Firewall: God’s Plan For America Is Revealed

The Bible says, “With much wisdom comes much grief.” I’d rather be wise and know what’s happening than be dancing along and singing a song and useless to the battle because I don’t know there’s a battle going on. Most pastors don’t want to get involved with political discourse, and I’ll tell you why. In the Civil War, there was the North, the South, and the border states.

In the North, the abolitionists had started a fire. This is contrary to what is taught currently by liberals on the left. It was Christian white people in the North that were the fire starters in the newspapers and in politics to get a Republican elected who would end slavery.

The North preached, “Emancipate the slaves.”; the South preached, “Resist the tyranny of government.” But what did the border states preach? Well, they chose “Don’t get involved with politics, focus on the Kingdom.” What does that sound like? It sounds like almost all the preachers today. You know why? Because every church is a border state. You got some Democrats, some Libertarians, some Republicans, some that don’t like Trump, some that do like Trump. So, should Christians be involved with politics and government?

Yes! We could shape and end this nonsense. Say what you will about communist China or about the autocratic Muslim states. They have cohesion. They don’t allow the chaos and the lawlessness that is evident in the west. In the last few years we’ve witnessed the modern-day Cyrus rulers of nations rise up. They are going to form a wall against the emerging global economy and global government that will ultimately be the base system described in the Book of Revelation and Daniel. God has given us watchmen. Our job is to vigilantly mobilize like Haggai. The Zerubbabels and the Joshuas, the people, the leaders because we still have time!


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5 thoughts on “Firewall: God’s Plan For America Is Revealed

  1. Excellent. We need more than an awakening. We need people to hit the ground running, not people that are sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing their eyes. Our enemies have been awake at the wheel and are working their plan in agreement. Why did God tear down the Tower of Babel and confuse the language? Because they were able to carry out what they could imagine. They were all imagining the same end, to reach the heavens. We are so out of it. Do you realize the impact that is going to take place with the largest telescope in the world that was built over the Abyss? I believe it is a weapon to reach into the heavens. You think the Church is asleep with our up coming election? Brother, the average Christian is totally unaware of what is coming. We need leaders who are awake at the wheel and giving directions to drivers. The pope has built another large telescope outside of Tucson. What are these for and how many more are there? Are they they to create a portal for passage into the earth? We are out of it and have been ignorant of our enemy and his plan. The National Day of Repentance is scheduled for September 28th. We can not wait for one day to come and then everyone fall down and blubber all over the place. We have to start now! Repent for sleeping in,

  2. Lance, Something hit me hard. The Church is distracting the Spirit of God. What has come out of the Southern Baptist Convention? They wasted precious time regarding whether a well known Christian woman should preach! Iyiyiyiyiyi they had leaders assembled together and could have been crying out to God as to what His people need to do to turn themselves around so our Country can be saved and they wasted time. We are not of one mind at all. We are divided and what does scripture say about a house divided? Let’s move on people. We have serious issues. We erected a Gate of Baal in NYC Central Park and we wonder why we have seen the rise of Baal worship in the USA.? We allowed a portal for demonic activity to come into our nation, an entrance for darkness to pass and we are concerned about a woman who has reached millions for the sake of the gospel and she is being bridled? We need to repent NOW! God forgive us.

  3. In prayer this morning I was expressing concern about the many liberals fleeing their Democrat-run cities and states bringing their liberal worldview with them. I was resenting them coming south into our conservative states. This is what the Holy spirit impressed upon me: God is bringing to us new fields so-to-speak, i.e.hearts to prepare for harvest. We Christians are the laborers. All Christians, with and without chuch-membership have an important job in this effort consisting of prayer evangelism, discipleship, marketplace/seven mountains ministry…be kind, but wary. There are serpents on neglected ground , some more deadly than others. We are to love as Jesus loved, with kindness and patience. We don’t trust quickly as we know the human heart is wicked above all else. We have to be wise as serpents. We don’t have to compromise our own beliefs to show kindness to those who bring other beliefs and lifestyles into our neighborhoods. Truth in love. It’s our job as laborers to first prepare the field, then sow seed, then trust the Lord for the harvest.
    Also, in the wake of these fleeing souls is space for new Christian ministries to move in. This will be to reclaim what was productive for God in past generations, but has been overtaken by the world due to neglect.
    Perhaps this word from the Lord is a confirmation of divine calling on more than a few lives.

  4. Lance,

    After seeing your interview with Pastor Che, I shared it with my daughter who expressed concern over her perception that you have close ties with the likes of Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson.

    Can you shed some light on your connection to the “New Apostolic Reformation”? There’s been some disturbing information about concepts like “grave soaking” coming to light related to Bill Johnson.

    This is an article she shared with me that I hope you might address.

    So what is the “New Apostolic Reformation”?

    The New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR (pronounced NAHR), is a new religious movement led by men and women who claim to be prophets and apostles. They claim they have authority and functions akin to those of the Old Testament prophets and Christ’s apostles. All Christians are expected to submit to their leadership and receive their new revelations. In this way they plan to form the church into a miracle-working army. This army will transform society and prepare the way for God’s kingdom to be established on earth.

    I grew up during the Charismatic Movement in California in the 1960’s, so I very much embrace spiritual gifts such as prophecy. But I also am aware of some misguided tangents that have come along through the years.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Stan Suttles