Dismantling Strongholds In Your Thought Life: Part 2

3 Characteristics and Strategies for Overcoming Strongholds

We’ve been talking about strongholds and God’s plan for victory in your life.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from people on this subject. You can read Part 1 of this series here.

Here are a few points to consider as we dig deeper into this fascinating subject: 

  1. How does the enemy gain access to your thoughts? What does the word devil mean?  It comes from the Latin root diabolos, which means to thrust through, like a rock. It’s like the enemy is doing a David and Goliath on you.  He’s hitting and hammering you with thought patterns, circumstances, and emotions that create a framework of bondage and confusion within your brain and heart.  The devil intends to break through the barrier of your will, your mind, and your emotions in order to penetrate your personality.  These bents and inclinations toward fear, mistrust, abandonment, depression, and even suicide can be generational. Some of your battles didn’t start with you. We will explore this subject more in the next blog post.
  2. What can you do to combat this attack?  Take every thought captive at the point of a spear (2 Corinthians 10:5). Interrogate your thought life to see whether it lines up with what the Spirit of God says.  How do you know if a thought is coming from God or the devil?  How do you know if it’s a stronghold?  If it’s not peace, if it’s not energizing, if it’s not love—it’s not from the Lord.
  3. Are you making God your stronghold? David said he wanted to make the Lord his stronghold and his high tower (Psalm 61:3). You see, a stronghold can work both ways. To build a godly stronghold you must tear down what you have built that militates against God’s Word. This is the warfare involved with renewing the mind—but it pays off in a new mind garrisoned with God’s way of thinking. Getting clear on who He is for you is one of the most important steps to freedom.  I want to encourage you to begin the process of renewing your mind, by recognizing that in many cases, the méthodos or the roadway that the enemy planted in your life came before you knew what he was up to.  

Test and discern your life according to the Holy Spirit to begin to shut down those ramps and build up new highways that lead to victory, anointing, and deliverance.

Question: What negative patterns is God revealing to you as you read this post?  What are some strategies you can employ to renew your mind daily?  Comment below to share about it!


As One!


Take every thought captive at the point of a spear 2 Corinthians 10_5.

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43 thoughts on “Dismantling Strongholds In Your Thought Life: Part 2

  1. Hey Lance,
    I thoroughly enjoy you and am encouraged and inspired by your blogs and posts and YouTube videos. So much so that I am telling my friends here in Panama about you as I listen to as much as I can. You and I are about the same age and though on totally different paths, you have put into words so many things that I have thought or felt that seemed ‘against the grain’.
    My dream is to get you to come to Panama and get my adult children (living in the US) to go to a conference or Dream Trip! Oh that we could all live level 10 lives!
    I hear you on Trump as the ‘wrecking ball’and the Cyrus annointing you believe he has. His unbridled tongue reminds me of the former President of Panama, the lesser of two evils and also a successful businessman. You can read up on where he is today. Praying for my beloved U.S.A.
    As One,
    Shirley Miranda

      • I don’t understand this website. I was told I could download classes on breaking strongholds and I don’t see anything other than a short video with an offer to read part one??

    • I love your teaching style and insights. They are practical and tactical. This is a great teaching – please keep addressing this issue of strongholds.

  2. The devils stronghold in my life is playing games, whether computer, card, newspaper. These things bring a momentary success but no lasting peace and destruction of time leaving little for God or family. Admitting this is good but what is a “it is written” that will bring this destroy this thing. When does entertainment become addiction?

    • Hi Lois,
      Read your post and I know you’re not alone in that struggle. What came to mind is before you can know which “it is written” will destroy that hold, you have to ask what lies you are believing in that make games so attractive to you. For example, and I’m not saying this is it, because the best person to shed light on this is God in you, but one example would be – do you believe that is the only kind of success you will ever achieve? Is there no real, lasting success for you? If that is the lie, then you can now see the truths you need to meditate on – e.g. Jer29:11, Eph 2:10.

