance,

    Prophecy ….has been underestimated .in the body of Christ.Much fear mongering.Yet God says desire the best gift ….That you may prophesy.
    I thank God for His voice of prophecy it has brought me through and bringing me through situations. How wonderful is the security of a proven word of God through this kind of utterance.God is exciting! Bring it on Lord! …more and more.

  17. The prophetic word spoken over my life has been the same for 15 yrs. Which is…” The Lord is bringing millions before you, contracts before you. A country boy will make a city boy rich, and God is making an example out of you. Businesses are within you. What God is going to do in your life takes massive amounts of money. And He is sending massive increase to you. God is not playing with you. He will do this. ”
    – Micah K.

  18. I am one who connects. I also have a call to write, which has manifested in the most unanticipated way, but has been confirmed through Divine Appointments and great favor. It is amazing! And the beneficiaries will be those in captivity to PTSD.

  19. Good Morning Lance from a fellow South African…I have been blessed by your 7M teachings thank you. GOD IS SO GOOD. Beautiful liberating word from Julian for David & Jennifer that does I believe have application to many of us. Last year September I received a powerful word from Julian when he had a 4 digit number that happened to be my credit card pin number. It was a long SOZO word that started with ‘God really really loves you….you are a Lioness who the enemy has sought to muzzle…to silence your sound’…He spoke of my physical health & personal circumstances that were spot on. When a word firstly comes through a Prophet with ABBA’s love and then speaks at such a deep personal level to this artists soul…it resonated with a ‘deep magic’ & refreshing. It has been so challenging to stay authentic to the call as a creative single mum in extreme circumstances. Having a heart for the disenfranchised and recently being part of a team that did an extreme makeover for LIV Village where orphans are housed with mothers this word is a NOW word from Father’s heart. Look forward to you visiting SA The Rainbow Nation….Kate

  20. Ck out the ND quarter design as well as Angela Doan art and then and then contact me. Both are all about going deeper with GOD -in GOD. I shall leave it at this; which allows GOD to fill in the blanks.

  21. Hi my name is Camille Boyd! Bless you Lance and Annabel for all you joyfully sacrifice to build the kingdom. I am a Speech-language pathologist in the market place and a killer sheep! I love the prophetic word from Julian Adams for Dave and Jennifer. I also love to be a blessing to others. I would love to be a source of help and blessing to Julian.

  22. Wow, wow and WOW!!!!!!!!

    Lance, I cannot tell you how “right on” this word was for me and how it lined up perfectly with what is taking place in and around my life at this very time. I wish I had time to say more and you had time to read more, but it was as if I was standing right there in that moment of what was spoken and it was spoken directly to me. So much lined up with what is happening and what God has been speaking to me.

    In addition, much of what I have been reading on your website and hearing from your videos is powerful and being used of God to confirm the decisions I have made and the challenges I am overcoming. God is leading me in the right direction and using you and others as His mouth piece to confirm, guide and direct my steps.

    Thank you for being obedient and allowing God to work through you.

    Tom Tompkins