Dismantling Strongholds In Your Thought Life: Part 1

3 Characteristics and Strategies for Overcoming Strongholds

When the Apostle Paul said that we “wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers,” what did he mean? The verse found in Ephesians 6:12 makes something very clear. Paul did not believe his warfare was a battle with people, political institutions, or even personal circumstance. Our warfare, like his, is an intense, personal, and close wrestling match with disembodied spirits.

  1. How do you know you are under attack? One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I am in warfare I don’t feel like myself. I feel disconnected, awkward, and inauthentic. I’m not myself and I don’t even like who is showing up. Do you ever feel like this? It’s like you’re someone else. Something is trying to take over your thought process. Remember: the battle zone is in your thought life. The secret is to catch the enemy when he attempts to slip into your thought life like the serpent in the garden. Don’t let the thought take hold. For this reason Paul says one of our primary weapons is the power to inspect and take thoughts captive as they enter your mind.  Paul describes an interrogation process, in which we take a thought captive “at the point of a spear.” Notice the language he uses to address strongholds: “Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5).  
  2. What is a stronghold? Think of it as a house made of thoughts.  It’s a pattern of thinking that has a “strong hold” or grip on your mind.  And let’s be honest: if it’s a pattern of thinking it is also a pattern of feeling and behaving. A stronghold is something that exerts an influence or leverage over the thought patterns that play in your mind. They produce a harvest of consequences. The devil is trying to rob you and your children of God’s inheritance.  He does this by working to get you to compromise and bow your knee to unbelief, apathy, fear, lust, addiction, depression.  Don’t let him succeed. Put up a FIGHT!
  3. What is God’s goal for you? The Spirit of God wants us to be thinking beings who operate out of freedom!—NOT robots. The Holy Spirit is busy right now setting us free from CONTROLLING SPIRITS. This includes all addictions and compulsions. As a believer, you are not under the dominion of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). God created man in His image and in His likeness and gave him a territory called a garden. In that sphere of influence man was in charge. He had authority over the snake. God has put you in the garden of your life.  He wants you to be free to flourish, create, and expand dominion.  God made you in His image and wants your mind free to see, sense, discern, and judge.

How can you dismantle these strongholds?  

Strongholds are like fortresses that must be torn down one brick at a time. Every thought that hits you needs to be countered by another thought! Lies need to be answered with TRUTH. You need a proclamation in your mouth—there is an “IT IS WRITTEN!” for every battle. These truths need to be meditated upon and literally “engrafted” into your soul. In this way God uses our warfare to do something that totally frustrates the enemy. It makes us stronger! This connects us to the lineage of overcomers described by the writer of Hebrews who said: “Out of weakness they became strong!” (Hebrews 11:34)

Question: What lies do you need to refute in your mind? What truths do you need to stand on for daily victory in the spiritual realm?  

Comment below and tell me about it!

As One!


He wants you to be free to flourish, create, and expand dominion

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81 thoughts on “Dismantling Strongholds In Your Thought Life: Part 1

  1. Can’t find you on One Place anymore! Keeps saying this ministry not found here or something close to that. Have you moved to another place? I have been listening to the archive messages listed. Matter of fact, heard one last night, and was suggesting to my son to listen to it (the one I was listening to last night) and he can’t find you either. Went to face book, but found the same issue, when attempting to listen to the messages.

    • I too found the messages gone missing on OnePlace. Though many of the postings are from previous content I have collected from Dr. Wallnau, some of the content I had never heard (like the TWO MEN and a BIBLE set – simply awesome). I downloaded each anyway and really appreciated the posting. I have given to Lance’s ministry in the past, but it looks like my efforts were not enough (on my own).

      I’ll look to the iTUNES location, though I’ll still contribute as the teachings have been transformational in so many ways

  2. Bonnie, We are transitioning over to iTunes for all of our streaming podcasts. We are moving the entire One Place archive to iTunes so you will be able to listen to all the broadcasts there. Our iTunes account should be populated with all the old broadcasts tomorrow morning. One I have a direct link to listen we will post here and on social media.

  3. This is so true Lance. Good word. Much needed by the body of Christ. You talk about ”mind molders” in the 7 Mountains of Cultural Influence. Demonic lies are ”mind holders”. that’s why they are called strongholds. Can’t wait to hear more on this subject/topic. It is one of the hidden keys for transformation of self and society and systems.

  4. That God loves me in spite of me! That it’s not too late for me! That I really am the righteousness of God in Christ! That pay day is coming for all the hell I’ve been through!

    Thank you, Dr. Lance. What a powerful teaching and so on time for me! Blessings to you and Annabel and family, in Jesus’ Name.?