      Does that help?

    • Minds Right Now is Legalism, I’m dealing with, terrible legalism issues, I planning on looking for scripture on how to apply grace or live by grace, can you please suggests some for me.

      • Hi Debra. I hear what you’re saying about having a sensing capacity for intercession. I’m not always too quick to get it though- especially when there’s a lot going on around me, or when times are tough. For your encouragement, you sensed correctly on several counts. My husband of 34 years is battling ALS and we are now homebound and under hospice care. He is secure in Christ but family is all over the place spiritually. Before this, I thought I knew hard….
        Yes, prayer is very much appreciated!!

      • Gosh Laura, ignore my reply to Debra….I goofed this up 🙂 I’m sorry for this painful place you are in, but I pray that God will bring you to a wonderful place of freedom!

        When I’ve struggled with legalistic thinking, I have found it helpful to think about the time that Jesus was baptized by John. At that point in his life, Jesus had not yet started his public ministry, so in a sense he hadn’t done anything “for God”. Yet, God smiled down on him and spoke so that all around could hear: “This is My Son, whom I love; with him I AM WELL PLEASED”. (Matthew 3:13-17)

        Yup, Jesus was just hanging out in his neighborhood, with his family, learning to work with his hands- just “being”. Be kind to yourself Laura 🙂 I know the Lord will see you through <3

  3. Just watched this video at a Starbucks and some girls walked out wearing a school uniform. This got me wondering where this school was, as I know this neighbourhood pretty good and it pretty much public schools around here. Then I remembered there is a Christian school just a few blocks from here, and this had me thinking that your message and teachings need to be taught there if we are really going to have a chance at righting this ship and keeping it going in the right direction.
    Thanks so much for all that you do and I look forward everyday for your Periscope, I will pretty much stop whatever I am doing.

    Be Blesseed

  4. Keep God in your thoughts constantly. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance through out the day. Give God Halal continually for everything you’ve done for the day no matter what it is or what always praise God through Yeshua. Eventually those negative thoughts will abandon you as well as the adversary.

  5. I have found the best way to combat the enemy in my thought life, is to find verses of scripture that deals with the lies that satan is beating me over the head with, write them on index cards and speak them over my life and circumstances several times a day. Matthew 4….right before Jesus started His ministry, He went to the wilderness and spent 40 days and nights fasting and praying. When he came out, satan came to Him and tempted Him 4 times. Each time, Jesus said “it is written”, verses 4,6,7, and 10. Jesus spoke the Word against satan – Jesus set the example for us!! The battle starts in our minds, so we have to replace satan’s lies with the truth of the Word. Also, our words have so much power! (Proverbs 18:21) Also, there have been many battles that I have fought that I KNOW I never would have gotten the victory, without fasting. I hope this helps somebody!! I’ve been doing this for 12 years….it works for me. God bless everyone. Love you Lance!

    • Myra, thank you stop much, your words are my confirmation and encouragement that I must fast; Jesus did say something comes only by fasting n praying. I have a terrible junk food tooth…please pray and agree to break those strongholds that discourages me from fasting; I have such strongholds that I have discovered or God revealed it to me, going on in my family, that was purposely hid from by family why I don’t know, of witchcraft . After My sleep was being affected and strange happening such as seeing my non-identical twins sisters standing in the opening of my closet in an “translucent” form while I was studying for bible school in 2006, I was not afraid but wondered how did they do that…they must of heard my thoughts and disappeared when I charged the closet. Some have me a book and I was shocked; I was raised in a family of professional root workers and I did not know; was I dumb? I’m yet fighting this thing and it frustrates me.

  6. The Lord was just talking to me yesterday about generational things. I have been questioning God as to what exactly I have overcome in my life (as that might be a clue to my future ministry) and yesterday, He reminded me of the depression and suicidal thoughts that I had in my teens into my twenties. He also spoke generational curses, in that my unsaved sister (at the moment she is not but she will return home) has dealt with all the same things as I did. I never put it together until the yesterday. And now, as if God is confirming that He is the One speaking, you post this today. Thank you! Looking forward to the next post.

