When Will The American Meltdown End?

When will the American Melt Down end? When the sleeping giant rises. Just 70 some days from now… the ballots, the lawsuits, the Covington Pastor keeps coming to my mind. What would happen if 2 million of us marched in Washington? September 26th!

Joe Biden thinks he and Kamala Harris have a great plan to save America – My question is why did he wait eight years while serving under Barack Obama to implement this great plan?

Franklin Graham got a call from the President asking where are you people? We absolutely have to stop hiding out!

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6 thoughts on “When Will The American Meltdown End?

  1. Hi
    1) A few years ago on America’s Got Talent, was Tape Face, was he a sign or symbol of most Americans & what is really under their masks?
    2) In 1990-1 was release an award winning “documentary” , curse or prophetic word… (Note it came out AFTER the 1980’s -also a decade of the mouth, “walk the talk”…, Jesus movement) called “Silence of the Lambs”… Followed by the “freedom” of Clinton years, part 1.
    3) Remember: the spiritual follows the physical. In the mid-1990’s, to further encourage us, especially men, was the infamous Loraina Bobitt, & bob-it she did! Thank God, the hose was successfully reunited back to its factory, having missed damaging its “soldier” producing capabilies. This must have affected men psyc & spirit, changing the nations’ atmosphere.
    4) 1993 or 4, with Clintons & Janet, Waco, i mean, Reno, David Koresh never made it to the police station, let alone trial. Mount Carmel, (wasn’t it? ironic name, a sign the 850 false prophets won that round?) camp burned with kids inside. Like lambs, the christians were silent.
    5) Our science idol, or loud mouth giant, has relabeled signs, wonders, omens (hmmm movie title?!) as superstitious, coincidental, or folklore because they are carnal, like I once was, so we have been taught to ignore them, along with sun, moon & stars…
    5) The sheep stare at their pastor or bible, but those born-again from above become a new creature, more dependent on the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Like Gideon’s shrinking army, God will decrease us by removing those with the Spirit of fear or who use their hands & tongues incorrectly, so we are of 1 accord.
    Repentance is really needed now because of decades of curses or signs we have ignored, & may need to undo, hence the toppling idols we call statues… God is no respector of persons.
    Now, I see (20-20 vision!) we missed a lot of obvious signs, Jesus did say to: forgive us for we know not what we do! But now we are starting to get it!
    Thank you Lance, for what you do! & if you are actually reading this! I realized from 2019, on J Bakker’s show, you are also an “act it out” prophet! There was a msg & purpose for you dragging suitcases full of newly minted gold coins by plane!
    PS About 1.5-2 yrs ago, I read to pray or intercede for Kamala Harris, probably from Elijahlist.com, now I SEE why.
    PSS the is way longer then planned!

    • Lance,
      You mentioned that you think the Lord is using the racial unrest to wake up the church. I agree. I’ve heard you speak numerous times about the Lord’s using the loss of wealth to get Israel’s attention in Haggai. Well, he also used social unrest as well. Read Zechariah 8:9-10. “9 This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Now hear these words, ‘Let your hands be strong so that the temple may be built.’ This is also what the prophets said who were present when the foundation was laid for the house of the Lord Almighty. 10 Before that time there were no wages for people or hire for animals. No one could go about their business safely because of their enemies, since I had turned everyone against their neighbor. “

  2. Lance, excellent word that the President is asking “where is the Church?” Same place as it has always been with Its head in the sand. Our enemy has leadership, a plan, and they are working the plan. We have had zero leadership, zero plan, and everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Who has the plan? The Christians I hear are saying things like this is a end time event and it is going to happen whether we do something or not. Hello! What if this isn’t the end? The people get the leadership they deserve. Where is our leadership? I wrote a letter to a well known Christian historian back before the 2008 election asking where is our leadership and who has the plan? The response I received was things will always be in the USA like it has been. Hello! Where is our leadership? Who has the plan? We can not get in agreement to do anything. Have you ever asked a Christian to be in agreement of prayer regarding an issue and given them exactly the results you are after and then you find out they are praying the opposite? No agreement!

  3. Thank you for your ministry and what you are doing in the body of Christ, your timely thoughts and observations. God bless your efforts. I know you shared about Franklin Graham’s event in Washington DC on September 26th. There is another event on the Mall that day that has been long in the making called The Return with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Rev. Keith Jessip co-chairing this solemn assembly for repentance. Many others will be there that day such as Anne Graham Lotz, Dr. James Dobson, Mike Lindell, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Michele Bachman, Steve Strang, Bishop Harry Jackson, Carter Conlon, Mark Gonzales, Robert Morris, Alveda King, Marcus Lamb, John Kilpatrick. Peter Bynum and many more.