  5. WOW!!!! This post came JUST ON TIME!!!!! THIS IS what I’ve been speaking to the Lord about!! I mean some things(even word for word) that Lance wrote are things that the Lord has said to me, even just a couple of hours ago, especially about thought patterns, strongholds, about the enemy being after our inheritance, and regarding the enemy and us having authority over him in Jesus. Funny thing. I actually passed by a sign yesterday and there was this banner on someone’s yard and it said, “Don’t tread on me”, and though it wasn’t the exact words I know from the Bible, for some reason it jumped into my spirit. My eyes went to the top of the banner, and it was a logo of a huge snake. I was like, “omg….” A snake logo and a quote that says, “Don’t tread on me” ? The thief doesn’t want us to claim the land that Our Daddy has given TO US, His KIDS.
    Thank you Lance for your obedience and sensitivity to the Word and Spirit of God!!!!! Bless you.

    • Whew. Powerful liberating truths (at least for me); lots of dismatleing to do. Have stored up lots of Word- need to use my “it is writtens” . More great tangible tools. Grateful. (Great post here too!)

  6. Fabulous! Thank you~
    Inspires me to continue engraving the word of God even more and more in my heart, mind and decree, declare and proclaim it over myself, others, nations, etc.

  7. I started praying much more in tongues at work, and started seeing almost instant results. I also invited a long time prayer warrior/friend of mine to join me occasionally and anoint it with prayer as well. What a difference!! You can just feel the atmosphere changing, and the differentiation between MY thoughts and those which my spirit has been discerning but which I was confusing as MY thoughts (which they weren’t) has really helped in that as well.

    Thank you for this and other teachings like this. You truly are a prolific AND anointed teacher of the Word and its VERY PRACTICAL applications in our daily lives.

  8. Lance, I believe a stronghold is at work in my family. We have been in turmoil for years and we can’t get free from what has us in its grip. We fasted prayed got counsel yet it still is there. Any thoughts?

    • There could be generational curses that are impacting your family. In addition to Lance’s great insight given to him by God, and also Derek Prince’s works, you might want to check into the Aslan’s Place ministry (www.aslansplace.com) that is headed up by Paul Cox. Their website contains an amazing amount of resource information.

    • Hi, Michelle! Good advice from other friends here. Praying for the eyes of your hearts to be enlightened so that you may discern what schemes are at work in your family. Intentionally agree with the Holy Spirit and give notice to any evil spirits that have taken up residence in your home and family line. Ask: have we (or our parents, grandparents, etc.) made agreements that we need to break in the spirit? Walk around your house and ask the Lord if there is anything you have brought into your home that is in opposition to His spirit. Praying for the eyes of your hearts to be enlightened so that you may discern what schemes are at work in your family. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). Take heart and be encouraged, knowing to Whom you belong–stand on the authority of the name and blood of Jesus.

  9. Yep! Much needed Word for me these days. I’m learning how the snake tries to slither his way into business affairs, learning and growth as well. They can be subtle. ..but hinder you just the same. I stay in the word and peaceful,resting on Gods promises and keep taking the next step to get to the other side and it either works or I check in with God again. I get fooled once in awhile. ..but growing and abounding yet more and more. Thanks, you two are a blessing.

  10. Lance, your Periscopes have been refuges to go to to balance out reality in my life perceptions, lately.
    Since you asked:
    “What lies do you need to refute in your mind? What truths do you need to stand on for daily victory in the spiritual realm?”

    The prominent lie is the lack of God’s care/faithfulness to fulfill His promises in my life.
    This primarily manifests when ongoing problems don’t resolve for the good, e.g., a Small Claims judgement I won that the debtor refuses to pay with me attempting to use available legal means to track down an empty bank account and new business address by paying money to a P.I. and more money to the L.A. Sheriff to serve orders with no apparent satisfaction in sight.

    The above is just one example with the overarching stress and perplexity not having regular work as an art director/designer (self-employed while driving Uber as additional income) while approaching retirement age. Of course, I have experience His tender mercies to keep me going through all the mind and life battles, but it’s not the picture I imagined for the provision in this time of my life.

    Negative thoughts include: regrets for past decisions/missed opportunities, self flagellation, DOUBT and lack of hope.
    Truths I desperately need to control my mind include: His love and concern with every aspect of my life, His redemptive power to overturn my mistakes, and images of hope for a miraculous future where I can both receive and give of His goodness and fulfill the destiny of my short life.

    • Keep getting up each day confident that God is Who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do! Trump the lies of the enemy with the truth of His Word and His intense love for you Ron. Your latter will be greater than your former, God said so!