  7. I’m sorry, just thought of something else. Beth Moore has a book, “Praying God’s Word”, that is sooooo good! It has scripture and prayers on subjects like idolatry, pride, unbelief, addiction, unforgiveness, etc that helps dismantle specific strongholds. It’s a very good book! Stormie O’Martin also has some of the same type books. God bless everyone!

    • Thank you Myra, this is helpful and reaffirms what I’ve been doing (off & on). While God has blessed me to make great progress, sometimes when He’s dealing with the strong root systems of bad thinking, it can be tiring — this is b/c I’m trying to deliver myself, which I cannot do. However, I’m learning that this is when I just need to relax & confess that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!…..and confessing God’s word!! What also helps me is confessing — honestly — what I am thinking & feeling to Abba. I used to not do this b/c I was bound by religion/guilt/condemnation/fear. But, thanks be to God, I am overcoming these strongholds….this means war. What I hate is when I believe the lie that I am not gaining any ground or it feels like I am making slow progress, only to find out that I have grown by leaps & bounds! When I believe the enemy’s lies, Holy Spirit comes through & exposes them…..for this I give God mighty praise!

  8. The Lord was speaking to me about this on my way into work this morning. How so often we are bombarded with thoughts that want to carry us “to infinity and beyond” if you know what I mean. Learning to recognize the source quickly and bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ is essential. I am determined to be more proactive in doing this and nipping these thoughts in the bud. I have heard 3 devotionals this today on this very subject – and now yours, Lance. Thank you for sharing! I needed this!!

  9. Well goodness….I was just thinking and praying about this very topic right before receiving the email. The Lord has shown me things about this for years and, because I take the warrior role of the Christian seriously, (maybe too much so, don’t know) I have studied, thought about it, prayed about it, AND had my nose in the Word for mind renewal for a long time. Maybe my frustration will be heard as I write, but sometimes it seems like no progress has been made. OR, maybe I just sense the increasing intensity of the battle…sometimes I question my own sanity. I was absolutely hammered this past weekend. I sought the Lord all day Saturday and only found relief through a night’s sleep and a pertinent message the next morning. The timing makes sense though in light of what the enemy was doing in the nation at that time. A season of corporate warfare maybe? I might be weary, but by the grace of God I will not go down without a fight. Grace, peace, and strength to all who visit here.

    • Something to consider, Valerie is whether you’re picking up from others around you what they’re dealing with, i.e. is someone near you fighting depression and the Lord lets you “feel” this to intercede for that person? I have experienced this and am learning to hear more clearly from Holy Spirit when that’s going on so as to pray for the person in my spirit or at times even ask, “Is everything OK with you? I am sensing you’re going through something. Would you like me to pray with you?” Another time, the Lord was showing me action I needed to take by connecting with people and bringing them out of their “cocoon” of loneliness.

      • Hi Debra. I hear what you’re saying about having a sensing capacity for intercession. I’m not always too quick to get it though- especially when there’s a lot going on around me, or when times are tough. For your encouragement, you sensed correctly on several counts. My husband of 34 years is battling ALS and we are now homebound and under hospice care. He is secure in Christ but family is all over the place spiritually. Before this, I thought I knew hard….
        Yes, prayer is very much appreciated!!

      • I am 53 and JUST now realizing that I have beem picking up other people’s ‘vibes’ my whole life. I am very sensitive to sound, smell, light and noise in the natural – any of these can trigger physical issues. The Lord has been showing me the infinite connections between the natural and the supernatural. It’s like having a built in barometer. It is not always pleasant; the last week has been rough! My first response is to assume the heaviness with guiltlike feelings. Any suggestions to better educate myself in utilizing what Holy Spirit is revealing and to better serve Him.