    • What I have learned thru similar challenges is that God has issues with SYSTEMS- that it was much bigger than me. He used me to shed light on some shoddy debt & financial scams- selling personal information & sales of bad judgments & crazy court SYSTEMS that mishandled the processing of these matters. Since these battles I have received several (albeit small) checks in settlement class actions. These small unexpected checks continue to roll in; some of the erroneous debt was cancelled (identity stolen years back) & much light has been shed on the institutions that were scamming! May God’s Mighty Faithful Hand continue to be upon you; may He grant you GREAT wisdom in the details of His Work in these matters. Praise God!! He is good always, faithful ALWAYS. As One.

  11. Wow! Your analogy really hit home for me when you wrote:
    “What is a stronghold? Think of it as a house made of thoughts. ”
    I just know that when I start to feel negative, there is some stinkin’ thinkin’ going on, and I pray and ask God for help. He shows me in a lot of ways what is going on – through reading the Bible, or when His Holy Spirit shows things during worship or helping someone else who has similar issues (*Sheesh, if they only _____ they wouldn’t have a problem . . . Oh, I have that same problem . . .*)

  12. Hi Lance.
    Again with the timing of what you post! I often shake my head in amazement at it..
    Last night and into today I’ve had a battle with exactly what you’re talking about here.. In fact today I literally thought to myself – I’ve got to identify the lie (& what’s the root?) first and then have a verse/s to fight back with..even last night I thought, this isn’t me!
    And then I got your email today..

    Mine have been a variation on a theme regarding change (as in will never happen), and the other one dealing with abandonment.. the Lord showed me the root of that one right after waking up from a dream after watching last Sunday’s replay of the DreamTrip livestream..

    Honestly, there’s more but all seems to be linked together..

    My life verse which popped in my mind while writing this, is one that will help: Zephaniah 3:17…

    Thanks Lance for this blog post.. I really appreciate it!

  13. I have ALL the lies the devil programmed into my UNCONSCIOUS mind during the FORMATIVE years (Train up a child in the way he or she should go…when he or she is old, that child will not depart from it) on 4 X 7 laminated cards with the lie on the front and the truth, from the WORD, on the back. That’s what I do for a living. They call me “The Locksmith” because I make “keys” for people who are locked-up in their minds. The UNCONSCIOUS mind is programmed during the critical foundation years. The devil understands neurology and psychology. He read Proverbs 22:6. The Bible tells us where Satan puts the lie (The god of this world has blinded the unbeliever’s mind – any lie we struggle with is a direct negation of the Word, so we’re technically an unbeliever in that area). How does one blind a mind, hide lies in the unconscious mind so people will keep doing the same things repeatedly, despite the consequences, with NO conscious awareness of why they keep doing it over and over and over again. Same people at the altar every Sunday about the SAME situations. The conscious thoughts are NOT the real issues! It’s the lies hidden in the UNCONSCIOUS mind that are the REAL problem! I’ve been trying to contact you via your website to tell you about my work.

    • Aneeshia, this is exactly what I need help with. The thought is only half the problem, it’s the subconscious belief that produces the thought that creates the lie. Some people don’t know what lies they are believing!
      What is your email address or website please?
      Thank you,

    • Dutch Sheets book ‘intercessory prayer’ may help you further press into who God is for you – tearing down strongholds particularly Naema (word for blinding) is one of my fave ones to tear down & throw as far as the east to the west.
      Particularly important when praying for someone to go the narrow door of salvation.
      You are who He (God) says you are!

    • Anneshia, what wonderful work you do!! I just visited your website and read about the programs/curriculum you’ve prepared for the youth as well. Thats so awesome!
      Kudos sister♡

  14. The thought “I did something wrong” especially after an amazing week with the Lord sharing the Gospel and being the hands and feet of Jesus. It seems every time I do something tangibly for the Lord I receive a huge onslaught of friends sending me emails that I am needy, and not caring …totally can be debilitating…because you care and love these people…I have to step back and not respond right away and ask God what do I keep and deal with and what do I discard. I really am not attached to this stuff..I bear it to the cross. Then not afraid go head to head with this thing..and not over email..face to face because I need to see and hear what the spirit(whichever is manifesting) is up to then I can pray it off, cast it out…or repent and deal with it aligned to Gods truth. Just because we receive words from those close doesn’t mean its all true. Generally, most of the time I see the devil trying to get me off my God focus. I love Gods people.

  15. These personal strongholds mostly sit in our sub-conscious mind which means that we usually respond sub-consciously to the “thoughts” before they even begin to arise within our conscious mind. Once we have an awareness of these “thoughts” (which is in our conscious mind) we then need to “take them captive” and deal to them. But we also should begin to deal with our sub-conscious thought patterns on these same “thoughts” by beginning a process of dealing to them by “transforming” them – Roms 12:1-2 – the “renewing of my mind” – and this is a longer process.

    We have mostly been taught to “deal with these thoughts” in our conscious mind – and I believe this is why we often get only temporary relief. My mind (“sub-conscious”) needs to be “changed” – “renewed” and Roms 12 is the perfect strategy – but it requires determination and effort to keep the “issue” at the forefront long enough for new thought patterns to replace the old ones.

    30+ years ago a great teacher taught me that it takes 90 days to replace these old thought patterns and a further year to ensure the new thought patterns are sub-consciously functioning. (Dr. Caroline Leaf says 63 days.)

    Of course, Holy Spirit guiding us through this process is essential.

  16. Lance, your messages are ALWAYS so timely to my life and you nailed it again! I have been working thru and applying the Dream Trip livestream messages. Wow, what a life changing, powerful weekend that has been! Then out of the blue have been hit with crazy thoughts since Monday and have already been diligently doing most of what you shared. So grateful for some of the additional insights in your message. I know I am stepping into the new paths and am not surprised by enemy resistance, but I am pressing on toward the mark of the high calling that is set before me in Jesus. Abundant Blessings!

  17. That was a very timely word Lance, thank you. Even though I “know” about strongholds, and warfare, this was extremely important for me to hear, especially, the signs of knowing when you are under attack, was key. That explained and helped with what I have been going through. As usual an excellent word!

  18. Though I am quite aware of the enemy’s lies, I still battle with negative childhood perceptions of myself and the feelings of inadequacy and fear that were planted long ago. I know the Lord loves me and sustains me in battle…and yet I still must fight to overcome the lies, the biggest one being I’ll never be good enough. The challenge really is to replace those lies with Truth and to step out in faith with the One Who is always faithful and always with me, no matter what I may be feeling.
    Thank you, Lance, for your encouraging words. We always end our prayer times at church with the “as one” shout, for the Truth is we are One in Him. Blessings.

  19. Lance, your instruction today is so timely. Five hours before I read this I proposed developing an outreach through my church to my pastor. The idea is a variety show that will include nearly anything – comedy, musicians, singers, inspiring poetry, juggling – set up the rods and bring on the plate spinners! The presentation will include a gospel message and an invitation to come to faith in Christ. In essence, we will create a mini crusade in a variety show format where people can bring their unsaved friends and relatives who don’t go to a Sunday morning service but will come to an hour of entertainment, and also bring joy (hopefully) to the children of God. Later this month my pastor will take the idea before the church leadership for approval. After my proposal to the pastor, I thought, “Will people want to work with me? What if no one signs up to be involved? Do we have the talent? Will churches respond with invitations?” Those are the thoughts I need to fight with the Word of God. I came across Isaiah 48:11 today: “For my own sake, for my own sake, I will do it; For how should My name be profaned? And I will not give my glory to another.” If the outreach receives approval, I will be excited to develop the art form I enjoy performing.

  20. Lance,
    i need help with money.

    i have skills, advantages, opportunities, smart ideas, ambition and vision. I also have a job.

    however despite these advantages i find myself unable to produce in my own home biz or any money making venture i decide to embark upon.

    The demonic apparently has a strong hold on my mind in this area of biz and finances.

    i need your help.
    I know i can be an epic producer in life but these mental strong holds have me like im confused and crippled.

  21. After going through the process of dreaming about the various areas of my life and reconnecting with God’s vision, the Lord had me write out a list of the core negative beliefs that I struggle with. To my surprise there were FORTY! The Lord said, “Forty condemning lies are like the forty lashes that the ancient Romans knew to be fatal.” Then He had me journal out the truth about these areas, and come up with a positive statement of faith that summarizes my thought process. Some of these are scripture, some are just positive statements of truth. I have been working with these in various ways to get them ingrained in my mind and spirit. My favorite is the PowerPoint I call my moving vision board that I described here previously. (Positive statements of faith interposed on positive images representing the concept and set to empowering music). It’s animated and each slide transitions after four seconds, just long enough to read the statement and imprint the image on my thinking. An example of a positive statement I use would be “I am enjoying living in perfect convergence.” I have lately taken to getting up and dancing while I do it, which gives me a little cardio workout at the same time. It is definitely getting me into a much more positive and faith-filled frame of mind. I notice that the images flash across my thinking at odd times during the day as needed. I am very thankful for this tool that I believe the Holy Spirit gave me and encourage others to try this method. It’s very cheering and encouraging.

  22. Lance, Have you ever noticed that when someone makes an obviously bad, unrighteous, decision they tend to try extra hard to prove that the bad decision and it’s consequences are actually good? I’m wondering if the opposite can be true as well. Could someone blessed with righteousness try extra hard to prove the goodness is actually bad? More specifically, could I be sabotaging my own life inadvertently to prove I am not blessed because I still haven’t fully accepted the righteousness that belongs to me? Kind of like a child prodigy that acts out to prove they’re no different than other children.
    I’m bringing this up because so many Christians seem to throw away the blessings (marriage) God has given them. More specifically because I have thrown away blessings (marriage) and miss-treated the goodness God has given me. This may be some kind-of deceptive stronghold. I haven’t fully actualized who I am. Until now.