  10. Frustration and angry I have been feeling alot lately .. The same record playing oh you will not make it, you can’t do it, you are not gifted , and on on… I saw that I was believing the lies and doubting God . The cycle of the same circumstances never changed …why am I fighting and it is not changing anything in my life..the enemy gripped me so tight even my vision is gone ……,

    • You’re a spirit that has a soul that lives in a body. At some point you have to just tell your brain to shut up. Exert your authority over your brain that God has given you. I read a book quite a while ago entitled telling yourself the truth. Basically whatever thoughts you’re thinking about yourself you have to question their validity. In other words just because you have a thought doesn’t make it true so stop thinking it. It set me free and I hope it does you as well.

  11. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s teaching and protocol have been very instrumental in my life to overcoming negative strongholds in my life. She is a Christian neuroscientist who has researched this area and the effects our thoughts have on our brains and shows us how, with the help of the Holy Spirit, how to renew our minds to align with God’s thoughts. I highly recommend looking her up!

  12. God has reminded me that the Advocate, the Spirit of truth, sent from the Father is inside us. (John) He told us these things so that we will not “fall away”. My spirit man had shriveled to the size of a bee from the past years of hardship. The above truth released breath into my spirit man again and it grew within minutes- after years of being defeated. He is IN us, He has never left us. I was able to breathe Him up from within me and let Him out! Satan seeks to shut down our spirit man but there is no way he can do this – no one can kill the Spirit within us. He just wants our soul defeated so that we experience death.

  13. Tom and I have been studying Dr Caroline Leaf’s 21 ,Days to Detox Your Brain this goes hand in hand Lance, and the “Thrust Through” really paints a picture o arrows by night, when we have our guard down in our uncoucious mind, thaks again Lance

  14. After pouring through pretty much everything Lance has made available, both on Lance Learning and numerous Vimeo and YouTube teachings, I have to say my level of self-awareness as well as my discernment of what others are possibly feeling (let’s call it empathy for now – Lance calls it Spiritual WiFi) has increased substantially. I have to say, the divine appointments and favor he says will start to show up really have done that in profound ways over the last 4 to 5 months as I have been putting them into practice. His methods get the results he claims they will, and the understanding of how to blend the natural with the supernatural that really can pull down Kingdom blessings and the needed authority to start impacting and expanding the sphere (mountain) God has put you in will take your breath away, make you hungry for more, and yet humbled that you are being used in ways you would have never imagined and that what you thought were your own goals for success are subsumed by an awareness of God’s greater purposes that are so far out beyond just you and into the Kingdom realm for his purposes for many around you that you will fall even more in love with God and His outpouring of the Holy Spirit as He accelerates your cycles and raises you up to ever challenging but rewarding heights. Bless you all at Lance Learning – and please know your work is having substantial impacts for the Kingdom by giving us the power tools and instruction manuals on their use.

  15. Yes my husband and I have just been through an experience where the intention clearly was just to wear us down to the point of exhaustion so that we’d have no resistance to the suggestions that are only half based in truth. To get us to of our own free will, put the ball down or disqualify ourselves in some way.
    But I am speaking out the truth as I see it when I see it as declarations to myself, my husband and the powers that be. The battle is real and it is messy, it is personal to us and our destiny in God, to stop us fulfilling His plan for us and in us. Knowing that all that comes can ether ruin us or empower us is what enables us to chose life most of the time. This understanding has come from our walk, but also Bill Johnson, Bob Mumford and more laterly crystalised in Lances particular way of looking at the empowering meaning of everything in Him.

  16. The Prophecy through Julian Adams struck some chords with me; Particularly the aspect of those placed over me in the past trying to squash and contain me. I’ve been noticing this pattern again and God is showing me to recognise what is happening through revelation but He is also teaching me like Lance mentions in this teaching not to react in anger, hate or vengeance. In fact, He is teaching me to ask for more Love and also showing me how I need to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. I must admit, it’s not easy but Christ is my Wisdom and the Power of God. Thanks for this teaching Lance. It has been an enormous Blessing.