    • Oddly compelled to comment on my comment 😀 because this broadcast has me really contemplating the strongholds I’ve long nurtured. I’ve decided it’s pride that keeps those who are wrong trying to look right, and pride again that keeps those who have Christ’s redemption from actuating it. Pride and a reluctance to relinquish control. I admit I am not Adonae.

  23. Lance, great word! You are moving deeper into your “Samuel Anointing” to help the “Davids” in the marketplace.

    This is a season where those who understand their Kingdom assisgnments will be able to identify with specific clarity the 2-3 key demonic strongholds militating against them and use the armour of God, the blood of Jesus and the word of God to overcome.

    God bless you and your family and every believer who is dedicated to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.

  24. “Place your hope in God, not in people”….spot on word tonight Dr Lance. In our ongoing season of hardship with my husband’s declining illness, I recognized my hope for someone to rescue us from the strain of stress, sadness, isolation, etc, etc.- anyone but God! If this points to a stronghold, who knows. My discernment seems to have flown out the window.
    When I hear “I can’t take this anymore”, I whisper back- I can do ALL THINGS…..and I get through the moment. I will see Him in this, I most certainly will. And others will too. Here lies my hope.

    • I took care of my mom for three years in my home until her death. I have scoliosis and it was difficult to manage her care from my own physical perspective. Every time I had to lift her I prayed Phil 4:13. The Lord saw me through it all. However, I did take ” alone time” ( in my house ). I always rationalized, as one does with a newborn, if they’re fed, dry and not crying in pain, they are alright. A caretaker needs time to themselves to gain perspective. I did attend a small group from my church once a week. Again, mom was safe in bed watching TV or sleeping. And remember, you are not your husbands Savior. Someone already has that job and does it perfectly. He loves your husband more than you do! God Bless You!!

  25. Oh YES — even though I’ve been privileged and blessed to be taught by many,anointed teachers, over many years,(which includes you, my dear Brother in Christ) I still find myself occasionally besieged by that ENEMY of my SOUL (my mind-will-emotions) in those quiet, dark hours of the night when one is not alert (actually asleep) but abruptly awakened and unprepared to have ‘shields up’ and ready for battle. I RESIST that enemy immediately, pray in the spirit, and eventually go peacefully back to sleep — but it does serve to remind me that we must always be ready and on the ALERT for these attacks. Even at age 87,, widowed, still a soul-winner,, so that enemy wants to “take me out!”. He KNOWS his time is very short,,(nearing the END of his 2,000-year lease on this planet) and he knows that GOD’s KINGDOM will soon be established here. He’s after EACH one of us! We’re the ONLY threat he has for maintaining whatever power he still has here on this earth. It’s obvious he has accelerated his evil plans and strategies the past several years!

    Jesus defeated him on the Cross and those subsequent 3 days and nights in hell — but satan is a sore loser! He’s still going to try everything he can to defeat us, because he knows Jesus LIVES INSIDE US. So now, it’s up to us, God’s children, to defeat him! Finish your race — you’re already a WINNER — with ALL the Promises and Power of your Lord and Savior INSIDE YOU! Satan was defeated once and for all by Jesus, and now it’s up to each of us! MAY GOD BLESS and STRENGTHEN YOU AS YOU PERSEVERE WITH PATIENCE and HIS GRACE AND MERCY, TO FINISH THE COURSE! We fight on AS ONE!! WITH and “IN HIM”, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. OUR REDEEMER AND SOON COMING KING! HALLELUJAH!

    • Dear Melba.
      THANK YOU thank you. You are an example and encouragement. I will seek to follow you example and be as ‘on it ‘ as you are all my days i am about 27 years behind you. .. But yes while i am here each day God gives i need to press up press on and press out … thank you for being there and being a witness to Him and to the truth ….

  26. Hi Dr. Lance:

    Thank you so much for this lesson! I am literatally and figuratively in strategic warfare. I feel like Neo from the Matrix!!! Lol!
    The truth I must stand on is, “by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed.” Isa 54:7.

  27. Lance please keep these coming. In the busy times we live in such input is like a drive through starbucks. I dont have to turn off my engine to get a vital pick me up…

    This is spiritual reinforcement direct to the front line very Good. ..i was able to immediately send it to my three 20 somethings who all love the Lord but are geographically spread across the UK and who I know have spoken of their realisation of this is where the battle is. So double Thanks as i was strengthened and i was also able to pass it on.
    Have you heard of an English guy called Russ Parker . He gets around. An english vicar (from Liverpool) has a book rediscovering the minsitry of Blessing amazing testimonies. It feels as though this is the otherside of the same coin as we tear down strongholds we seek the blessing which is the declaration of truth to release flourishing..

    I am going to send him your piece on strongholds
    He is on twitter. And visits the States …
    Have Great Day keep sending supplies to the troops ….
    Love and thanks to you annabel and your family ps 121 big truth. Ps 84.11. …Come ON Church!

  28. Thanks for your blog post. I was praying and recognised a stronghold of unbelief that I had been wrestling with. As I wondered how I could gain the victory I remembered a blog by a man who teaches on these things that I follow and felt he might have a useful post. When I went to look I came to yours and it was just so spot on for me. Thank you for being led by the spirit to help me at this time by the post that was at just the right time. God bless you.

  29. Funny how things converge: starting to read ‘switch your brain on’ by Caroline Leaf, hearing some good teaching on the power of our thinking as a way of ‘clothing ourselves with Christ’ by Kris Valleton, and now your blog… Things are falling in place, thanks for sharing.

    One of the lies that I have noticed is that to be a real person you should follow the lead of your emotional life. God says follow Jesus and his good, pleasing and perfect will by the metamorphosis of my thinking.
    Now I don’t believe that good thinking instantly changes depressive or anxious feelings. But knowing God’s thoughts and living them is changing us from caterpillars into butterflies.

  30. Holy Hallelujah…
    Mr. Wallnau 🙂

    When it comes to Spiritual Warfare…
    Why does the Church keep fighting the same battle from Generation after Generation?

    Why has the Fervent Prays of the Saints fail to overcome Abortion???

    Answer: Genesis 3:11-13!!
    The Church has blamed our Government, Medical ethics of Physicians, even fervent condemnation of individuals!!!!
    Yet Abortion thrives beyond any limit of the imagination!!!

    To have Dominion over this Land…
    The Church must take “”FULL RESPONSIBILTY”” of innocent BLOOD!

    This is a manner of Warfare upon which the Government is Blessed, Physicians are Honored, and Individuals are LOVED, as the Body cries out unto the Lord God…. Father! it is my fault and mine alone for the murder of your unborn Children in this Land!!

    Mr. Wallnau…
    Listen well…

    Holy, Holy, Holy Hallelujah

    • Holy Hallelujah…
      Mr. Wallnau…
      Your first reaction to this manner of warfare… or finding fault!!

      Is perfectly normal and expected!!!
      For I AM THE ONE who severed the head of Goliath with his own “SWORD IN ACTS 5″”

      Which is why ISIS is a “JOKE”… a headless Earth Worm ((Digging tunnels beneath our FEET)) chasing and devouring its own TAIL. (((Deceiving Nations through the Spirit of Fear)))
      Long Story….
      Holy, Holy, Holy Hallelujah!!

  31. Thank you for your message. I have been going through deep depression and feeling overwhelming sense of sadness. I have prayed for God to remove this stronghold. I pray for the spirit of joy and laughter. I have lost my family (abandoned me due to bad choices I’ve made) the thing that I hold dear to me. I feel very alone. I am currently seeking a new church in my area. I am dreaming and, I have heard God’s voice but, I still feel a foreboding heavy weight on me that I’m praying for God to lift from me. I will be attending a conference in Ohio called the Prophetic Glory that will be lead by Bobby Connor and I am praying that being in a corporate setting with all saints gathered together in prayer for one another will help remove this sadness. God Bless you!

    • I am praying for you Catherine that God will meet you in that conference and overwhelm you with His Love. As you enter into corporate praise and worship I declare that all depression and sadness will leave you. I declare that you are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb out of the hand of the enemy!! Thank you Lord that you are reconciling all of Catherine’s family relationships.

    • These too are spirits, use your authority and give any anger to the Lord by faith. Anger and disapointment can be an open door for that type of harassment. Also forgive yourself precious, there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

  32. Thank you very much man of God your message has really touched me for we have to recognize where we are positioned in the battle field and to what weapon are we holding in our hands to be ready for defensive AMEN PST JOHN

  33. Just completed watching dream trip !
    An amazing experience, envigorating and opening new hope in me and my family.
    Thank you, Lance, Annabelle and great team.

  34. Thanks for this post Lance! It was funny how as I was reading your paragraph on How to dismantle strongholds I was distracted in thought numerous times. However, as I persisted to reread the paragraph light kept seeping through. Then I got it – clarity! Loved the Hebrews chapter reference. So one lie – fear of man. One truth – Ps 118:6-7 The Lord is for me so I will have no fear – what can mere people do to me? Yes, the Lord is for me He will help me.

    • I agree with you.
      Dismantling personal strongholds robs Satan of the traction he needs to ruin us personally and our nation corporately !
      It’s amazing how revelation comes through simple truth communicated at the right time to the right people.