  17. Lance, Thank you! you reminded that I used to do a lot of teaching on taking thoughts captive. lately, I find I have been being taken captive. The physical pain leads to weariness, that leads to negative changes in my thought life. Then another rock gets thrown into my emotions and so on. Well, NO MORE! I am taking those things that are not from the Lord captive, chaining them up and evicting them. I want the JOY of the Lord back. I want to feel His Spirit wrap around me. I am going to have to stay focused on. The Lord and fight. Once I quit actively warring against the enemy of my soul, I opened a door to get hot over and over again. How woefully easy it can be to get lax. Bless you for your, teaching. I love your spirit. I’m going for joy again, cause if I’m laughing at, the enemy, he doesn’t have much of a chance And I’m taking my inheritance back too! Love you guys!

  18. Hi Lance..
    So I get your email on a day where things where I work at had not been going well.. Had a conversation with my boss earlier in the day that caught me off guard in a moment where I was frustrated about something (& I knew my response wasn’t right).. In the midst of this, I started getting bombarded with negative memories about my previous job & all the things that went wrong while I was there (was a place I used to do training at, but haven’t since I left in June 2008)..
    I joined in with you and everyone else via periscope that night and was encouraged. Even so, I had quite a battle late into the night wrestling with a lot of questions and almost to the point of having a panic attack..

    One thing I’d determined no matter what was I had to talk to my boss in the morning and not let that get away from me. Conversation turned out way better than imagined although I had prayed beforehand.
    I also have begun to finally stop my own negative speech towards myself.. Slow process and an area the enemy has loved to attack in as well..
    But last night’s periscope took the cake.. You started off talking about what you’d broadcasted in the morning (at Charis Bible College which I saw also) but then you repeated something from the night before about seeking the Lord and what pleases Him as well as just sharing what you’ve been feeling lately and having Andrew Wommack pray for you. The kind of questions I’d had the night before literally went right along with what you were talking about..
    ..Just writing all of this is kind of a discovery process. I’ve realized how hard the enemy had been hammering and pressing on me in key areas, and why..
    Thanks for these emails and videos Lance.. These are so helpful..

  19. Good thoughts from Lance….I believe that half the battle is won the moment we stop thinking under the law and start thinking under grace. The law is summed up in two commands: (1) Love the Lord with all your heart…(2) Love your neighbor as yourself. But grace is summed up in two commandments provided in 1 John: (1) Believing God loves you and sent His Son…(2) Loving the other as Christ loved you. The difference is evident…under the law, the onus is on ourselves to love, the measure is ourselves by which we love others…which is weak since the flesh is weak. Under grace, the focus is not us loving God but believing God loves us…and loving others as Christ loved us. This is strong, since the object of standard is outside us…In Colossians, it is said, that Christ spoiled principalities and powers…but how? The previous verses tell that He did it by nailing the law that was against us (since we were sinful under the law but receiving by faith the righteousness of God apart from the Law by Jesus Christ- Romans), against Himself on the cross. Its so simple….it works for me powerfully. All I have to do is to think that I am blessed not because of what I do but because of what Christ is to God. This is grace and not law. The devil completely loses power over a Christian who is saturated with thoughts that God loves him unconditionally….and who loves others unconditionally. What the devil tries to do is: make us do things as flowing out of a contractual relationship with God i.e. under the law. He knows this for sure, that we will fail…and when we do, he has an array of instruments against us- depression, hatred…But when we do things with the confidence that we are simply proving that which God has already blessed us in Christ….it ceases to be contractual and the devil finds himself with no clue. I do this everyday, and I openly say this: I live in complete triumph. Praise be to God!

  20. Well basically He revealed the importance of rendering my mind. Something that my mentor and brother in Christ has been telling me for a while.. Oh Jesus I need you! Renew my mind Holy Spirit in Jesus name..it’s so important to renew the mind and also it was confirmation about the diabolos. I’ve preached that before in a small group a while back and also received that revelation from my mentor Elder Peter..thank you Jesus!!