  35. One very important thing the Holy Spirit downloaded to me one day was that the enemy will do anything and everything to take your eyes of God. Satan is the sworn enemy of God and he doesn’t care what he does to get you to look at him. If your eyes are stuck on him you are not looking at The Lord your God. So if he can get you to look at fear, shame, calamity, hopelessness, fatigue, your failures, and any other of our human failings. You are looking at him essentially and not your hope and Salvation. I hear people say, “the devil this….” If we do that guess what we do. James says, 4:7
    Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. For years I read this as if resist the devil was the emphasis. One morning as I read this the Holy Spirit fixed the emphasis. Submit, draw near, place all your mess in His tender hands. Then resisting is easy. But as soon as you start that, self sufficient stuff again your back to resisting the enemy in your own failed power…..

  36. The lie that I am standing against is that my life in Christ is not supposed to be one huge loss after another. I have been saved for 39 years and spirit filled for 34 years and the losses do not line up with He promises for those who love Him..really wanting to see Psalm 91:16 fully manifested in my life.

    • Barb…I understand your frustrations! I myself have been having major issues for years…I feel like the enemy wants us to think God has pushed us to the back of the line. But this is not true…it is our journey with the Lord…the wealth is the depth of our relationship with the Father over these years…You are a pioneer in the Spirit and are paving the way for many to walk in your footsteps of victory and stealth in your walk…We are victorious because we’ve already won because Jesus finished ALL the work, so we are just walking it out…but remember your Helper Holy Spirit is with you…never to leave..never… I pray God gives you a fresh downpour of His love and revelation and that doors begin to swing wide open for you to step into destiny! For we have so great a cloud of witnesses cheering us on…..I sing over you…”ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIER….” press on and push past the barriers..keep on walking….and remember…..WE ARE THE WINNERS!!!

  37. fighting fear which has plagued me since eviction. many jobs ended due to closing of companies and other assaults. i pray in tongues when i have the energy. physical and spiritual strength is low.

  38. Wow..Lance…this is a powerful Truth! My life has been a cauldron these past 6 months with many physical issues…but my mind was the one thing that I battled with….because of deep depression I was inches away from suicide…I felt like I had lost “HOPE”..and the torment just kept on and on..so many times I thought of ending my life because I felt so low…the thing which saved me were the TRUTHS from scripture that I knew…I write..well journal a ton and it has been my salvation to write and read my own revelations the Holy Spirit revealed to me…one was about HOPE…He said I can never lose HOPE because my HOPE is IN Jesus…IN Him..and that I was IN Him and HE was in GOD….so HOPE was securely hidden, never to be lost!! What a change that began for me about 6 weeks ago..and this week I FEEL my spirit being released from the grips of the enemy…Yesterday I was responding to a post and I had a download from God…I saw myself walking on a worn path in a jungle..and I knew the Holy Spirit was walking next to me and I understood He was leading me out…the worn path was there and I understood that many have walked this path before me… My life has been like a jungle these past 6 months which led to this battle with the spirit of suicide and fear….But..as usual…God had it all under control! Praise His Name forever!!! I hope someone is encouraged by this testimony…God IS an ANCHOR when life tries to rip you to shreds…He WILL keep your head above water… blessing upon blessings to you and your family!

  39. Had a conversation Thurs evening, and again this morning on exactly this! Friday, a daily devotional I get emailed to me made the point that fear is not just a feeling, it’s a powerful spiritual force! The Lord is helping us SEE what’s in us, so we can deal with it so that we can eventually make it to the top of our mountain!

  40. Rejected by my Amish Mennonite mother and severe abuse in the home .hatred and violence by dad and siblings.scorn and rejection from mom and siblings. The thought that if I was perfect then I would be accepted has haunted me along with being diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress. I desire to be free from all the toxic past .

  41. Hi Lance,
    My thought stronghold was a person for many years. A secret sin. My doctor, a Godly woman taught me to break soul ties and that helped a lot. I learned however that some soul ties are not just a string thick, or even a rope thick, more like a tree trunk thick. I had to hack that thing a lot to get it loose. It had been there for years, so it took a while to get rid of it. How awesome to be free!!! When a thought enters my mind now I can choose to think on it if it is good, or reject it if it is not of God. I found it helpful to say, ‘I love God too much, I’ve come to far and I won’t go back!’ Resist the devil and he will flee!

  42. Thank you for reminding us about strategies of the enemy. Those in ministry seem to be targeted even more. It encourages me to know that in those times of brokenness, when heaven seems silent, likely our thoughts are being sabotaged. Often we think ” what’s wrong with me?” You know in your spirit something is not right. However, you might not attribute it to the devil. You turn it inward. That’s when the destructive process begins. You are right. We must recognize the lies quickly before they become a stronghold in our minds.

  43. Lance, Would you please speak again to the issue of the time line, number of demons, number of Christians at this moment in history?

  44. God has been speaking to me about this for several years…..even when we renew our mind with the word…IT IS WRITTEN….this actually becomes a weapon against the enemy….the word accomplishes what it is sent out to do!!! No wonder satan bombards our minds with lies…. because if we can renew it with the TRUTH…..and we become ENFORCERS OF THE TRUTH…….we will be DEMONSTRATORS of Gods promises and TRUTH and we will become ONE with The WORD …united in HIM…and the world will see and know who the ONE TRUE GOD IS!!! THE WORD MADE FLESH AND IS STILL ALIVE IN US!! We will be united in Him……. AS ONE!! JOHN 17

  45. When you refer to disembodied spirits, this infers they had bodies at one time. Can you expand on where the body started and ended?

  46. The very last sentence: “As one” I saw in the spirit earlier this morning! Yes, the Holy Spirit brought back the scene of a partner’s conference we got to late. They graciously got the two of us a spot to sit and two plates for us at a table! You were speaking after the meal, and you got to a part where everyone at their tables were standing with you, at the ready to put our arms down when you did, and declare, “As One!” I was marked by that and have shared it back here in Ontario, Canada!

  47. The lie I wrestle with is that I’ve failed in the past, in significant and fundamental areas I was responsible for in life, and therefor now its too late to do anything about it or even be different.

  48. I wrestle with a lack of discipline to my eating habits, knowing what is right to do, but not doing it. I’m confident this isn’t only in my eating, I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to expose the plan of the enemy to keep not just me, but my offspring from destiny and purpose and to provide a strategy. To totally in the time of temptation, reveal the enemy’s plot, and truly see what is being stolen,

  49. Hi lance. This is how I explain strongholds. In our Heart we have wounds from our past that have effected our lives. Which then develops a lie from that wound in our mind. Then this becomes part of our belief system and then a stronghold is created. This is where the enemy traps us in the prison where we have developed a coping and defence mechanism. Which are really addictions. To numb our pain in our Heart n disconnect from our mind. So when people say oh you need to break that behavior a person struggles with a certain addiction but the cycle keeps happening. Only when we choose to face our past and acknowledge the pain and express our emotions n give ourselves a voice. Like Journaling our negative thoughts n emotions then can we can let go and replace our lies with truth. Only then are we able to move into our present future. Defeating the enemy n which breaks strongholds n sets us free . The devil is subtle but Jesus defeated him. We need to take Jesus by the hand n walk out of prison n shut the prison door n walk in the Lords truth. Isaiah 42.

  50. Thanks so much for writing this on Warfare. Myself and a business partner have been going thru this exact very thing, to the letter. We are getting ready to launch a business that’s been in the planning and development stages for five years and it’s a business that the Lord gave to establish His Kingdom and since the decision was made to launch this year, we both have been under extreme mortar fire – inundated with “other” things that are dragging us to a grinding halt. This stronghold has been getting tighter and harder and quite frankly, I’m over it.
    Thank you for your help here. This is not who we are and I refuse to be up under it any longer – now, I’m angry (righteously).
    Oh, hell no – I’m done with this stronghold. Thank you again!!!

  51. Thanks Dr. Wallnau for this on-time message! My pastor, Dr Bill Winston has been preaching for some time that this is my wealth-transfer time as a Believer to help reap this end-time harvest. I have noticed as I pray more, like never before negative thoughts have seemed to try to bombard my mind.

    This teaching has helped me develop a strategy for decomposing these strongholds & replacing them REGULARLY with God’s Word! God has an harvest SO BIG for us as His people, it will make the challenges we went through seem so minute! However, I realize that what I meditate on the most is the direction I will go toward. Thanks for removing the sense of feeling overwhelmed by speaking I counter-attack by dismantling the strongholds “one brick at a time”, much like eating an elephant.
    Blessings on You!

  52. Ps 126 – not just history for Israel.
    HIS story for many who weep today
    And a great testimony for HIM !

    Weep, dream, laugh and sing,
    for the LORD DOES great things !
    The Lord turns captivity on its ear.
    Ps 125:5,6 reveals the precious seeds of tears
    HE is planting even as you read this.
    Tomorrow, many will come again
    bringing their sheaves along !

    I’m part of a sheave collected
    During last week’s dream trip.

    Proverb 6:31 applies to Satan just like to anybody else.
    Though he still goes on stealing joy, now he is found doing so by more and more who weep with joy !
    Therefore the substance of his house escapes him more and more even as you read this.

    Isaiah 41:9-11 is the 9/11 warfare verse !

    It has been sleeping ever since I was saved in 1975.
    But it woke up with a shout tonight for
    A precious one who weeps
    For those she washes
    at the Hospice.

  53. Great new format!! Praise God!!
    I need this kind of input to continue from Lance and all of you to continue to take my mountain.