  21. Negative self talk! I talk to myself all the time, without much will involved. It’s starts the moment I wake up. I tend to discipline myself in this area by preaching to myself the truths of God’s word. But on the days when my guard is down, complaining, defeat, and negativity come out. Its very obvious when I’m in a bad pattern, or I’ve set my mind to the opposite of what is lovely, pure, of good report.

    I literally have to shake myself and say, “stop this!”

  22. Nice article. I love the reminder that we can take ‘every’ thought captive….

    And yes, God has only this one constant reminder for me – actually it is the Holy Spirit’s constant reminder to me – that, I am to dwell in Romans 8:1 at all times ……..and as I walk in this conviction of No Condemnation – that I am the Righteousness of God in Christ no matter how many times I fall or fail, – I grow each day to love my Savior even more and to receive His grace (His unmerited, undeserved and unearned favor) freely.

    Further, I personally believe there are no methods by which we can renew our mind except by receiving the Truth of who we are and in Whom we are! It is a lack of this revelation that has brought this world to the state of chaos and confusion it is in at present. Many so-called Christians too are a part of this chaos and confusion!
    I am a simple thinker when it comes to living in this world – for me everything physical, emotional and financial has its roots in Christ…….I may not have a couple of BMWs or penthouses or bungalows to my name, or even a Bible College to my name or even a business to my name but I sure know that I am greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved – thereby I live at peace with myself and as much as possible with others, if they desire it, else here I adopt my one and only strategy – I back off….
    The world unfortunately has too many strategists / strategies – many having climaxed into major religions – therefore, I still believe that it is the foolishness of preaching the Gospel alone that can ease the misery around us. Our job is ‘not’ to convince or convict people about Jesus (that is the job of the Holy Spirit) but it is to only preach His Name – for He is Grace and Truth – and of the Father’s Unconditional Love in and through His Son. Everything in this world is made easier when we have the hope of the ‘catching away’ / the rapture and/or the resurrection. We can look up and be joyful alone on that one hope!

  23. Thank you Lance for this teaching. Wish i could just hang out with you a few days or weeks. it would change the direction of my life i believe

  24. My experiences …the presence of one of my sisters is always near why? I don’t even visit her when I found out she lives in witchcraft and it’s as if I can hear her at times and I Am s born again Christian and has a relationship with my Savior. My very sleep in being disturbed by nasty sexual spirited at times I will sit up and sleep; I truly believe my sisters is practicing witchcraft on me; this has been going on for years, I’ve gotten on prayer lines, when I talked to, I thought close friends about it they usually act like they are afraid to respond to it, I wonder why if most of them are supposed to be saved.
    And, if I don’t watch myself, at times thoughts of getting a gun a literally killing my sister comes to my mind. I didn’t know that I was raised in a house with now professional witches until some one let me borrow their book in 2008; it becomes frustrated; I believed my sisters are spiritually connected and bonded by demonic forces that enables them to have demonic spiritual powers through levels of demons who they have worshipped and allow to have access to them overall and they were introduced to this by my mother according to my memories which I was totally adblivious to. Example.in 2006 I was studying for bible school in my room where I rented an apartment alone and I saw both my sisters connected to each other in the opening of my closet in an translucent form, one was wearing long orange gown, the other an long pink gown; when I thought of rushing towards the closet, they were gone; and I’m not crazy. My question is WHAT WOULD YOU DO. People/preacher don’t want to deal or talk about witchcraft. I was brought up under an “it’s holiness or hell”Pastor, the late Apostle Johnny Washington .

  25. My mother is overcome by fear daily. I care for her, I’m 70, she’s 92. Recently I have become discouraged and overwhelmed. I was overcoming defeat, laziness, and was able to have the joy of the Lord. Whenever a major challenge like now trying to clean organize and sell mom’s home I get sick with a bad cold and then congested, and feel defeated. I will tend to get totally off schedule.